Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hair butter, Hair Grease and I need to vent!

Hello Everyone
I am so sorry for the delay but my job and other obligations have kept me away from my blog :-( Now let's get down to business- below I have a simple review of two Darcy's Botanicals products that I like to use, the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and the Cherry kernal Palm butter product.
Essencially the cherry kernal product is more like a grease while the vanilla cream is like a hair butter. Both can serve a purpose in your hair care routine depending on how you like your hair to feel. Both products are priced at $12.00 Check the review below.

I need to exhale because I don't think I can take one more day of hearing about the behavior of Kanye and Serena. Serena had a moment and it's like people want to see her grovel for forgiveness and I say forgiveness for WHAT? I don't think her behavior is to be applauded but at the same time I have see tennis players (some of the men specifically McEnroe) behave even worse. I say let the girl have her moment and move on....
I only wish in the future she won't allow people to see how much they get to her, simply because some idiots will try to press her buttons intentionally.
I think Kanye West has School Daze moments. Remember the end of School Daze when Lawrence Fishburn screams across the campus - WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPP! I think sometimes Kanye sees things going on that he feels is an injustice whether on a large scale (George Bush doesn't care about black people, or on a smaller scale - Beyonce not winning an award) and he feel this almost uncontrollable urge to say WAKE UPPPPP, is anyone else seeing what I see, this isn't fair. Now I'm not saying Kanye did the right thing but I also don't agree with banning him or destroying his cds as some people have suggested....give me a BREAK. Taylor got her moment to give her speech again (and honestly the three people she thanked could have been fit in after Kanye's mic grabbing stunt...I'm just saying). I like Taylor's songs and if she were my daughter I would not have been pleased with the actions of Kanye but at the same time he didn't kill anyone, the man grabbed a mic and stated his opinion she will get over it.......
Side note- If anyone left a bad taste in my mouth that night it was Beyonce. Normally I like Beyonce but that night she just seemed like such a turncoat.... Everyone knows you didn't put Kanye up to that stunt so sit down and shut up no need to blast him by telling Taylor to have her "moment" a moment that Taylor didn't even thank Beyonce on camera for...I'm just saying.
And I'm


Phyllis Bourne said...

I hear ya! If an apology is due, give it ONCE and drop it!

Saying sorry a bazillion times doesn't make folks forgive you, it just makes 'em lose respect for you.

antithesis said...

yea, i'm with u. im over it. i didnt see serena but people need to realize, black people have emotions too. you dont see people up in arms when some old white man throws a tantrum and breaks a club on the golf course... and for kanye, he's extra, his behavior was extra but he did not blatantly disrespect the girl and say anything like "who are you? ur not good...etc, etc." he said his unfactual piece and got off the stage. yes, it was rude but so was joe wilson so...yea. and joe wilson was rude on a much larger scale so, wanna call it even? ok. let's move on.

Just_Wondering said...

Girl you sounded like you needed to vent lololol

Lee said...

I have to agree and disagree with you on this one. I agree about Serena. Serena messed up, but people are treating her terribly. She has been professional for most of her career, so she should get some slack. She just had a really bad day. Kanye, on the other hand, not so much. Kanye is a 30 plus grown man who continually acts like a 5 year old. This is like the 3rd time he has gotten up on someone else's award. I think that is unacceptable. Its not fair to everyone else that is there, particularly the person getting the award. Its not all about him or what he thinks. Its not the Kanye awards show. There are rules and criteria, and you will not always agree with the winner. That's how it goes. If he thinks he can't control himself if he doesn't like the results, he shouldn't go. Don't get me wrong, I love him as an artist, but he needs to grow up and get it together.

B said...

Kayne gets on my nerves. I'm glad I never wasted any of my pennies on his albums. Cocky mofo...

Serena, however, her anger was warranted but her actions were not. She's a professional and should know how to act like one. Of course we all get upset on the job but you can't just go around cursing people out and tossing rackets. No matter how pissed off you get. Lord knows I've been there and it takes everything in me to hold it together!

Amina said...

I was smiling while watching your video. The madagascar vanilla styling creme is the first product of hers I tried and i was so happy when she customized it and replaced the beeswax for cocoa butter.
girl, this makes also one of the best body moisturizers i've ever tried!!! PERIOD!!
loove how it smells..

aaw..I loove the patchouli scent. so much that I requested a perfume from that scent.
sigh..i loove darcy's botanicals..
how did you discover her line by the way?

Amina said...

I looked back at the scents and the one i love is rose patchouli
not orange patchouli... i am allergic to citrus how do you use your palm cherry kernel?
sometimes I layer it with the tucuma hair butter
use it for twists,. etc

justme said...

LOL, i dont even know what happened in either instance.

in serena's case i can only guess that some of it has to do with the "angry black woman" stereotype. if she had a valid reason to be mad, it would still be considered "violent" or "over reacting"

that is just a guess though

Lauren said...

LOL ahahaha I agree with you girl! Go ahead and vent! Serena had a moment and there's no need 4 ppl to attach her, she's still one of the best tennis players out there. And I'm over the Kanye thing too, now mto is saying he's an alcoholic? Whatever, I still like Kanye and support him and his music, what he did was wrong and embarrassing but he's said he's sorry a dozen times, even got emotional on jay leno or which ever late night show he was on and he called Taylor up personally immediately after she went on Today's Show. And now white ppl now like Donald Trump call him the n word and want to ban his music? PPl saying racist things on twitter? It's crazy. But what REALLY took the cake was Lil Mama? I mean really, what the hell was she thinking lol poor thing. In my head I'm like "it’s not a good week for black ppl in entertainment." I like Taylor Swift songs too but that one she won for is I was shocked. Lady gaga alone had way better videos than Taylor and Beyonce. I love Beyonce and I believe she did the right thing in letting Taylor have her moment (side note -she was def working that red dress lol). I've forgiven Kanye and I think ppl should too.

yummy411 said...

i'm catching up so dropping by to say hi! you've talked about so much i could write an essay, but catching up at 1am is not the time.. uh or the place lol!

you know i love the tv updates! umm except the beyonce hateration! lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

PH - I tried to leave a comment on your blog and I was unable to do so but please know that I am reading!
Antithesis lol you always crack me up.
Just W. yes i was that kind of a week.
Lee I just have a soft spot for that's actually one of my bad habits with some men....i will have to blog abotu that one
B-lol I too have not spent a dime on Kanye but something about that
Amina- I think I became aware of DB because of you!!! Also because of you I tried to madagascar cream as a body thanks I like to use my palm kernel product especially on my ends and to give my hair some extra shine.
Just me heyyyyyy missed you!
Lauren I heard/read some rascist comments but I didn't hear about the Trump thing smh. AS for lil mama, she is a BIG mess. I heard jay thought she was some fan running to the stage..LOl I guess that was her only way to get on
Thanks for all of your comments.

Amina said...

aaw...thank you! well, thanks to you i also tried her other products for instance the herbal spritz and like it very much :)
I looove her line!! sigh...

mineral lipstick said...

In winter it is definitely good to butter the hair I suppose.Good products and video here.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina- I love her line too!
Mineral Lipstick - thanks for dropping a comment. I like the look of your site :-). Yes, you are correct these products would be great during winter months.
thanks for reading.