Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Retail therapy and a product review

Hello -I'm back with a video which features a miss Jessies product review.


tnt5150 said...

What do you do with all the products your buy or get free that you dont like? As for the Lush Dream Cream it is wonderful for dry problem skin but it does have a slight medicinal smell to it.

Anonymous said...

Another great video review! Please do keep 'em coming PJD; they're the best!

Product Junkie Diva said...

TNT5150 When I buy products if I don't like it I will usually give it away. If it's just average but I don't hate it then I will try to mix it with something to make it work. Regarding free products...lol i don't get many of those..lol but when i do i will usually pass it on. What doesn't work for me may work well for others. thanks for the dream cream info, I will have to try it out on my skin :-)
Anonymous thanks for your kind words :-)
Have a great day and thanks for watching everyone.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I have that little heart thing from Lush, I just don't ever remember to use it. I've come to the conclusion that I really don't care about soaps or lotions that much. Even the Chagrin Valley Soap doesn't make me want to switch from my basic Dove. Dove and Eucerin, how boring am I? TheCount is the person who has used up all my Lush and Chagrin Valley soaps.

Lee said...

How bad was your day?? I thought I was the queen of retail therapy. You won't have to buy a soap for months. :)

Anonymous said...

Please do try the Kinky Curl Custard! I absolutely love it! My Mom discovered it a few months ago, and turned me on to it, so of course being the true product junkie that I am, I bought the whole system. I was totally shocked that this product even works on my hair, considering I never knew I had a 3C/4A texture of hair. I always thought my hair would only look decent with a Press & Curl (as I was trained to believe), but to my surprise, my natural texture of hair is pretty nice! Now I'm not too fond of the Come Clean Shampoo, nor the Gloss Pomade, but the Knot Today Detangler, Curling Custard & the Spiral Spritz are the best! The ingredients are all natural and smell great! So please do at least get the Custard for your sister. Also, she should watch the youtube video on the tips portion of the website, so she won't waste product like I did at first. Good Luck to your sister on her natural hair journey!

Umm Amirah said...

Love the Retail therapy. I <3 LUSH. Thanks for pointing out the heart massage bar..a great wedding shower gift!! 2 thumbs up for Castastrophe face mask. I love it. Use 2 of their masks 2 a week!!!

I'm not big on LUSH soaps due to HIGHLY sensative skin...but I'm going to start trying their hand lotions.

Thanks for the heads up on Miss Jessies. I have some friends that swear by it...I will not. I love my natural options.

Thanks again
Umm Amirah

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM you better use up that little heart...lol Mr. C used up the products??? LOL I love it. That man can pick out a luxury item..lol
Anonymous thanks so much for the kinky curly info.
Umm A. thanks for your feedback. I am going to post on the catastrophe mask tomorrow because I love it and I hate it...lol
Thanks for reading/ watching everyone