Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NOTW a retrospective

Hello All

Here are some pics from my  recent nail polish selections:

In the picture below, I am wearing "Wednesday" by Zoya. -$8.00. I am going to do a battle post which will highlight all of the mint green polishes that I own. Although it way not look like Wednesday should be featured in a mint green nail polish collection, you will see that this minty polish fits right in. 

In the mascara post be low, you may have noticed that I am wearing "Sew Psyched" by Essie.- $6.00 (price varies)

I also wore "Yummy" by Zoya

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top 5 Mascaras of ALL Time


Here are the pictures that will accompany my video below, showcasing  my top 5 mascaras of all time. I actually have a few honorable mentions too, so let's get started.

If you look below you will see my NAKED lashes, they are almost nonexistent on the bottom row.  

Here are two other shots of my naked lashes:

Individual eye shots
Naked right eye
Naked left eye

Let's see what 1 coat of each of my favorite mascaras can do to enhance my puny lashes. 
First up, in no particular order......

Dior Show BLACK OUT- $25.00

Now let's look at my lashes with just my top lashes done on one eye. I am not going to tell you which eye is done yet, you will have to scroll down for the answer but take your guess for now.

Here is the answer:

If your guess was that I have mascara on the left eye (the eye on the right side of the screen) then you are correct. This is a SINGLE coat of mascara which means that my mascara wand did not go back in the tube, I applied this mascara and this is the result.
Here is a close up on my lash with the mascara:

Here is the mascara on both lashes (top row only):
Here's another pic:
Now let's look at my top and bottom rows complete with one coat of mascara:
Since the wand is chubby and my bottom lashes are short, it's not easy to apply mascara to the bottom row without getting the formula on my skin.  I have not faced any clumping or flaking issues with this mascara.

Givenchy 4 in 1 mascara- $32.00

I'm sure it's not hard to tell in this picture, but I have lashes on one eyelash:

Now you can't tell me this isn't dramatic.... and yes this is just one coat on my lashes:

I intentionally left a little mascara on the tip on my lash on the right side of the picture directly above this text. Normally I would use my fingers to pull off the excess but I wanted you to see what happens with this mascara. It isn't much but it's worth mentioning, I think the ball shaped wand makes it difficult to grab some of the excess at the tip of your lashes if you use the entire wand (this is explained in my video)
One eye

Here is a close up on my other eye:
Now let's check this mascara out on my top and bototm lashes:
here is a close up on one eye so you can see the top and bottom:

On my other eye you can really see the droplet of mascara that hangs on to the tip of the lashes:

I experienced better handling on lower lashes with this wand.

Black Up Cosmetics- $37.00

Once again I have one coat of the mascara on just one eye lash. However I have to tell you that the battery on this 3 speed mascara is DEAD so the lashes that you are looking at were coated without the vibrating action. I loved my lashes when it vibrated on level 3, but it would tickle so much that my eyes would water and this mascara is not waterproof so it had the potential to be disastrous.
Another shot:
I think it's pretty clear that the mascara is on my top lash on the left side of the screen.
Now let's check it out with the mascara applied to my top lashes on both eyes:

Here is a look at my top and bottom lashes complete with the Black up Vibrating macara (without the vibration featured turned on)

Not much improvement on the bottom row without the vibrating feature.
Single eye shot top and bottom:
And here is my other eye:

This mascara is just wet enough that if you put it to your skin too quickly you will get smudges on your lids, but not much.
I was able to define my bottom lashes a bit more with this mascara but it isn't perfect.

YSL Shocking- $30.00

Mascara on one top row of lashes:

Now here is the mascara on both of my top lashes:

Up close and personal...notice the heavy look to my lashes and this is just ONE COAT.
Now I will complete my bottom lashes:
Here is my single eye shot:
And my other eye:

This mascara is so wet and so much product comes out but if you  can manage to handle your bottom lashes carefully, it can leave you with beautifully lush bottom lashes.

Lancome Hypnose Drama- $26.00

I have mascara on just one lash.

Now I have the mascara applied to both of my top lashes:

Mascara on both top and bottom
Single eye shot

Another single eye shot

Now time for the honorable mentions
These are the mascaras that didn't make my top 5 but they have high ratings in my book because  of the innovation behind these products. They also work really well too!

Inglot - $10.00

One eye lash has the mascara

Now I have the Inglot mascara on both of my top lashes:

Below you will see the mascara on both my top and bottom lashes:

Here is a single eye shot of top and bottom lashes:

This mascara works well but it didn't make my top 5 because I get more luscious lashes from the aforementioned mascaras.
Givenchy Phenomen Eyes (original)- $30.00

Here this mascara is on one set of lashes (please note I only have this mascara in brown!)

Both eyelashes on the top row done.

Top and bottom lashes

Single eye shot of my top and bottom lashes
And my other eye
Brown is obviously not my color but it does allow me to get to my lashes in the inner portion of my lid.

Maybelline Mega Plush- $6.99 (price varies at different drugstores)

As you can see the lashes are lengthened but they look a little thin all the way around, not giving much volume at all even though this is a volume express mascara. Perhaps more coats would have done the trick.
Here I have the mascara on both of my top lashes:
Here are my lashes top and bottom:
Single eye shot
And another single eye shot:
What are your favorite mascaras?