Friday, October 30, 2009

Lips, Make it tingle and randomNESS

It's FRIDAY!!!!!
In this video you will see a mini review of the 100% pure lip butter. I had already reviewed it on the site but someone wanted to see the actual application. I also reviewed the peppermint clarifying shampoo by My Honey Child. If you want to remove product buildup then check out that natural shampoo. Keep in mind that your scalp will TINGLE and your locks will feel a little dry so you need to follow up with a great moisturizing conditioner.

Housewives of Atl

Sooooooooo did you watch the housewives reunion part 1?
Kandi just broke my heart, when she began talking about AJ, but aside from that I noticed a few things.

1) Did you notice how NENE calmed down? She wasn't loud and obnoxious- yeah I think she knows that she irked people this season and since her book is coming out she is going to need someone to buy it. If she gets on the nerves of everyone, then that equals NO SALES. In my opinion she is still the same obnoxious tv hog but she realizes that her behavior may interfere with making money.

2)Lisa was wearing a product of her closet freak line- she bores me and the same goes for her outfits. I like how she also tried to avoid that foreclosure question. DID the bank FORECLOSE on your home? Lisa- well we never sold the old place, we were going to make subdivisions-

DID THE BANK FORECLOSE ON YOUR HOME? Lisa- So Ed and I knew that we wanted to downsize- DID THE BANK FORECLOSE ON YOUR HOME? Lisa- Well it was an arrangement (arrangement is code for FORECLOSURE) where we made a deal and left early and transitioned to our other home. She seriously said some nonsense like that...anyway FORECLOSURE.

3)Sheree- it would have been nice if she had worn something from She by Sheree, dang even Lisa understands promoting her own line. Not to say that she must be in She by Sheree at all times but at least for a big event like the reunion show.

4)Kim Kim Kim, poor delusional Kim. No ma'am she did not break up with poppa especially not if he shows up on set and they kissed.

Also I have to address the age issue again especially since this picture has surfaced, courtesy of

It doesn't matter if this pic was taken from her HS graduation or JHS because that hairstyle was NOT popular at either time period. She is rocking some Madonna hair in this pic which to me is an indication that someone got their dates wrong. Unless she was a youngster who moved to the beat of her own drum and she decided to rock a style decades after it's expiration date. Oh and I don't but the Nene/ Kim reconciliation.
I can't wait for part 2 of the reunion where Kim will attempt to belt out some tunes over a digitized version of her voice.
Please share your thoughts.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A review of a Yu-Be product and other info

Hello Everyone
In this video you will see my review of a skin polish from Yu-Be, a Japanese based company who is making their mark in the beauty industry. Yu-Be produces products that are more on the healthy side, no parabens, synthetic dyes etc. In the video I reviewed the Yu-Be skin polish which can be used on your body and your face. I also reviewed the Chox soap from Lush and a free bubble bar that I received from Lush.
If you are unable to watch the video, I will say that the Yu-Be product works well for my face and hands but it's not abrasive enough for my body.
The chox soap is described so well on the Lush site that I went out and purchased it, but in reality it fell short of my expectations.
The bubble bar is $8.89 and I would never buy it, good thing I got it for free so I didn't waste any money.
Check the full video review here-

Not to self

Do not watch youtube videos with my credit card in close Last night I ended up buying some lip tars and ummmm other I think I need to put myself on product probation again..sigh. On the bright side, I will get those reviews to you asap.
Now on to other news-
What do you think of the whole Spike Lee vs.Tyler Perry comments? If you haven't heard, Mr. Lee described Tyler's work as buffoonery and said Tyler's work was a throwback to Amos and Andy. Tyler recanted by stating that he uses characters like Madea and others as a way of opening up a discussion about, important topics like faith, respect etc.
I think Perry and Tyler are two totally different directors and both have their own vision of how they would like to tell a story. While the Madea and Brown characters don't exactly make me laugh I can see past them and look at the point behind Mr. Perry's films. If Mr. Lee is on a campaign against buffoons then he should check out what's going on in some music videos before bashing someone who is actually attempting to send an important message.
So what do you think?
Housewives of ATL
Part 1 of the Housewives of Atlanta show will air tonight, will you be watching?
I will be glued to my set as the shenanigans begin. I can already tell from the preview that there will be some somber moments as Kandi talks about Aj. Nene is a doofus so I can't wait to see how she defends her behavior.
Poetry Corner
I just wanted to drop another poem by a then 17 year old poet named Perre Shelton, who wrote Dandelion:

Sidenote- totally unrelated
picture courtesy of
Doesn't Raven Symone looks stunning, I love the dress but the shoes can exit stage left. I need that dress in my life!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Beautiful

I don't know about you, but when someone utters the words "beauty tip" my ears just perk up! I hope you noticed the wonderful beauty tip widget on the right side on the page, NO? Then take a look, go ahead I'll wait...(*taps fingers on table) lol.
Each day a new beauty tip will be featured on the widget and I will be testing out the tips. Eventually I will present you all with a post on my favorite beauty tips from the widget. If you try out any of the tips, please let me know what you think. You can click the text "beauty tip of the day" and scroll through the different tip! The tips come from some popular beauty brands and you probably have many of the items in your home, so give the tips a try.

P.S. I will feature a new product review tomorrow.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video Response, A singer and Poetry

In this video I am responding to some of your comments and questions. I think I will have to do another video to address other comments/ questions.
In this video I address the following:
1)How to get thicker hair.
2)Nail polish of the moment
3)How long does my soap last?
4)What's on my wrist?
**Correction on the price of a product.

