Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lip, Butters, Balms and Baby Lips

Here is my latest review compares the Maybelline baby lips, vs. Revlon Lip Butter, vs. Loreal Lip Balm. I also swatch out the three 10 hour Maybelline Lip Stains that I own.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update on Maybelline Lip Stain


Someone asked that I update my Maybelline 10 hr stain gloss review if I ended up getting more colors, so here are my two latest shades.

Here is color # 170 in Pleasing Plum. The first picture is of a very light coating.

Here is Pleasing Plum with a heavier coating:

Next we have a light coating of color # 140 in Ruby Indulgence

Now we have a heavier coating of Ruby Indulgence.
Ruby Indulgence is pretty close in color to the color Berry Heavenly which I reviewed in my first post.

One thing that I probably didn't note in the first review is the fact that this lip product is very creamy. Once the creaminess wears off (provided you are not eating or drinking) the stain remains.
Now that I have three of these I can tell you that the scent I described when I first reviewed this product is the same in all of the tubes, you will get a berryish type of scent.
I should also note that the print on the bottom of the tube is VERY small, I could barely read the names of each color, so that was pretty annoying. All in all, I am still really enjoying this product.
Have you tried these yet?

Monday, February 20, 2012

What's New This Week? and lip products


Here is my What's New This Week video

The lips say YESSSS

Hello Everyone

Here is a bold new color for my lips, this is Valparaiso from Nars. At $25 a pop, I was willing to give this raspberry colored matte lip color a try. This matte is not as drying as some other matte lip products, but it's not necessarily moisturizing either. The color at least for me is bold but not too over the top.

Here is is on my lips:

Thursday, February 16, 2012



This week I am wearing Zoya's award winning purple named Charisma. I am wearing two coats of this polish. If you don't add a top clear coat the finish will almost look like a matte polish.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've Been Tagged

Hello Everyone
I have been tagged by Just Me of

11 Ramdom facts:
1)I can not touch someone else's crumbs unless I actually saw where the crumbs came from. Ex. I can't walk into a restaurant and randomly brush off crumbs that the cleaner left behind...WILL NOT HAPPEN #NewTablePlease :-) It literally makes me sick - ok enough of that.
2)The majority of my childhood professional fantasies have come true..#TrueStory
3) I seriously want to be under the tents at fashion week one year!
4)Sometimes I censor myself too much.
5)I rarely speak on the phone...I don't like it, but I used to be a phoneaholic in JHS, but now the phone doesn't interest me one bit. However- I enjoy texting.
6)I prefer sincere words in a letter or a card instead of flowers or gift. Gifts are great
7)I once heard Whitney Houston sing live and I was in awe of her voice #powerHouse
8)I adore dimples and as a kid I tried pressing buttons into my cheeks to achieve the look...ok I was young- don't judge
9)I never like going to work when it rains. I hate feeling soggy and wet.
10)I can be super fickle sometimes.
11)I have 3 books that I started reading but have yet to complete. 1- The Serena Williams autobiography, 2) The Black Girl Next Door (good book but I got busy and distracted) 3) Mercy by Toni Morrison. Actually I think there was a 4th book but I can't ever remember the title now. Oh and I started reading the Bluest Eye (I've been meaning to read that for years). I hope to finish all of them by let's see.

Here are my answers to Just me's questions:

1. Favorite beauty product of all time? OK in general mascara or lip gloss. If I have to be specific my favorite mascara has yet to be discovered, but if I had to pick one now, it would probably be the vibrating mascara from Black Up Cosmetics. I have to review that one :-).

Lip gloss - I have tons, but I'm not sure that I have a specific gloss that is my absolute favorite. I want to develop a lip gloss that has an irresistible scent and is also non sticky, but I digress.

2. Favorite book of all time? The Bible

3. Married or single? Loving it or hating it? Single and loving it. Life is good, I can't lie.

4. Link your no fail recipe you don't mind sharing I will give a short recipe and it's one that I developed in the kitchen one day. I don't measure things so I have no measurements to offer. As a base you can use Ketchup, blended tomatoes or pasta sauce. Then add in brown sugar, minced garlic, onions, pepper and a touch of honey. I mix this up until is it sweet and sticky then I use it to coat basked chicken or bbq chicken. Delicious.

