Friday, May 30, 2008

Something New

While making my purchase the sales associate actually said "you can come back and slap me in the face if this line doesn't work" I appreciate how much she believes in this line. I also checked the list of ingredients on the shampoo and I am so happy to say that sulfates and parabens have not been included. She also mentioned that everything that could harm the hair has been removed from this line. I can't wait to see how well the entire line works. I did use the conditioner before and I liked it but using the entire line should work wonders for my hair.


  • Damage Remedy Shampoo -$24.00
  • Damage Remedy conditioner- $24.00
  • Damage Remedy Treatment- $26.00
  • Hand Relief lotion -$7.50

Have you used this line? If so has it helped you?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Feet

I have to exercise a little restraint because I almost put together another MAC post. Instead I am focusing on the new shoes that I got on my vacation. Both shoes are from Steve Madden and I received $10.00 off each pair. The purple bag in the background was given to each customer that purchased shoes. I know this does not happen in NYC (at least not at the Steve Madden store that I go to). When you shop at Steve Madden do you get a bag similar to the one shown? I will not become a walking billboard for anyone but the bag is better than the standard plastic bags.
Let's talk prices, the super comfortable high heels cost $99.00 but with my discount I paid $89, and the flats were $39.00 marked down to $29.00.
Have you started your shoe shopping, what style are you looking for this summer?
Where do you shop for your shoes? Any great discount places online? Have you ever purchased uncomfortable shoes for the sake of fashion?

I'm it

Hello Everyone, I was tagged by PBW from the well written and funny blog Forty is the new 20

  1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was in school studying.
  2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today? Complete some tasks for my job, file an official document, exercise,locate china glaze nail polish and get more than 4 hours of sleep.
  3. Snacks I enjoy: sour life savers, and other sweet treats.
  4. Places I’ve lived New York
  5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire: I would do so many things since I would have so much money. I will say I will make a few people happy and make myself happy as well, travel a little also.
  6. People I want to know more about: not sure about this one.

Sorry I am pretty horrible with tags :-) If you have not responded to this tag please answer the questions and let us all know in this comment section , so that we can read your answers. It is part of the self tagging system :-)

Why am a breaking that tag rules ALWAYS...sorry PBW,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I received my shipment from the MAC Neo Sci-Fi line. I started making a video but my battery died and it is still charging so below you will see the next best thing courtesy of my camera.
Here is the list of what I purchased along with the price.
  • Neo Sci-Fi lipstick in the color Astral- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi tinted lipglass in the color Soft & Slow- $14.00
  • Neo Sci_Fi tinted lipglass in the color Supreme- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi eye shadow in the color Magnetic Fields- $14.00
  • Neo Sci-Fi nail lacquer Neon 8 -$10.00

A few pics that you can enlarge will follow the video.

From left to right Astral, Supreme, Soft & Slow, Magnetic Fields

What have you purchased, or what would you like to purchase from this line? Is there anything that you do not want from this line?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The spoils of my mini vacation

I went on a mini vacation this weekend and found the biggest bargain ever, buy 1 get the other for .99. I packed my basket with hair related goodies only to discover that the sign wasn't supposed to include the items I picked up.
But lets do a little math:
Misleading signs + Frustrated employee = PJD gets her products for .99
The cashier was so upset that the signs were so confusing that she said "I don't care you get it for .99 cents". I thanked her Needless to say you will be getting many hair related posts in the future.
Now on to the business of MAC!
I went away to attend a very special event and while I was in the hotel I was upset because I forgot to pack an exfoliator, but all was not lost. While I was ravaging the mall I came across a MAC store and found the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. You are literally rubbing volcanic ash from the island of Vanuatu and sugar crystals on your face. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is supposed to leave your skin feeling soft and it does. This exfoliator is supposed to foam, but you will only see the foam in your sink not on your face. I should also mention that this product can be used on your face or body.
Priced at $19.00 this exotic exfoliator is worth a try.
Here is a pic of the scrub up close (click on the picture for a closer look).

