Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The spoils of my mini vacation

I went on a mini vacation this weekend and found the biggest bargain ever, buy 1 get the other for .99. I packed my basket with hair related goodies only to discover that the sign wasn't supposed to include the items I picked up.
But lets do a little math:
Misleading signs + Frustrated employee = PJD gets her products for .99 cents...lol
The cashier was so upset that the signs were so confusing that she said "I don't care you get it for .99 cents". I thanked her profusely..lol Needless to say you will be getting many hair related posts in the future.
Now on to the business of MAC!
I went away to attend a very special event and while I was in the hotel I was upset because I forgot to pack an exfoliator, but all was not lost. While I was ravaging the mall I came across a MAC store and found the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. You are literally rubbing volcanic ash from the island of Vanuatu and sugar crystals on your face. I LOVE THIS STUFF! It is supposed to leave your skin feeling soft and it does. This exfoliator is supposed to foam, but you will only see the foam in your sink not on your face. I should also mention that this product can be used on your face or body.
Priced at $19.00 this exotic exfoliator is worth a try.
Here is a pic of the scrub up close (click on the picture for a closer look).

Here is my first video, notice the foam in the sink, not on my fingers.


TravelDiva said...

LOL on the confusing signs. Good deal!

antithesis said...

lol!!! great post! im glad you have video now.

Anonymous said...

YAY. You're a vlogger now! Be careful though. People get spoiled and will want you to vlog everyday! LOL Congrats. And that product seems kind of great.

B said...

Misleading signs infuriate me. And yes..F.Files is right. Your readers will definitely want videos a looooot. Which is a good thing but bad b/c it's time consuming. Ha!

Anywho...I tested that volcanic ash today and it felt amazing. I must have!

Anonymous said...

I love to exfoliate! WOW bargain deal on those hair products can't wait to hear about them!


Product Junkie Diva said...

@TravelDiva I should have gotten more.....lol
@Antithesis thanks
@Frugalista I was going to set up a vlog for tomorrow but I had to charge the battery so you all will get pics..lol
@Divine Blackness, thanks for the warning :-)oooh I'm glad you liked that volcanic ash.
@Bellefille, I have tons of things to review, not just from the vacation, just products in general,I am so backed up..lol
Product Junkie Diva

Lily said...

hey there! i wanted to try this out, but the store near my house doesn't have it yet. would you say that this works for dry skin too? i always have really bad luck with exfoliators lol.

thanks for posting!

Product Junkie Diva said...

HI Lily,
I have very sensitive combination skin so I have some dry areas on my face. It is recommended that people use this scrub 1-3 times a week but I would not go that far. I used the scrub twice in one week and I did not find any problems so far. I didn’t use it at all this week, I do have a feeling that it would irritate the dry areas of my face if I use it 3 times a week so I will use it twice a week at the max.
Product Junkie Diva

Lily said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the skin exfoliator need water to work...

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Anonymous I like the exfoliator and I think it works well. I did add more water today and it foamed more on my face but the major foam was still in the sink...but it works so I won't get hung up on foam.
thanks for reading
Product Junkie Diva