Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A review and my top 4 hair treatments

Hello Everyone
Today I present you with my all time top 4 deep conditioning hair treatments. If you want to treat this as a tag please do, but let me know your top 4 deep conditioning hair treatments (especially if it's a homemade concoction).
My top 4 come from the following companies (this is in no particular order):
1)HPo Spa treatments
2)My Honey child
3)Miss Jessies'
4)Darcy's Botanicals


antithesis said...

i dont have a top 4. i dont even have a number 1. u know im a cheapie so most of the conditioners ive ever used were drugstore and theyre pretty much all the same. i guess the best of the drugstore ones is that neutrogena mask but it's nothing too special.

Amina said...

I looove that darcy's botanicals conditioner as good :)

B said...

LOL....antithesis, I'm another cheapie too. I loooove D.Botancials though. So glad Amina got me hip to that!

Therapeutic Musings said...

My favorites are not good like yours :( I use the Pantene relaxed and natural deep conditioner because it is the ONLY thing that makes my half relaxed-half natural hair manageable. I also use the Elasta QP DPR-11. The next thing I get will be Darcy's botanicals. Maybe I should get my mom to buy it- she always buys stuff I say if I tell her you liked it first.

Lauren said...

HEY Diva! How are you? I own the Spa conditioner, I ran out & brought it based on your review remember? LOL! Yea, it is a really nice deep treatment & it smells GREAT, like lemonade! I don't use it too often though, I have too many other 1s I use. I think I'm gonna buy the Darcy's one, that looks really good. Yea miss Jessie's I heard mix reviews about lol but the one you have looks good too. I just went out & brought a ton of products so Idk when I'm gonna use all these products! And I still wanna try KBB in BK!!!! I keep reading other bloggers rant & rave about that hair line!!! (Remember how I asked you about it a few months back?) Haha I never made it out there, I ended up buying a bunch of other hair products right from my local hair store! EVERYONE loves KBB though. I'll get around to getting it eventually lol. I finally brought the jessicurl WDT, another dc everyone raves about lol, I had my eye on that one for awhile now, its been sold out on the main website for weeks now geez lol so it must be pretty popular. I'm so bad I think I need hair product rehab 101. Neway, GREAT video & product review! My hair has been doing ALOT better & it looks healthy! I'm so happy. You have just inspired me to write out which fav deep cond. I like. I'm still loving the Myhoney Child Olive YOU deep condish. And I just brought a few others so I'll see & write out my report! I wrote out my hair regimine before but that has been changed lol.... keep up the good work!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis- I should do a top 4 for drugstore conditioners! thanks for the idea :-)
Amina yes what a great conditioner!
B-glad you are a DB gal too! lol
TM LOL you are too funny!
Lauren -WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? LOl So you never made it to KBB well girl that is ok because you may want to try darcy's botanicals leave in conditioner instead- it also comes in many scents and I think it's more moisturizing than KBB. I'm glad your hair is doing well. I remember that you liked the MHC olive deep conditioner, I like that one too. You and all your you need rehab for good hearing from you Lauren :-)
thanks for reading everyone.

Lauren said...

LOL I Know I Know, I've been MIA for a min. but that doesn't mean I never visit your blog lol. I've just been real busy. But I do read your blog here & there. YES diva, I think I have a SERIOUS hair product problem! Help me! LOL but wait, don't you have the same problem? You buy & order WAYYYY more stuff than I do including make-up & such! I'm just a hair product junkie hahaha. But you so sounded like one of my friends when you said "you and all your products." Yup, my friend says the same thing & I guess I do but oh well lol. So I recently ordered darcy's botanicals deep condish (I just couldn't resist after watching your video) and now you mentioned the leave-in condish. So is it a thick or watery consistency? I just got my Jessicurl WDT so I'm excited! And I'm about to order a protein deep condish I found on the website bc I need a good one. I still use the Nexxus Emergency but I need something to put on dry hair (before I shampoo it) I know alot of ppl say their hair doesnt like protein (which I don't get lol) but I'm the total opposite. My hair loves & NEEDS it & can never get enough. My hair is relaxed & already fine so the more protein the better. Have a great weekend PJD! (Although this NY rain isn't helping the wkend start off right :-(

Psyche said...

