Friday, February 26, 2010

Facial sorbet, Farmhouse Fresh, POOKA is in the house and ZOYA

Edited to include my Zoya polishes that arrived today!
Hello everyone
Here is another two part video. In the video I review my Chagrin Valley Facial Sorbet and I show my hauls from Pooka and Farm House Fresh Goods
The Chagrin product without a doubt goes into the SKIP IT files.
Have a great weekend.

Part 2

Zoya Polishes

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Post- Random items

Have a great weekend everyone!
Tomorrow @8 Sins of a Mother starring Jill Scott will appear on the Lifetime Movie Network.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Makeup, Hair on the Tube and John M. Fashion week

Hello Everyone
I hope you have a great weekend. Below is my two part video on makeup and hair product.
Highlights include:
Jane Iredale chocoholicks and Darcys Botanicals Coconut Styling Pomade.

Part 2

On the Tube
I finally got a chance to check out the BET honors.....forgive my ignorance but who was the first woman who sang for Whitney Houston? While Whitney was thrilled my ears managed to catch every note that this woman destroyed.... #confused.
Something about that Puffy just gets on my nerves and that goes for his momma too. He always talks about his relationship with her and how he loves her and that's great but ummmm why does he cheat so much on the ladies in his life? Those women are mommas to....oh well just my thoughts.
In the News
John Mayer anyone? Recently he used the n word in an article but you have to read the entire comment to really get the full picture of what he was saying. I totally agree with many people that he shouldn't have gone there though. He also stated in that article that he was attracted to certain black women in entertainment but in general he isn't into black women. I think we are all entitled to declare who we are and are not attracted to but his choice of words were not acceptable in my book. He's a jerk but apparently broke down on stage during a performance to say that he is done with the media and just wants his guitar.....Shut up John.
I thought it was funny that the interviewer asked him if black women throw themselves at him and he response was something like this- I don't really open myself up to that. Which is my book means no, black women don't throw themselves at him but he wanted to create a reason to support why we don't.
Now does this mean I will no longer like some of his songs? Absolutely not, good music is good music, I've never purchased anything of his but I also won't be turning the radio dial when his songs come on.
What do you think?
Fashion Week
Fashion week is upon us and I am drooling. One day I will be inside of those tents...even if it is as a part of the clean up crew.... #kanye shrug.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Post- Bring on the Pumpkins

Hey Everyone
Although I rarely post on the weekends, since I didn't get to post all week I wanted to post a review so enjoy!!!
I had to post the video in two parts. I reviewed the Darcys Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing conditioner. I also talk about other items you should check out and two reviews that will post soon.
Part 1

Part 2