Here is my first video, notice the foam in the sink, not on my fingers.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I am feeling pretty HIP

As I become a wiser eye shadow consumer I'm learning that I really appreciate the texture of a creamy eye shadow. I purchased L’oreal's HIP cream eye shadow paint in the color Nervy. The product comes in a neat little case that I am sure most people dispose of but I have decided to hold on to it. The makers of this L’oreal product also provide you with a brush to apply the eye shadow. The brush is not a cheap flimsy brush with cheap hairs, it has medium level resistance yet it is soft enough to glide over your lid effortlessly. Although I won't purchase this particular color again I do like this product.
Here is my color swatch.
HIPS Cream Shadow Paint comes with an $11.99 price tag at CVS.
What's your preference, creamy shadows, mineral eye shadows or the tried and true eye shadow compacts?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Just letting you all know that my MAC Neo Sci Fi order has already been placed. :-)
I am playing around with my new camera and I may even add a few videos... reviews coming soon.

Makeup on a Budget

I thought makeup for a buck, well then it must be garbage, but since it is only $1 why not give it a shot. So I purchased a few E.L.F. (eyes lips face) products just to test things out. Today I am writing about the creamy eye shadows that I purchased for $1 each. ELF has these dual pots of creamy eyeshadow so I purchased, Olive, Mixed Berry and Butter Pecan:

Here is a picture of the Olive color on my forearm. I did not pile it on I just wanted to give you a little color swatch. You can click on any of the the pictures to enlarge them. This is an ultra creamy eye shadow, I thought the pigment was nice but the light olive product was a little too light for me but it did last pretty long without a primer. The darker shade was not super dark but it served it's purpose, I think a person would simply have to add more if the eye shadow is not dark enough after the first swipe. These are all going to my mom since I am not officially on the eye shadow bandwagon, (at least not on a daily basis also I am just sticking to shades of brown for now).
Any ELF reviews out there???? Anyone willing to try makeup for $1.

Keeping my Composure

I am very excited because I have my very first beauty related question from a male reader. James Tubman asked "what is a good all natural toner?".
James, I saw your picture online so the first thing that came to my mind was the RX for Brown Skin toner simply because you have beautiful brown skin. I used this toner and although I am not the biggest user of toners this is my favorite out of the many I have used in my lifetime. Here is my review of this line including the toner. Here is a link where you can check out the three toners available from this company, one is gentle, the other is for oil prone/acne ridden skin, and the third one is to keep your skin bright and even. I have used all of them except for the one for acne and it is a good product. Depending on which one you select you will get a toner which consists of, oats, fruit extracts, soy and other good things. The Rx for Brown skin toners are alcohol free. I should mention that the product is not 100% natural.
What are your skin care goals? Perhaps what you are looking for can be achieved through other products besides a toner...just wondering. (Note to self- ok I have a guy on a beauty blog, don't want him to run off, must stay
So James, here are a few other recommendations :
  • I really like Illusions cosmetics and here is their division for men, They don’t have a toner specifically but they have a skincare section that may give you the results you desire.
  • You may also want to try the Ole Henriksen Balancing Cucumber Face Tonic , ingredients include aloe, flower extracts, and chamomile, unfortunately it includes alcohol and other unnatural ingredients.

You may also want to check out one of my old posts.
Please if anyone has information on a great natural, toner please share that information here.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 in 1 my Foot

Two in one products scare me because a company may get a product to work exceptionally well in one area, but the quality tends to decline as they try to shove more uses out of one product. At least this has been my experience with many multipurpose products. The $14 Mary Kay 2 in 1 Body Wash and Shave is supposed to give the consumer an unforgettable head to toe experience, smooth shaven legs and satiny soft skin.
I found this product to be ordinary it is a shower gel and should not cost more that $5 at best. The claim that your skin will be smooth is true but isn't that the case with most body washes? Also, can't I use any body wash to lather up my legs before a quick shave? If you are buying this product as a body wash that you may also use to shave your legs, fine but don't expect anything extraordinary. The only thing that could have given this product brownie points is that it is described as a botanical product, but looking at the list of ingredients the aloe and leaf extracts are mentioned way down on the list of ingredients, almost the last items listed. The "botanicals” come after parabens, what a joke! This is such an average product that I am upset it cost $14 so into the "Skip It" files it goes.
Do you use anything special to lather up your legs before a good shave?


