Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lovely Tresses- The shampoo edition

My recent product overloads have been devoted to all things HAIR. I have been pampering my tresses with Phyto (pronounced fee toe) and Phytospecific products. Phytospecific is generally marketed to individuals with tightly coiled tresses.

These all natural shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments have really transformed my hair. I have a relaxer but I wanted something that would tame my new growth and keep my hair in tip top shape in between touch ups. In this entry I just wanted to focus on shampoos that have worked well for me and the first up is the phytonectar shampoo. This shampoo contains coconut oil, orange blossom extract and other natural ingredients. My hair is left feeling soft and healthy. You may also want to try another one of my favorites, the phytojojoba shampoo which guessed it jojoba oil. Both of the phyto shampoos mentioned are great for dry hair and they are both priced at $24 for a 5.07 ounce container.

You can shop for phyto and phytospecific products through

Moderately Priced

I have dry hair, so I need a shampoo that will really moisturize my hair and I have found that in the Ultra Hydrating Shampoo by Ojon. This product contains pure ojon nut oil which is used to nourish and revitalize dry/ damaged hair. My hair literally feels like silk after using this product. This shampoo sells for roughly $18 for the 8.44 ounce bottle from Sephora.

Phyto's Distant Cousin (the cheaper find)

If you find the aforementioned products to be a bit pricey, you may want to try the latest shampoos from Creme of Nature- Kiwi and Citrus Ultra Moisturizing shampoo or the Red Clover and Aloe Soothing shampoo. The Creme of Nature shampoos both contain certified organic ingredients such as rosemary which works well for dehydrated hair. Certified by whom you ask...well I have no idea but that is what is plastered across the bottle. I must say the shampoo left my hair silky soft and I really don't have any complaints other than the fact that it does not contain 100% natural ingredients. This product sells for roughly $5.00-$6.00

Please leave a comment if you have used these products or if you tried other shampoos that work well.

Happy Hair Care