Monday, May 12, 2008

Q & A Responses- Foundation and Brushes

In the Q & A section The Frugalista wrote-"Ok, I just started wearing foundation. What kind of brush should I use? I really want a big one to smooth it on my face. Would that work or should I still use a sponge?"
My response- I think it depends on the type of foundation that you are using. If you are using one of those loose power foundations, like bare minerals then I think it is best to use one of those plush powder brushes as shown in the picture to the left. That is a picture of a Mac powder brush but obviously you can use any brand that you like. After applying the powder you can use a wedge to get those hard to reach places.
If you are using a liquid or compact foundation I would probably be more inclined to use a wedge.
Lets Talk Fibers
Laura Mercier offers a variety of brushes each serving a different purpose. Some brushes use squirrel or goat hair while others combine goat hairs and synthetic hairs. Once you click on each brush when you scroll down she offers a description of the brush and what products would work best with that particular brush.
It may be wise to check out her information and then find a comparable brush from a cheaper company like E.L.F.
(My ELF shipment has not arrived yet so I can not tell how their brush feels yet. I received an email stating that they are having a few delays...but I digress)
A professional's response (Sam Fine is a world renowned makeup artist who has powdered a plethora of famous faces from Tyra to Iman, Ru Paul and everyone in between)
Sam Fine's response- In his book Fine Beauty makeup artist Sam Fine says on page 29 "For quick flawless coverage, apply foundation with a wedge sponge. This lets you get to hard to reach areas around the nose and under the eyes. For the sheerest of applications, dampen your sponge. This trick helps thin the foundation, so it can glide on better."
He is the professional and he does the most spectacular makeup applications so I would trust his experience in this department. I have had his books for years now and it still delivers.
Equally fabulous celebrity makeup artists Janice and Denise Tunnel offer this advice:
There are also bloggers out there that have tons of experience with great brushes. Recently I watched a video on a blog and the woman was describing all of her brushes and when it is appropriate to use it a specific brush, unfortunately I do not recall which blog I was on at the time. Do not fear because Yummy 411 has come to the rescue, here is a link to the section that she created on brushes. She has two pages worth of eye popping information and reviews on brushes so enjoy.
Please everyone else, share your experience with foundations and which brushes are best to use.


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