If you want to put a question in the “question and answer” section, you can look on the right hand side on the screen under the title categories and you will find the label “q and a questions”. If you put your questions in that area I can pick it up and respond or I can create a new post to address your question.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not your ordinary fragrance

Glitter, sugar, caramel, and vanilla in the same roll on tube may be a bit too much even for me. This is the Aquolina Pink sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume. The scents of sugar, vanilla and caramel have been combined to form this roll on perfume that leaves behind a trail of shimmering sparkles with each roll. The sparkles are not obnoxious because they can be rubbed into your skin and doing that will produce a very light shimmering effect. You will not feel any grains of glitter because it is almost as if it has been crushed into a very fine glittery dust. I really don’t consider this product to be a perfume because the scent is so light and you absolutely do not have that strong scent of alcohol that I usually associate with perfumes. Also unlike many perfumes this product has a wonderful shelf life because I have had this product for well over a year, perhaps even two, the color has not changed and it smells the same as it did the day I first opened it. However, I would not make this $18 purchase again because of the ingredients which include a medley of parabens and aluminum. Also I use this product so infrequently I will probably still have a nearly full tube 4 years from now.
We know that makeup should be changed every 6 months but do you have any products that have an exceptionally long shelf life?
P.S. I finally received my ELF shipment yesterday so reviews are coming soon.

Hair Rinse

In the comment section of one of my recent hair posts, Nywele mentioned that she uses a herbal rinse that has helped to prevent split ends on her head. Nywele was kind enough to share her recipie with all of us.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Battle It Out- Hair Edition

I am not one for violence but it is time to have another battle on this site. I have already blogged about the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat but I need to battle it out against the Frederic Fekkai Hair Mask with Shea Butter. There are so many products with similar claims so I want these two products to go tube to tube for my dollars, so here we go:

Both products are marketed toward those who have dry/ unruly hair. In addition, the Frederic Fekkai product uses the terms "virgin or color treated hair".
They also include at least one ingredient that I like
Redken- Macadamia oil
Frederic Fekkai- Shea butter, macadamia oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower oil, avocado oil and fruit extracts. Clearly Frederic wins when we look at healthy ingredients but both products include parabens.
Neither product gave my hair the type of shine that I was looking for.
These products are supposed to be used as a treatment after you shampoo your hair.
The Redken product is smooth and light, while the Fekkai mask has a thicker consistency, it is similar to feel of shea butter. This is simply a difference between the products not a negative feature because I appreciate the texture of both products.
The Shea Butter Hair Mask can only be used after you have shampooed your hair but the Smooth Down Butter Treat can be used on dry hair as well.
My hair is unbelievably soft after I use both products but that feeling lasts days longer when I use the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat.
Finally the price- Redken costs $14.99 for 8.5 oz and Frekkai’s hair mask is sold with a $22.50 price tag for 5.0 oz.
In my book the winner is the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat because it is cheaper, I love the way it makes my hair feel and it can be used on my dry hair.
Which products have you made battle it out for your bucks?

I'm thinking about this one.........

I saw this in person over the weekend and I am thinking about picking it up. I just wanted you all to see the new Ojon Ball. The makers of Ojon are taking a minute away from giving us fabulous hair and they are now spending a little time trying to beautify our bodies. You are looking at a cleansing ball that consists of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Since this is Ojon you must know that 100% pure Ojon oil is an ingredient in this unique looking product. You are supposed to use this ball to remove debris and your body should be left feeling like velvet. After touching the ball and scraping off a portion it, it reminded me of hardened cocoa butter. The scent will get 2.5-3 stars from me, it is similar to the Ojon Tawaka rejuvenating cream.
The Ball is $65 .
The wooden bowl in the picture is included with your purchase.
Happy Cleansing!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Moisture to the Rescue

You may remember the post where I told you that I wanted to apply a protein treatment to my hair to strengthen it and I was frightened when it seemed a little too hard. Well the product that I applied to soften and moisturize my hair was the MOP (Modern Organic Products)Extreme Moisture. This semi organic product includes certified organic apple juice, bananas and goldenseal. Apples are supposed to act as a humectants while goldenseal should act as a sealant and hold the moisture in. I can’t say whether or not each ingredient is doing exactly what the label states it should be doing, but what I do know if that after using this product my hair is silky soft. However, my hair does not have the shine factor that should come from the inclusion of goldenseal, but the way my hair feels is worth buying this product many times over.
I paid $14.99 for this wonderful moisturizer.
What is the most you would pay for a hair product that really does work?

If you could.....

