Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update on Maybelline Lip Stain


Someone asked that I update my Maybelline 10 hr stain gloss review if I ended up getting more colors, so here are my two latest shades.

Here is color # 170 in Pleasing Plum. The first picture is of a very light coating.

Here is Pleasing Plum with a heavier coating:

Next we have a light coating of color # 140 in Ruby Indulgence

Now we have a heavier coating of Ruby Indulgence.
Ruby Indulgence is pretty close in color to the color Berry Heavenly which I reviewed in my first post.

One thing that I probably didn't note in the first review is the fact that this lip product is very creamy. Once the creaminess wears off (provided you are not eating or drinking) the stain remains.
Now that I have three of these I can tell you that the scent I described when I first reviewed this product is the same in all of the tubes, you will get a berryish type of scent.
I should also note that the print on the bottom of the tube is VERY small, I could barely read the names of each color, so that was pretty annoying. All in all, I am still really enjoying this product.
Have you tried these yet?


vonnie (socialitedreams) said...

i want to try them, they look really pretty esp when heavily applied

Tamara Styles said...

hmmm. Never thought of trying that. But now i am.

justme said...

ooh...i love the plum one