Monday, September 28, 2009

Two hauls & some off topic chatter

Good Morning Everyone
I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start.
Let's all have a positive outlook on the week despite whatever obstacles we may face. Ok that's my pep talk for the
The video below is just showcasing my most recent hauls from Brown Butter Beauty and My Honey Child. From MHC I purchased some items I have not used before so if you have used them, please let me know what you think.

Sidenote- This has nothing to do with beauty products and such, but what are your thoughts on Keri Hilson? Like her love her or can you do without her?
Whitney Houston- in her Oprah interview Oprah asked her if she was scared that she had lost the VOICE. I am paraphrasing but Whitney's response was something like this- "No because during that time period I was still singing to myself so I knew it was not lost"
I had to give Whitney the side eye on that one because her voice is not the same in my opinion. So while her voice isn't totally gone, it sure isn't what it used to be. I once saw THE VOICE live and her voice filled the theater....the good ol days...sigh.
Are you watching Dancing with the Stars? I haven't watched tv in a few months now (seriously..except for housewives of ATL) so I am out of the loop but I heard Macy Gray is on the show....I NEED to see that one of these weeks. I saw a promo pic and Macy had on the absolute ugliest gown so I just need to tune in.........
Housewives of ATL......Nene really grinds my gears this season and I'm mad that she has stolen this wig Kim with a married surprises here.
I really like Kandi and if you watched the after show, so does Tyson He used to date one of Kandi's friends and he said he would have dated Kandi but he met her friend first. Kandi quickly replied with a " yeah right", but it was that " are you for real or are you joking "yeah right"". If he had said it once more with the serious face, like girl I'm not playing, I think she would have forgotten all about little AJ plus 8. They clearly have "friendship" chemistry but I am curious about how that could have turned out. Antonia Sabato Jr on the after show....NEXT you're too wack for words Antonio. Ok maybe I have a few words, he was acting like he was too cool for school, so I didn't appreciate him on the after show. I don't really know why he was invited anyway. Now don't get me wrong I know the interviewer asked some dumb questions but at least pretend that you are interested in being on this tv show. It's at the very least an opportunity for you to promote your very own wack reality show. Tyson Beckford was such a trooper.....and he looked delicious :-) I'm just


Tamstyles said...

hey girl. i am good..thanks for the comment..i check in your blog with every dont play with those products need to have a sale.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I can't see the video from where I'm working today, so I'll watch it tomorrow.

I don't really care for Keri Hilson, well I've never given her a chance. I sing the song (ummm, knocks you down I think) from time to time. Maybe I should actually listen to her album. Where did this random question come from? Do YOU like her PJD?

I think Whitney lives in dream land. Sorry to disappoint you, Macy is already gone from the show, lol. I like Kandi too, but I liked lockjaw last season and you see how they do the normal folks that I like.

Lee said...

Girl. Your comments are so on point. Keri Hilson- Like her, but vocals- average. Yes, Nene is wearing me thin this season. I am liking Kandi. She seems pretty down to earth. Whitney is in denial. Good new show to check out: The Good Wife on CBS. I am reviewing it tomorrow. Me likey.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tamstyles- glad you're doing well. Thanks for keeping up with the blog :-). LOL I should have a sale!!!
TM I like Keri's music and she seems just fine to me. I asked the question because she has apparently ruffled many feathers. One of her remixes caused an uproar as some people thought she was insulting Ciara and Beyonce....oh well. Oh i have to post something on Ciara Was Macy's dancing as doofy as I imagined? LOL sad I missed her.
Lee- great minds think I will be checking for your review tomorrow.

Shawnta` said...

Hello. I'm new to your blog. I found it through another blog I frequent (Brown Girl Gumbo). I love learning about new products and hearing reviews on the latest items. How do I subscribe to your youtube demos/reviews? Thanks. I look forward to reading/watching more reviews.

Amina said...

hey there,
great minds think alike. I just ordered from Christine Gant too. I reviewed her products last winter, mainly her hair body and hair oil that I love. She has expanded her line recently including/creating new products. I also got the babassu deep conditioner, shea-mint poo bar (it is coming out soon)and the rhassoul clay poo bar

Product Junkie Diva said...

Shawnta- Welcome to the party!!!! My youtube channel is just about everything that appears on yourtube, will make its way to my blog. I just adore BGG's blog and now I have a new reader because of her blog so that makes me love it even more :-)
And your hair looks super shiny in your pretty pic. What are you using and when is your blog coming out? **PJD waits patiently for a response** lol
Amina am I to understand that you received and exclusive unreleased product!!! I'm
As always, thanks for reading ladies.

Amina said...

lol....well, it is coming up soon :) I am actually going to use it right now to see how it is...
I hope you like the hair butter, it helps me so much in the winter.

Consuela said...

I use the picture of the dog the show my rabbit what I'm could do to him if he's keeps being naughty, needless to say he's been very good lately!! LOL!

B. Fly said...

I can't wait to hear your reviews on the Brown Butter products. I've been eyeing all the items you purchased. I just bought a few things from MHC too, including the molasses deep conditioner (haven't tried it yet) and the lemon sugar body butter. Love the smell of the butter!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina- I hope you love the product. I made a purchase from another company because of YOU! you always have the best suggestions :-) thx.
Consuela I laughed so hard after reading your comment. I hope your rabbit
B.Fly I used it alreay but I need to use it more to confirm my initial thoughts... review will appear soon though. As for that molassas I have my thoughts on that one as well. What I'm about to say may tell you what I think of it but here goes- I'm ordered two of the large jars :-). However I have more to say on the product so do stay tuned for the review.

Shawnta` said...

@PJD: Thanks for the info on your youtube reviews & tutorials. I will subscribe shortly. Yes, BBG's blog is great & I'm loving yours as well. Thanks for the compliments on my hair. Lately, my hair dresser has been using Moroccan Oil & I have become a fan of it. As for when my blog is coming out, uhm...I'm not sure it will. I've considered starting one but I'm interested in so many things I wouldn't know where to start. Plus, I want to be a good blogger like you guys and actually have time to post and respond to comments. My younger sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer so I'm going to be there for her and her kids as much as I can & I'm sure that will leave me with even less time. If in the future I do start a blog, I'll definitely let you know. In the meantime, I'll stick to yours, BBG's and some other faves. Thanks for the warm welcome!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Shawnta- Last week I read your comment on BGG's blotg about your sister and I left a comment for you there. I was basically saying that I am so sorry to learn of your sister's conditioner. I wish her a very speedy recovery. Knowing that you are by her side will certainly strengthen her as she fights this horrible disease with everthing that she's got!
Be well Shawnta!

Stefanie said...

I am done behind that wig on the dog!!!!!!!!!! LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently bought some Lush products and I don't think my skin likes.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi i love that pic. What did you get from lush? Im sorry your skin doenst like it..awww that sucks.