This post has nothing to do with beauty or fashion (the fashion aspect has really been neglected on this site, but hey you're not going anywhere right? So I think we still have time to slip it in here and but I just had to ask you this question. If you could bring back any show or have a reunion special, which casts would you reunite? I ask this question because BET has started airing A Different World each weekday from 11pm- midnight, and it has really brought back so many memories. Last night was one of my FAVORITE episodes because if featured an actor I adored as a child. It was the episode where Freddy was almost raped by a character named Garth played by Taimak, the man who also starred in the Berry Gordy flick "The Last Dragon". May I just say that Taimak has aged quite well, now into his 40's and still looking fit and fabulous. I would also like to see the characters of Whitley and Dwayne back on screen. Remember their wedding episode?
Oh and just to make this somewhat related to my blog, ummm looking back on some of the fashions from the old A Different world era really makes me laugh, high top fades, acid wash
Ok so which shows would you like to see on the air again even if it is just for a reunion? Any memorable episodes that you would like to list?
A product related post will be up around 10:00am

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Magazines will be the death of me. A few months ago I was flipping through a magazine, I think it was Jewel, and once I hit the beauty section I was oh so happy because they were featuring hair products I had never heard of. After reading their reviews I was determined to get the GHD Remedy Cream generally sold for $27. I told myself I would go to Sephora by the end of the week and pick it up, but my trip was in vein because it was not being sold at Sephora. Trying not to panic I thought of the backup stores that could possibly have this product but nope, no remedy cream there either. Just imagine me on a city street breaking out in a cold sweat because I couldn't find the product I just knew I would have in my hands that Friday. I searched the Internet and came up with a bunch of seedy sites that I knew would never see my credit card number so I had no idea how I would get the cream. Finally, I was in a new beauty supply store and there it was on the shelf in all of its glory looking down at me from the top shelf.
This remedy cream is supposed to "de-stress your hair", and prevent breakage. The most impressive write up about this product is that it is supposed to target and strengthen your strands where they need the most help. I thought well what a smart little product. I tried it and it does bond to my hair without any sticky buildup or crunchiness added to my strands. Something about my hair
I am really not a person with tons of split ends but if I want to find one I know where to look, my front bang area. I have no idea why that place is split end central for me but it is. I have been applying GHD to my bang and viola no longer can I easily find a split on my bangs. Now I do use quite a few things on my hair but I will go ahead and attribute my new no split zone to GHD remedy cream, now sold at Sephora ONLINE only.
Have you tried this product? How do you keep split ends at bay?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picture Perfect

Before trying the DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask I must admit I was a little scared of this company. I had only used two of their products, one which destroyed my face while the second product was perfect for my skin. I didn't know what type of reaction my skin would have when I decided to use their sulfur theraputic mask, so to this day I have not applied the mask to my entire face. Instead I have been using this product as a spot treatment for any blemish that I could find. After leaving this mask on the blemish only, that blemish is GONE by the next day. That part scares me a little because nothing has worked on my skin so quickly. This mask includes aloe vera and "anti-inflammatory properties of sulfur",purified clay, and aromatic extracts. This mask is supposed to clear up blemishes and for me it has done just that, but I don't think it will touch my entire face at one time, I still don't completely trust DDF, but this product may make me a believer.
Priced at $34 for 4.0 oz
How do you clear up your belmishes?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Couldin't Leave you Hanging

First I want to thank all who commented on the primer post yesterday.
All this talk about primers made me want to run out and make a purchase yesterday, so I did.
I walked into Sephora and asked a sales associate to lead me to an eye shadow primer. I didn't give any indication that I had researched primers or that I had an idea of what I wanted because I wanted her honest opinion and recommendation. She said "right this way, here is the best eye shadow primer". It happened to be the same on that I said I was thinking about purchasing Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion, priced at $16. So it was time to use the primer and as soon as I unscrewed the wand I was skeptical because of the color of the product. I know the box says that this product is nude, and I know what nude looks like but for some reason before opening the tube I translated nude into invisible so when I saw this tan solution on the wand I was worried. I applied the primer and there it was, beige product on my eye lid, so I tried to rub it in as much as possible and some faded into oblivion while other sections had this beige film. Then it hit me umm the eye shadow goes over the primer so no one will see it genius. I applied the eye shadow and waited for hours to see what would happen. I should mention that I only applied the primer to one eye lid because I wanted to see the real difference. I'm pleased to report that both eye lids maintained my eye shadow color but the eye lid with the primer was indeed brighter, it did not settle into the creases of my lid and the color was deeper, so that lid most resembled the appearance of my lid when I first applied the product.
The next time I use this primer I will not try to rub it in, I will just allow it to dry and then apply the product since the beige color will be covered anyway. Drying time for this primer is around 1 second or so, it almost dries instantly.
Thanks for reading.

