Friday, October 30, 2009

Lips, Make it tingle and randomNESS

It's FRIDAY!!!!!
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Housewives of Atl

Sooooooooo did you watch the housewives reunion part 1?
Kandi just broke my heart, when she began talking about AJ, but aside from that I noticed a few things.

1) Did you notice how NENE calmed down? She wasn't loud and obnoxious- yeah I think she knows that she irked people this season and since her book is coming out she is going to need someone to buy it. If she gets on the nerves of everyone, then that equals NO SALES. In my opinion she is still the same obnoxious tv hog but she realizes that her behavior may interfere with making money.

2)Lisa was wearing a product of her closet freak line- she bores me and the same goes for her outfits. I like how she also tried to avoid that foreclosure question. DID the bank FORECLOSE on your home? Lisa- well we never sold the old place, we were going to make subdivisions-

DID THE BANK FORECLOSE ON YOUR HOME? Lisa- So Ed and I knew that we wanted to downsize- DID THE BANK FORECLOSE ON YOUR HOME? Lisa- Well it was an arrangement (arrangement is code for FORECLOSURE) where we made a deal and left early and transitioned to our other home. She seriously said some nonsense like that...anyway FORECLOSURE.

3)Sheree- it would have been nice if she had worn something from She by Sheree, dang even Lisa understands promoting her own line. Not to say that she must be in She by Sheree at all times but at least for a big event like the reunion show.

4)Kim Kim Kim, poor delusional Kim. No ma'am she did not break up with poppa especially not if he shows up on set and they kissed.

Also I have to address the age issue again especially since this picture has surfaced, courtesy of

It doesn't matter if this pic was taken from her HS graduation or JHS because that hairstyle was NOT popular at either time period. She is rocking some Madonna hair in this pic which to me is an indication that someone got their dates wrong. Unless she was a youngster who moved to the beat of her own drum and she decided to rock a style decades after it's expiration date. Oh and I don't but the Nene/ Kim reconciliation.
I can't wait for part 2 of the reunion where Kim will attempt to belt out some tunes over a digitized version of her voice.
Please share your thoughts.
Have a great weekend everyone.


Bailey said...

I did watch RHOA Reunion Pt.1. Yes, it was very sad & emotional when Kandi talked about AJ. I REALLY thought Lisa & Ed were finally pregnant...didn't she look fuller? But she said she isn't. There were a lot of awkward moments where Andy (is that the host's name?) was told to move on & he kept pressing the issue at hand. And when he said Big Poppa showed up...craziness. And Kim's definition of a mistress...even crazier! I can't wait for next week to see Kim do her song & I want to see Dwight!

Mrs Count said...

I haven't been watching housewives lately, I'll catch up on a reunion.

It's hilarious to me how good you are at hiding your face, lol. I would not have been able to keep the camera down.

(oh, and thanks for the comment on my blog today. it surely made me smile)

Lee said...

I agree with everything you said. Nene kept her grill shut. Lisa looked pregnant. I thought she was going to say she was. Mmmh. And yes, she dodged that foreclosure question. Kim is just a mess. Period. It was just awkward.

Hair and Beyond said...

All I can say is Kim is stupid, no matter how many nights he spends at your house he is still legally married. I will be nice I will be nice, but that woman is stupid.

yummy411 said...

ok so i'm tardy for the party hehe, lisa did say they did a short sale on the home :))

i don't believe nene and kim. i actually learned to love and respect lisa this season. kandi will always be down.

have you notice kim, lisa and kandi making appearances, just the 3 of them? hmmmm wonder what's going on? i guess we shall see tomorrow!

justme said...

i agree with everything you said. and i think part 2 was umm wow. i want you to talk about it so i know you saw it, then i can talk about it too. no one else talks about these shows but you

Product Junkie Diva said...

Shawnta- yeah poor kandi. She just opened a clothing store by the way. she did look a little fuller to me.
TM your welcome :-)
Lee yes it was an awkward reunion.
Hair and Beyond yeah Kim needs some
Yummy I think kim and kandi have a good thing going and I think Lisa likes to roll with Kandi because Kandi seems really nice and because Kandi can also potentially lead to good real estate contacts for Lisa. I think Lisa is always thinking
Just me can you beleive i still havent seen all of part 2...smh
thanks for reading everyone.