Friday, May 2, 2008

Sharing is Caring

Thank You
What you are about it read is just one example of why I enjoy blogging. Yesterday in one of the comment sections Brownee posted a link to ELF (eyes lips face) because they are selling loads of their products for just $1.00. Brown didn't just sit back and enjoy the Elf spoils on her own she shared this information with all who check that particular post. I just wanted to put it on the main page so you could all have an opportunity to make your $1.00 purchase.
I was really shocked and amazed that certain items were so cheap but apparently ELF is all about trying to make great products accessible to the masses by pricing their products at a lower price than their competitors. If you ladies happen to go to this site and nothing is left, I do apologize but I had to begin shopping before posting this
Here is the link Brownee provided
Earlier in the week Frugalista posted a link to an article about counterfiet hair products which has me looking at all products with an extra careful eagle eye.
Thanks for sharing in this blogosphere.


nywele said...

yes, E.L.F sells everything for a dollar. Their make-up is not pigmented though! but i think the basic idea was to have make-up accessible to anyone

brownee said...

Awww, no prob Diva.

What did you order? Can't wait for ur reviews. I only purchased their travel brush sets and bath products.

Yea, Nywele, their pigments aren't for "us folk". Lol

antithesis said...

waiting for your reviews b4 i make a purchase. sounds way too good to be true.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Nywele I purchased nail polish, an eye lash clamp, makeup..the usual suspects.
@Brownee thanks for telling me now that their pigments are not for us..LOL just kidding I dont mind testing things out for $1.00 no problem, the reviews will come shortly after I receive the products.
Product Junkie Diva

Mykeshia said...

I rather dish out the money for something that will be pigmeneted. I bought an eyeshadow quad and the pigment left much to be desired. Now the blushes are great but they have limited staying ability.

I like the hypershine lip gloss. They actually sell this brand at some K-Marts and Target for the same low price point.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Mykeisha It is sold at target...good to know thanks.
Also I agree with you, it is worth it to pay for quality.
Product Junkie Diva