The Makeup Show is coming to NYC

The Makeup Show is coming to NYC May 18th-19th at the Metropolitan Pavilion.
You can attend just one day or both days and during your visit you can take classes from professionals in the makeup biz, and purchase makeup at reduced prices. Other events will take place at this show so check out this link for more details. I hope I get to go but if not I hope one of you can fill me in on what I missed. Check out the impressive list of companies that will be in attendance, yes MAC will be
Is anyone attending this event? Have you attended similar makeup events in the past? (and I'm not talking about a Mark Kay specialist coming to your
Have a great day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Makeup on the GO

I have so many hand bags from the largest selections that can literally hold my kitchen sink all the way down to the barely there clutches. I can not negotiate when it comes to bringing my cell phone and wallet along in my purse so other items get left at home. When I saw this mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara from Bourjois I just had to pick it up. It can fit in the smallest purse or even on your key chain or cell phone because it comes with a tiny lobster claw clasp to allow you to clip it on anywhere.
The application
Yes my eyelashes are elongated after wearing this mascara but don’t get caught in the rain with this product because it is anything but waterproof. This is smudge fest for your face but if you can keep your hands away from your eyes this is a perfect addition to your cutest clutch.
Get your mini mascara for only $8.
Which makeup items must make it into your purse?
There are two other posts below, so have fun.

Q & A Responses- Foundation and Brushes

In the Q & A section The Frugalista wrote-"Ok, I just started wearing foundation. What kind of brush should I use? I really want a big one to smooth it on my face. Would that work or should I still use a sponge?"
My response- I think it depends on the type of foundation that you are using. If you are using one of those loose power foundations, like bare minerals then I think it is best to use one of those plush powder brushes as shown in the picture to the left. That is a picture of a Mac powder brush but obviously you can use any brand that you like. After applying the powder you can use a wedge to get those hard to reach places.
If you are using a liquid or compact foundation I would probably be more inclined to use a wedge.
Lets Talk Fibers
Laura Mercier offers a variety of brushes each serving a different purpose. Some brushes use squirrel or goat hair while others combine goat hairs and synthetic hairs. Once you click on each brush when you scroll down she offers a description of the brush and what products would work best with that particular brush.
It may be wise to check out her information and then find a comparable brush from a cheaper company like E.L.F.
(My ELF shipment has not arrived yet so I can not tell how their brush feels yet. I received an email stating that they are having a few delays...but I digress)
A professional's response (Sam Fine is a world renowned makeup artist who has powdered a plethora of famous faces from Tyra to Iman, Ru Paul and everyone in between)
Sam Fine's response- In his book Fine Beauty makeup artist Sam Fine says on page 29 "For quick flawless coverage, apply foundation with a wedge sponge. This lets you get to hard to reach areas around the nose and under the eyes. For the sheerest of applications, dampen your sponge. This trick helps thin the foundation, so it can glide on better."
He is the professional and he does the most spectacular makeup applications so I would trust his experience in this department. I have had his books for years now and it still delivers.
Equally fabulous celebrity makeup artists Janice and Denise Tunnel offer this advice:
There are also bloggers out there that have tons of experience with great brushes. Recently I watched a video on a blog and the woman was describing all of her brushes and when it is appropriate to use it a specific brush, unfortunately I do not recall which blog I was on at the time. Do not fear because Yummy 411 has come to the rescue, here is a link to the section that she created on brushes. She has two pages worth of eye popping information and reviews on brushes so enjoy.
Please everyone else, share your experience with foundations and which brushes are best to use.

Q & A Response-Stay put for the EYES

In the Q & A section Jewells asks- "What is a good primer to use on the eyes?"
As many of you know I am pretty new to the whole eye shadow program so I have not purchased a primer yet. I know that when I do wear my eye shadow after hours and hours some of the shadow will settle into the crease of my eyelid, which is not the most attractive look. Primers are used to prepare the eye lid before you apply your eye shadow so that it has staying power and will not settle into your creases.
The primer that I have my eye on and plan on purchasing, is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion because it is nude and it is supposed to dry quickly and work effectively. The fact that it is $16 does not hurt either. The negative side is that it is laced with parabens..yikes.
Illusions Cosmetics has a primer that seems much healtheir for our skin because it has vitamins A and E along with grape seed extracts. The only problem is that this $18 primer is for foundation.... sigh.
So do any of you have recommendations for primers that work flawlessly?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hair we go again

