Thursday, September 13, 2012

NOTW, On the big screen and the iPhone?


I am wearing "Lotus", a sparkly purplish color from Zoya. Although this color has a sparkle to it, it does not include that hard to remove glitter. This polish comes off as easily as any other polish even though it apparently has some very fine glittery specs.

The Big Screen

On another note I can't wait to see this film:

Are you interested in the new iPhone 5? I enjoy Apple products and I know that they are in the business of making gadgets but I am getting a bit tired of the constant upgrades. I do like the map turn by turn audio directions, and the advancements made with the camera and Siri but it is worth a new phone? Decisions decisions......

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Maven said...

Hey PJD,
I have an IPhone And won't be making an upgrade. I don't need the new features enough to pay the extra.-- I had nt heard about this movie. It looks awesome. Thanks for this clip. Will be checking it out. And it opens on my birthday.