Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review of two facial masks and Side chatter

Today I am going to kick things off with a review of two "natural" masks from Lush. Remember to always check that ingredients list because you may find some surprises. Talc powder is included in one of the masks and it's not the best thing for our skin....check out the review for more info.

Off topic chatter
So much money, time, and effort goes into making a film, so I would assume that all those involved would want to produce the best product. This has caused me to say - "what in the world were they thinking" when I first watched the trailer for Mama I want to sing. My sister saw the play when she was a kid and I always remember her talking about the young lady who played the lead roll, she described the singer as powerful! So why I ask you was Ciara given the lead role? Perhaps no other singers showed up for the audition. What makes matters worse is that the young girl playing the younger version of Ciara can Sing, so I guess her vocal ability will diminish over time????..... I won't even address the fact that the young Ciara looks nothing at all like big Ciara- #whoapprovedthis ? When I think of Love and Basketball young Kyla Pratt was a great younger version of Sanna Lathan, but I guess the brains behind Mama I want to sing could care less. I do like that Lynn Whitfield is in the film though.
If you want to check the trailer, click here.
Movie review
On Friday I was supposed to see Fame but my plans switched to Saturday. After going to Dave and Busters we headed to the theater, but the next Fame viewing was so late that as a group we decided to see Surrogate starring Bruce Willis. I had not even heard of this film (remember I haven't watched tv in a while) but everyone else seemed excited so I was happy too! That movie was a disaster, it was slow, predictable and boring. During the film I wished for a surrogate who could watch the film for me! The on screen appearance of Boris Kudjoe did little to light a flame under this dry film. I won't ruin it for anyone who plans on seeing the flick but let me end by saying if you have seen Irobot starring Will Smith then there is no need to check this out. The crux of both films is basically don't let technology take over your lives etc. However, Surrogate sends that message through a low budget production.
Side note- Boris' acting skills will at times make me want to ask him to exit stage left. I think it's something about about the way he speaks, but he's cute so I'm not complaining too much.
What's on your minds people? I want to hear from YOU!!!!


antithesis said...

LMAO!!!!! im glad i saw fame. i told my friend i was going to see fame and he said he saw serrogates and that it was good. based on your review, that was a LIE! and i need him to know what's a good movie and what's not b/c he wants to be an actor. btw, fame was just ok. i dont have anything to compare it to b/c i didnt see the original or tv series but it was pretty uneventful.

Lee said...

Laughs. I might have to add the BB Seaweed to my list. I haven't tried that one. As far as Mama I Want to Sing, please. When I first heard Ciara was doing the lead, I was like "WT..?" Really. That role used to require strong vocals. Not cute.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I heard Surrogate was terrible too. They can doctor up Ciara's voice enough to make her sound like Jennifer Hudson, so we'll see.

B said...

I heard Surrogate was terrible too. I haven't been to the movies in foreverrrr!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis- yup, you made the right choice..lol and get your friend together before he starts selecting C rated films to act in..lol
Lee I agree..lol
TM just going off of the clips I guess they decided not to doctor up her voice..hahahah
B- you're not missing too much.

Shawnta said...

I do want to see Fame but haven't had a chance to yet. My husband doesn't really want to see it & none of my friends seem interested so it may be a solo date or maybe I'll wait until it's on DVD.

I had no interest in seeing Surrogate & after hearing bad reviews of it from friends, I was happy I didn't want to see it.

Now, I do want to see Mama, I Want To Sing. I had only read about it and hadn't seen the trailer prior to reading this post but I agree with you that Ciara does not have a powerful voice at all. I'm not completely convinced that she'll be a strong actor either but I guess I'll wait until I see the movie in its entirety before drawing this conclusion.

Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Shawnta- yes I don't think Ms. Cece will be great as an actress but as you said I will wait until I see it before I really bash her, I mean comment on her acting ability. lol