I am almost embarrassed to say how many hair products I have purchased, let alone how many I have purchased in the past two weeks. When I passed by the Redken store yesterday my inner junkie voice said go inside and I obeyed. I know that sales people are there to make a sale so why oh why do I find myself asking them, “anything good in here?” Of course they will say yes. As the woman began naming each line and its purpose she told me that she has only been working there since March, so I didn’t know if her recitation was really for me or to refresh her own memory. I asked her for a product with the word butter in it because I heard it was good and she began raving about it herself. She walked over to the shelf and bent down to get the treatment. As she was reaching for the product I was examining her tresses, hey could I really trust her recommendation if her hair was a mess? lol Since every strand on her head seemed to be in order when she handed me the product I gladly accepted it.
Smooth Down Butter Treat, doesn’t the name of this product just make you feel like your hair will be silky after applying this treatment? After shampooing your hair, you apply this treatment for 5-15 minutes and when you wash it out your hair it wll feel so smooth and silky. This treatment is marketed toward those with "dry or unruly hair". I enjoyed this product, it not only felt good in the palm of my hands but when I washed it out, my hair was indeed silky. You know I have to tell you about some of the ingredients, macadamia oil, candelilla wax, and cationic refiners which is used for frizz control. I would buy this product again especially since it was only 14.99. I am heavy handed when it comes to hair products so I know this wont last me for very long and when the time comes I will certainly buy it again. The sales woman was kind enough to throw in a few trail size products so I had an overall pleasant experience at the Redken store.
Slightly off topic question of the day.
If a sales person makes a recommendation and they claim to use whatever they are recommending if that part of their body/hair is not looking good do you still make the purchase? For example, a sales woman with scaly, flaky skin once told me that she lives by a particular skincare line; I thanked her for her time then quickly returned the items to the shelf and made my exit.
Please feel free to use the question and answer section of the blog to leave any questions that you may have.

How many winks?

Yesterday I heard someone on the radio say that people who do not get 8 hours of rest daily are generally overweight. I know that our bodies need this period for cell regeneration and other things but I am still not getting my 8 hours.
How many hours a day do many of you sleep? Has anyone bumped their hours of rest up in an attempt to lose weight?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Q & A

Not long ago in one of the comment sections the always fabulous Frugalista asked if I would develop a Q &A section, so here it is. Please let me know what questions you have and I will do my best to answer your questions. If certain questions receive many responses, I will probably turn it into a separate post.
I know that some beauty professionals visit this site so I welcome your expertise.

Bring on the questions.......

Just LIke Butter

I know that many of you mentioned that you don't like the scent of vanilla, but this product is divine so I have to tell you about it. Allow me to abate your fears by telling you that the vanilla scent lasts for half of a second and then it is gone. This is the Pure Vanilla Healthy Lip Butter SPF 8 and it consists of several butters including cocoa, illipe, shea and kokum. It is also infused with amino acids, vanilla beans and antioxidants. This is probably the silkiest lip treatment that I have ever tried and the best part is that is %100 free of stickiness. It really feels like you have melted butter on your lips. For $16 I will make this investment again.
Lavanilla also produces a lip gloss (shown on the right) that costs $14 but instead of butters it includes oils like jojoba, and apricot to give your lips a high shine.
I should also mention that you do get a lovely shine from the lip butter also so this product has officially become my favorite lip butter….well at least until my next trip to Sephora.
I am testing several products now, so some different reviews are headed your way soon.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Have you ever trusted someone and at the drop of a hat they turned on you? Well I had formed a bond with Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel To Go and I thought we would be together forever. This moisturizer is supposed to be perfect for those with combination skin because it is supposed to find the perfect moisture balance for the different areas of your face. It was really working for me, one section of my face did not seem and shinier than another area, it all seemed to be in perfect balance. Then it up and stops working for me. Out of nowhere that lotion didn’t give me my shine, and it certainly wasn't moisturizing. Maybe my body chemistry had something to do with it but we just are not friends anymore.
This 1.7oz tube is priced at $11.50 but you can also purchase the 4.2 oz bottle for $23.00
Do you have any products that turned on you?


I posted a long time ago about the need to get physically fit but I have fallen off the wagon, I mean way off the wagon. I have since jumped on the " please pass the cake wagon”, which is not a good place to be. I want to lose the pounds I have gained to feel healthier ,to slip into all of the outfits that I like and to buy new ones of course. So how do you get yourself motivated to get fit. What workout routines keep your blood pumping?

