Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Millennium Nails

Remember those nails that people used to wear in the 90's, those really long nails that let you know you could be clawed to pieces at any moment? Well thank goodness 2000 introduced nails of a more manageable size. If you are a busy lady on the go and you just can't get to the salon, well Revlon has you covered with their new nail collection. The picture above features the "sequins" nails which include a little glittery detail towards the top of each medium length nail. You also receive in the package a little glue to keep those nails in place.
Revlon was kind enough to pass these nails on to me - thanks Revlon, and I passed them on to a reader and fellow blogger who kindly tested this product, thanks Mrs. Young Fashions.
She was all set for an evening of fun in NYC, so she prepared by snapping these snazzy nails in place. Although she hadn't worn fake nails in quite some time, she quickly got into the grove again as she effortlessly applied these dazzling nails.
She really liked the look of the nails and the fact that they are a manageable length. She also notes that she took them off prematurely because she hadn't completely reacclimated herself to the world of fake nails. However, she notes that, that was "some strong glue" lol.
I think the nails look great on her hands, what do you think?
According to the text on the packaging, this designer nail kit is comparable to a $50.00 manicure. However, you can make your purchase at a drugstore near you for roughly $8.50.
Do you wear false nails or did that die out in the 80's / 90's?
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2009 IT List and a Product Review

I would like to thank you all for still checking out my blog for 2009. I really appreciate all of you and each comment that you leave on this site (or youtube) :-). You could read a million other blogs, and lets face it you probably but thanks for stopping here too.
I hope to make this blog much better in 2010 (that probably wont happen until around just being realistic). Now before the tears drop let me get down to business. I may pump out a few more reviews today so stay tuned.
We have come to the end of another beautiful year, so of course I had to present you with my 2009 IT LIST. This list will feature all of the great items that I will surely carry into 2010. Much of my 2008 list is still in play too, but here are my 2009 favorites!

Conditioner -
  • The 4 conditioners mentioned in this video but specifically the Deep Moisture Mask from Darcy's Botanicals
A close runner up- Babassu conditioner from Brown Butter Beauty
  • Coco cream leave in by She Scent it ( I have not reviewed this product yet)
  • Brown Butter Beauty Moisture Milk Spritz and the Darcys Botcanicals herbal Leave in sprtiz- both shown in this video.
Makeup remover-
Face Mask
Bath & Body
Soap- Porridge by Lush
Natural soap company- chagrin Valley- specifically the cucumber yogurt soap.
Mango Sugar Body Butter- by Rosalyn Scents
Natural Deodorant- by OYIN LOVE THIS STUFF. please see the review below.

Product Review

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tawaka body care and Tarte's 2 in 1

This video features an antioxidant rich cream by Ojon and a 2 in 1 product from Tarte.
The Tawaka product must be thrown into my SKIP IT FILES. Despite the natural antioxidant filled ingredient list, this product fails to deliver moisturized skin.
The ever so annoying two in one lip product from Tarte is also on whomp whomp status, a purchase I will never make again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Black Friday Haul part 2

This is part two of my Black Friday haul video.
Purchases were made from:
Rosalyn Scents
She Scent it

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tarte, Chagrin, BBB and Random items

Happy Friday
I had to split this video into three parts because, well, I talk too
When I don't get to make videos daily, I find myself overwhelmed with the products I want to show you....however my schedule has been brutal so a three part video it is......
In the videos I show my two hauls from Tarte and Chagrin Valley.
Then I review my new EZ combs and the Brown butter Beauty (Christine Grant) Moisture Milk Spritz for all hair types (in my humble opinion)

Part 2

Part 3

Random Items
I'm almost embarrassed to ask this in public but ummmmmmm have you seen the reality show Jersey Shore? If so what are your thoughts?
Although MTV blocked out the punch that rocked Snookie, if you saw the preview last week you already saw the PUNCH. I like in NYC and it was already reported on the radio that the guy who punched snookie is actually a teacher from Queens NY, he has been suspended.
That show makes me vomit in my mouth a little more each time I see it, yet I can't turn away.
Snookie's idea of "rocking the dance floor" involved a series of cartwheels in her DRESS as she exposed her undergarments in a crowded club. Now would her roomates look on in disgust, or attempt to drag her off the dance floor? NO, in fact Jwow said "I'm so proud of her" HUH????? Ok I just can't and people were upset with Tiny and Toya? Please, Tiny and Toya actually did things like open a business (or at least she attempted to start one), write a book and take care of their kids. These people from the shore basically do nothing but drink and fight....yet I'm all tuned in for the shenanigans.
In the Theaters

Will you see Avatar this weekend? This movie features some real talent in addition to the fact that this type of "animation" has never been done before. They actually built special cameras just to film this movie. All of the characters had to wear sensors on their bodies as they filmed to allow the computers to capture their movements.
And if that doesn't grab you, just know that Laz Alonso is in the
Check the trailer below:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you Love Lettuce & the ELF palette- The Jacksons

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to create a video on the Love Lettuce exfoliating mask from Lush. If you can't watch the video, it's a pretty good mask with some nice ingredients.

Part 2- a FREE Palette from ELF

The Jacksons
Did you happen to catch the Jackson Family reality show which aired last night? If you saw the brothers...especially that what are your thoughts?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Friday Haul 2009 Part 1

Hello everyone
I hope you all have a fabulous Monday.
The video below is just the part 1 haul video for my Black Friday purchases. Since I didn't receive everything yet I will make another video later.
So what did you get on Black Friday, anything interesting?

Friday, December 4, 2009

A gift for three or All for ME

When I first saw this 15 piece Tarte lip gloss set priced at a mere $39.00 I knew I was about to make a purchase. This lip set it packaged in three separate boxes Dazzling Divas: which features all of your shimmery glosses shown on the top row in the picture below. The second row of 5 glosses is from the Twinkling Trendsetters box followed by Glittering Green Goddesses.
Each mini boxes can be given away as a gift since it conveniently includes a To: / From: label. I decided to keep all three boxes for myself, so sue
Because these glosses come from Tarte they are free of everything listed below:
paraben free, petro-chemical free, pthalates, sulfates, gluten, tricolsan, preservatives, talc, synthetic fragrance, MEA/DEA/TEA, glycol, formaldehyde, GMO free oh yeah and it's curelty free too!
It does include pomegranate, acai and goji berrry exacts.
The glosses are not tacky so you don't have to worry about your lips sticking together.
I made my purchase from Sephora but you can order this item directly from Tarte.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Korres Facial wipes Darcy's Tucuma butter and Welchs

Hello everyone
Today I posted a video on my new favorite facial wipes, the Pomegranate Korres wipes.
I also speak briefly about the Darcy's Botanicals Moisture Whip product . Finally I share one way in which I like to get my dose of antioxidants.