In other news
I've shown this man on my blog before, but last night he posted this video of himself singing a song by Tweet. He is singing in the mall by the Tweet actually commented on his video and listed it as a favorite on her site...let's just say by his comment he was very I do like his voice...

Speak those spoken words!!
I enjoy poetry so let me share with you one of my favorites by Daniel Beaty. Even though the subject of his poem doesn't relate to me persoanlly, how can you not be moved by this poem? Love it. If you know of any great poets please post their names for me...thanks.

Friday, October 16, 2009

For your body and SOOOOO RANDOM

Hello and Happy Friday
Today it's all about the body. I have a review of the new Dove Deep Moisture Body wash so check the video to see if it is worth the $8.99 price tag.

And because you are all so special, I have another review on the Honey Butter Soap Bar that I purchased from Brown Butter Beauty.
I have to say that I purchased this soap because it has honey in it, all of the ingredients are natural and I thought the little honeycomb look was too cute. The good news is that this soap lathers really well and it lasts a good long time. I was really pleased with this soap overall. It was only $7.00 and it's the size of a bar of Dove soap (actually I think it's a little bigger than Dove). I still had to use lotion after using the soap but it didn't dry my skin out like some other soaps so I was happy. The packaging is cute, it comes in a little wrapping paper with a golden elastic band around the bar, perfect for gift giving. In terms of the way it makes my skin feel, I would purchase this soap again instead of the deShawn Marie soap because it beats DeShawn when it comes to moisture in my opinion. However it does not beat the cucumber soap from Chagrin, nor does it beat my good ol Porridge soap from Lush.
Here is the list of ingredients: Handcrafted with Saponified Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Unrefined Raw Yellow African Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Honey, Annanto Powder, Fragrance.
Random topics
Who do you watch on Youtube? Please let me know some of the channels that you frequent because I am always entertained by the different personalities on youtube.
Do you watch TaceMa? If you have been watching her for a while you may have witnessed her transition to natural hair. She has gorgeous hair by the way.... Anyway over time I lost track of her channel and then when I finally found it again, she was living in NY. Anyway I love her videos and I think the reason why I am drawn to certain blogs and youtube channels is because I see some of myself in the individual or at least the person seems like someone I could have a good time with.
In her recent video she talks about her issues with the Wendy Williams show and believe me everything that she said is EXACTLY what I had mentioned to other people. Thats not to say that other people have not had the same thoughts too but the way TraceMa expressed it is sooooo ME. She raised a point in one of her recent videos about her weight and the fact that she thought she would have been married already if she were thinner. She was just venting but at the same time it makes you wonder, if this little thing were different about me how would my life be different.....would it be better or WORSE???? hummmmm
Would you change anything about yourself if you could? Do you think that change could have a big impact on your life?
Here is TraceMa
This is her recent video where she talks a little more about the weight issue and other ramblings...
Birds of a Feather
Now what about you? Yes you, you reading this blog, there are so many blogs out there so why read this one? Do you think that birds of a feather idea floats here in blog land as well? I honestly think that off line I would really get along with so many of you, even though hanging with some of you would get me
Anyway, just a thought.....
Housewives of Atlanta
I just have to mention that AJ former cast mate had beautiful teeth....MEN take care of your teeth and you too can have a beautiful smile :-)....that's all
Kandi's mom is protective and I love it...go mom.
Kim- oh dear she has issues if she is really spending $12,000 each month on her HAIR.
Did you read about the drama surrounding Deshawn Snow, former Housewife from the ATL season. whomp whomp Check it here
My sister
I'm not exactly sure how I will integrate this segment into my blog but I like to try many different things with my sister's hair so I may start including some of that on the site.
First up is a pic of her natural texture, and in the second shot you see what her hair looks like after I applied the Darcy's Botanicals leave in conditioner.

Taking a Stand

Morehouse is not having it! Did you read about the new rules at Morehouse? No saggy jeans, the men can not wear clothing designed for women and the doo RAGS must GOOOOOO! I'm all for it but of course some are complaining about this rule infringing on their human rights. Check the story here

Yes I get it you are paying a lot for tuition and you should be able to wear what you want...however college is also a place that will hopefully prepare you for the real world and grooming is a part of that.

I know in college there were some guys whose pants I wanted to yank up but going out for a job interview, they certainly knew what to do......So what do you all think about this rule, should Morehouse just focus on education or is Morehouse within it's rights to lay down the dress code law?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Brown Butter Beauty Review

Hello everyone
I know I have been remiss in my blogging duties, but you still love me right? OK maybe not... and I will do my best to get another post up tomorrow. Trust me when I say that work has been very busy along with my other obligations, ughhhh
I will also respond to all of your comments asap. I should have a video answering your questions posted very soon, possibly tomorrow.
Today please look at my review of the Brown Butter Beauty Hibiscus Nectar shampoo and the Sweet Milk Detangling Leave in Conditioner.
For those of you who can't watch the videos, I love both of these products which happen to be reasonably priced at $12.50 each.

I happen to really enjoy John Mayer songs but I had not heard the song "Gravity" until I listened to one of Youtube's superstars J'sun. Now I can't stop playing this Check out J'sun's rendition.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A non sticky molasses treatment

My review of the new Molasses Hydrating deep Conditioner by My Honey Child.
Of course it is a paraben free product.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Babassu oil deep conditioner

Hello Everyone
I have received many emails from so many of you, if I haven't reponded yet I certainly will. Check for the answers to your questions throughout this week and next weeks posts.
Here is my review of the Brown Butter Beauty Babassu oil deep conditioner. This is a paraben free product.
Do you use babassu oil?

Friday, October 2, 2009