I absolutely LOVE the Darcy's Botanicals conditioner too! Actually, your thorough reviews of the product line on YouTube prompted me to try them. And, they are now my favorite products. Thanks for your reviews!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren about the leave in condish it's not watery but it's certainly not thick. It's light yet powerful. i hope that helps.. cant wait to see what you think of the conditioner.
Psyche Oh i am soooooo happy that you like the products you ordered!!!!

Lauren said...

Hey Diva, just to give you an update, I purchased the darcy's botanicals leave in conditioner and have been using it after washes and so far I like it! LOVE the smell, it smells so good lol. Thanks for recommending it :-) I also purchased the darcy's botanicals DC and I like that too! (I better it was hella expensive lol) I've used it as a pre-poo and it worked great! I have other DC I need to use up 1st lol so I don't use this one every week. Question, in your recent posts, you said you are weeks from post relaxer, how do you keep your new growth at bay and not showing like you need a touch up asap lol. My stylists said I need a perm bc I have a lot of new growth (I guess my hair is growing fast) but it’s too earlier for me to get one :( my hair needs to rest b4 I relax again. To me it doesn't look like I need a perm that bad, I want to wait at least another month until I get a touch up again. Do I have to flat iron my roots out to make it look straight? I don't even own a flat iron lol (too much heat= more damage to my fine hair) so I'm scared to use one lol. I only use heat when I'm dc-ing with heat cap and roller setting. Also, have you ever used Carol Daughter's products? If so what have you used and liked? Can you do a post or video on them? They say their #1 product is their hair milk and hair butter. They both look nice. Side bar, I ordered afoveda's cocolatte moisture mask and I LOVE IT! Non- greasy and moisturizing whooo hooo! I use that baby everyday & my hair NEVER looks weighted down, coco goodness lol. I was thinking of getting that shea-amla whipped butter cream one too but it might be too greasy for my hair (I hate greasy looking and weighed down hair with product build-up YUCK!). I need a good creamy light-weight hair milk that I can use as a leave-in/daily moisturizer. Maybe I’ll try the carol’s daughter one.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Lauren you are such a bad I just ordered the cocolatte When Carols Daughter first came out I loved that hair milk, my curls were beautiful and bouncy. However over time and as the product became more popular I have a feeling that something changed in the mizture because my hair did not love it any more. I don't use any CD products now and I don't see myself ever going down that road again. Oh and the CV vanilla leave in was HAIR DEATH for me. HAHAHA sometimes you just read my mind. I was planning a post on how I use my banana clip. I mainly use it when I am stretching because it helps me to keep my new growth tame. I also make it a point to really deep condition with good products. This last stretch is the best one I have ever had and I think it is mainly due to having fantastic deep conditioners like the darcys conditioner etc.
I will do a banana clip video soon. You don't feel like teh Darcy's leave it conditioner can be used daily? Honestly I think it is WAYYY better than the CD hair milk. Perhaps you can buy the tiny bottle of the hair milk if you just want to see if it will work for you. I have never done and afroveda review and I own afroveda I have had them for so long, I hope they are not
Im so glad your hair is doing well...YAY

Lauren said...

Lmao @ HAIR DEATH hahahahaha wow that's hilarious. I don't even know which CD 1 that is and I don't wanna find out! LOL Yea, I went on and some1 else with relaxed hair did a review on the CD hair butter and milk and said it wasn't good, didn’t work well and was greasy. Plus after reading your opinion I will not be purchasing any CD products (thanks for the warning lol) I too had heard they formulated their products differently now bc other ethnicities can use it? Lol I guess they needed to expand their business to other ppl but I don't think what works for other ethnicities hair will work for ours. (I'm not being racists I'm just stating my opinion lol). Anyway no CD products for me. LOL @ you buying the cocolatte moisture mask, that's funny, I love that stuff and I hope you will too. I also just ordered their Curl Custard so I'm excited and waiting on that bc I also heard that works well too. The Darcy's leave-in condish I could probably use daily, so I may start using it as that, thanks for the tip! I also just ordered hair stuff from a new site called Mineral Indulgence. Ever heard of this line b4? I liked their website and what it had to say and I read on some forums their products work well so I couldn't resist lol. I think this is the last hair purchase I'll be making for the year (I know its shocking lol). The holidays are soon approaching and I need to put aside some $ for some1 other than myself lol. And I still need to make a top 4 dc! :-)

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