Monday, November 2, 2009

Two part video on product twins

Hello Everyone
In this post we have two videos showcasing product twins.
The term product twins, basically refers to two or more products from the same company that give you similar results. Further, the ingredients list may even be very similar however the products come in different jars, with different price
Check the videos for more info.

part 2


Phyllis Bourne said...

With the colder weather coming on, I'll probably try one of the moisturizing twins from your first review. Do you like them better than the Avedo moisture products?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi Phyllis
HUmmm you've hit me with a tough comparison. Aveda does have a nice moisturizing line but I like that fact that every ingredient in the MHc product is natural. If you want ultimate hydration and soft hair, I would go with the darcys botanicals deep moisture mask treatment. However if you want to choose between aveda and MHC I would side with MHc if i just wanted moisturized hair, but the aveda moisturising masque treatment would also give me great shine....YIKES I'm so confused...which to select...ummmm I am a sucker for shine but I may have to give the edge to one of the MHC products. let me know what you think if you get to try it.

Just_Wondering said...

Its interesting to see products that do the same thing and who better to notice then you! Do you think its marketing or the company will look like there is variety with just a few differing you don't have to answer those questions..just wondering out loud

Therapeutic Musings said...

How interesting that those products were so similar. I've never noticed that in any of my products before.