I'm IT Part 2

I have to preface the following by saying that I am too fickle for this particlar tag sorry.
I have been tagged by Mischo Beauty
Here are my favorites.....
My Foundation: I don’t wear foundation.
My Mascara: bourjois, diorshow unlimited and others
My Blush: Don’t wear blush
My Eye Shadow: I have only worn Illusions and its great
My Day Cream: I change it up all the time, I like the DDF oil free moisturizer, Rx for brown skin healthy and gentle (these are my top 2)
My Lipstick: I don’t have a favorite sorry
My Beauty Product Brand: WOW I buy way too many things to have a favorite brand.My Essential Beauty Product: Whatever will help me to have great skin so water a gentle yet effective cleanser and masks.My Favorite Makeup Product: lip glosses
My Perfume: I don’t like perfume but I will wear fruity body sprays or a well scented lotion
My Nails: I have too many and I am too fickle but right now I really like Opi.
My Feet: Ped eggMy Hands: Sephora brand hand scrub or carols daughter lemon ginger hand scrub and a great lotion
Three Products To Bring On A Deserted Island: Since it’s deserted I would just need my cell (lol) lip gloss and facial cleanser.Woman I Adore For Their Beauty: women in my familyWoman With The Best Sense Of Style:
What are your favorites?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All the way from the Mediterranean Sea

Lemon and orange extracts combined with salts from the Mediterranean sea come together to form the wonderful scrub pictured above. The invigorating lemony scent of Loccitane Verbena Body Salt Scrub can really give you a pick me up in the morning. The salt grains start out hard but begin to almost melt as your scrub your body.
I tried a Loccitane scrub before and it was ok but this one is so much better and I would certainly purchase it again. I was looking for a scrub that would be comparable to the fabulous Fresh scrub but for less money and this is the closest I have come to finding a match.It also comes with the cute little wooden shovel shown in the picture above. I don’t really need the shovel, but there I am every morning scooping away, it brings me such joy.
Note Do not shave your legs and then use this scrub it will BURN something awful as I discovered this past weekend.
This scrub is sold for $34.
How do you keep your body smooth year round? Spa treatments? scrubs? vaseline????

I'm IT

I was tagged by Tracyee so here we go:
6 quirky things about me
1) I don’t like crumbs, especially crumbs that other people have left. If I walk up to a table and crumbs are there, I will not feel comfortable at all until the crumb is removed. If the crumb remains on the table it is very likely that I will watch the crumb throughout the evening to ensure that a sudden movement by someone at the table has not caused the crumb to move any closer to me.
2)I suddenly turn into Columbo when I think there is a liar in the midst
3) As a kid I was the self proclaimed eye rolling champion. If you rolled your eyes at me you better know that I was getting the last roll.
4)I love sour things
5)When I am hungry I am not always so sweet
6)I buy boxed ices through the winter ICES
So where is where I become a rule Everyone that I can think of has already answered this question, but if there is a blogger out there who has not, please give us your 6 quirky things list. Please write in my comment section and let me know you are going to answer this tag so we can all check it out.
Thanks Tracyee
P.S. Mischo Beauty I will respond to your tag next :-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

So Fresh and so Clean

I was eating lunch one day and a man that I knew passed by and began chatting with me. He looked over at another table and he was disgusted with what he saw. There was a woman with large sweat stains around her armpits and on the front of her shirt. Either she didn't realize the stains were so large or she didn't care because there was nothing she could do about it in that moment, so she continued to enjoy her lunch. You may have on the loveliest outfit but unsightly sweat stains can detract from your appearance. So today I bring to you beautiful people the spectacular Fresh Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant.
This product is a deodorant and antiperspirant all in one. Although some people use the terms interchangeably, deodorant is a product that will attempt to combat bacteria and suppress odors while antiperspirants suppress the actual sweat. This deodorant antiperspirant uses natural sugar to fight bacteria that can lead to odor. I have to tell you this product has a delightful scent, smells like mixture of sugar and lemons. The best part is that you don’t sweat!
I don't have overactive sweat glands but just like anyone else I need to wear something to maintain my freshness throughout the day.
Although I really like this product, we need to sweat, it is a part of our bodily functions. Antiperspirants actually clog the pores or the ducts that should release the sweat. Aluminum is also the active ingredient in antiperspirants which is not the best for our bodies.
However, you can purchase this sugar based deodorant antiperspirant for $18.
Do you use deodorants , antiperspirants or a deodorizing antiperspirant? (please list the brand that you use)