5. Copying Marie so I can get some good hints, Fav YouTube Channel? I watch so many channels but here are a few Thesocialitelife (Sandy can haul yall), Britpopprincess, Splinta24, Splintabulouslife (both channels belong to Splinta), I also watch Andreaschoice.... my list can go on and on....

6. Biggest Fear? Not staying connected to my vision for myself.

7. Have you ever been in a physical fight? Care to explain?Nope, there was tussle between myself and a friend but it wasn't a fight. We were just both pulling on a bag that I didn't want to let got of (I was a kid).

8. Worst Habit? Offering to help too many people because I don't like watching people struggle. What ends up happening is that I end up carrying more than I should and I I'm getting better though.

9. Trait you most admire in others and why? Loyalty because I am loyal and there is no better feeling than truly knowing that someone really has your back.

10. Should weed be legal?Nope

11. Best anti aging secret? A good conscience, laughter, plenty of rest ( I don't get enough of this), exercise (Don't get enough of this either) and water. If you're looking for a product, I am actually falling in love with night creams. I am using the ClickR night time lotion. Jurlique has a good night cream too (reviews coming soon).

My questions for bloggers Maven, TamStyles and anyone else who reads this blog who would like to participate.

1)Guilty pleasure?

2)Favorite movie?

3)What is a hard truth about yourself that you have come to accept or at least acknowledge?

4)Favorite shampoo and conditioner?

5)What's your most grand professional goal?

6)What is your biggest beauty product regret?

7)What is your most embarrassing fashion moment?

8)Have you ever had a frenemy? (a person who is your friend but they act like your enemy)

9)Which beauty product can you Not live without?

10)Favorite actor /actress?

11)What is your best physical feature?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look At those Lips

Hello Ladies
As many of you know, I had gone the majority of my life appreciating makeup without ever wearing it. Now that I am dipping my toes deeper into the makeup pond I am really enjoying myself. In recent weeks I have been wearing deep lip colors outside of the house (don't My favorite bright lip of the moment actually comes from Maybelline. The new Super Stay 10 hour stain gloss in the color "Berry Heavenly" has me itching to get my hands on more colors from this collection.

Let's get down to business-

What's so unique about this product? Many of us have used lip stains, some are good others stink but in general even the most beautifully colored stains leave your lips with a matte finish.
Claim #1
This product has revolutionized the way we think of stains because it actually claims that it will give you the stain while leaving a glossy finish.
This claim is 100% true, with just one swipe of this flattened lip wand your lips will have a rich color and a glossy finish.
Notice that the wand looks like a flattened rice grain rather than the usual Qtip like wand that we normally receive.

Claim #2
This product lasts on your lips for 10 hours.
From my experience, whether or not this product lasts for 10 hours (or at least for a reasonably long time) depends on what you are doing. I had a warm slice of pizza and that stain pulled a disappearing act by the time I took my last bite. Also while drinking juice or any beverage, this lip stain went running for the hills. I had to reapply. However, if you are just sitting around doing nothing, or drinking through a straw you will be just fine and your lip stain will last for a good long time (several hours at least). If you are eating and you want your stain to last, you better use a fork and pretend that you are playing the old school game operation ensuring that nothing touches your lips.
Personally, this deliciously berry scented lip gloss/stain is a pleasure to reapply. The fact that it doesn't last 10 hours is not a reason for me to refuse to purchase this product again- I'm smitten.
I don't know if all of the glosses from this line are scented but Berry Heavenly smells good enough to eat, even though the product is tasteless.
I love that this product doesn't dry out my lips at all, it is creamy and not sticky at all.- I love that!!!!


Here is the lip stain/gloss with just a light application

Here is that same color with a heavier coating.
Even with more product on my lips, this gloss does not get heavy.
Price- it varies. You may want to shop around because I have seen this product priced anywhere from $10.95 down to $ 7:50.

Bottom line- Would I repurchase this product? YES!
If you're tried this lip stain what are your thoughts? Which lip stain is your all time favorite?
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I hope you're all doing well.
This week I feel like having shiny nails so I am wearing "The Full Monty" by Butter London. This gold polish gives me all the shine I need sans the glitter so removal is effortless!
(click on the pic for a better view)
**Edited to include the following information- You can certainly get by with one coat, but I decided to use two for good measure. :-)

What's your favorite non glitter shiny polish???