Hi Everyone
My post will appear later today...sorry for the delay.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Extreme Hair

The majority of our hair is made up of protein so for the ladies who have relaxed hair, when that chemical process is applied it is literally breaking down the protein to straighten our hair. From time to time it may be necessary to use a protein treatment to strengthen our hair. For those who have natural unprocessed hair, don't think you are off the hook your hair may also need a dash of protein to keep up against the rigors of combing, brushing, heat styling or whatever other processes you put your hair through. You know I like the organic route so when I felt like I needed a protein boost I turned to MOP (Modern Organic Products) Extreme Protein to strengthen my hair.
This green protein treatment contains organic olive oil, black beans, wheat, keratin amino acids, vegetable and milk proteins. They even threw in acidic properties derived from sweet potatoes. I liked the ingredients so I made this purchase for $14.99, but I could not have anticipated the results.
According to the instructions you can leave this product on for 5-10 minutes and when you wash it out of your hair strands will be stronger and less prone to breakage. Being the daredevil that I am, I let the treatment stay on for the full 10 minutes, (honestly it was probably a little longer than 10 minutes since I didn't really time myself) and then I washed it out. Upon washing the treatment out it was clear that my hair had been strengthened. Immediately my hair was almost hard, I began to panic and jumped out of the shower grabbed the nearest moisturizer and began pouring it on to counteract the the protein treatment which was indeed extreme. After washing everything out of my hair it ended up feeling delightfully bouncy, and strong.
I know never to leave MOP's Extreme Protein Treatment on my hair for 10+ minutes ever again. I will leave it on for about 5 minutes in the future, but I know that it works and I would certainly buy this product again.
I have a few more protein treatments that I have sitting around waiting to be tested so those reviews will come in the future.
How do you keep your hair feeling strong and free from breakage?
I have two additional posts below.... have a great weekend.

Sharing is Caring

Thank You
What you are about it read is just one example of why I enjoy blogging. Yesterday in one of the comment sections Brownee posted a link to ELF (eyes lips face) because they are selling loads of their products for just $1.00. Brown didn't just sit back and enjoy the Elf spoils on her own she shared this information with all who check that particular post. I just wanted to put it on the main page so you could all have an opportunity to make your $1.00 purchase.
I was really shocked and amazed that certain items were so cheap but apparently ELF is all about trying to make great products accessible to the masses by pricing their products at a lower price than their competitors. If you ladies happen to go to this site and nothing is left, I do apologize but I had to begin shopping before posting this
Here is the link Brownee provided
Earlier in the week Frugalista posted a link to an article about counterfiet hair products which has me looking at all products with an extra careful eagle eye.
Thanks for sharing in this blogosphere.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

An Unusual Perm

I have heard of many things in my day, but a perm for your eyelashes is new to me. Check out the beauty tip of the day from the Illusions Cosmetics blog. This post discusses an eyelash perm.
Would any of you consider this procedure?

You Did This To ME!

You have come to this blog and posted comments about Mac this and Mac that, knowing that I am a product junkie. So it has finally happened, I am a MAC addict! I signed up to receive emails from Mac because I like to be in the loop and that is how I learned about this new Mac Dazzleglass. As soon as I received the email that the products were in stock, I tried to simply acknowledge the email then move on, but the junkie in me surfaced. Buy it, just buy it, it's not even expensive, such thoughts streamed through my head until I clicked the "add to basket link". I purchased Mac Dazzleglass in "Get Rich Quick" which is like a shade of brown. The tube is larger than the regular lipglass tubes so that was great. Sparkles are packed into every inch of the tube so I was concerned in light of my recent sparkled lip gloss debacle. Unlike some other products the dazzleglass sparkles are not very abrasive. I still feel them on my lips and for me it is slightly irritating but it isn’t the most horrible sparkle experience that I have had. The color is lovely, though I must say I am not pleased with sample colors on the Mac website I would prefer it if they would display the actual tube simply because it looks better than their color swatches.
Dazzleglass comes with a lip brush instead of the standard fuzzy wand that accompanies the lipglasses. Don't kill me ladies but for $16.50 it isn’t life changing but it is a larger tube and the color is cute and my lips are oh so shiny, so I don't feel cheated at all. The comaprison shot to the right shows how much larger the dazzleglass is compared to the regular lipglass.
Anyone else planning on making this purchase? Is there anything else from the Mac line that I need to know about? nail polish etc....