Monday, November 30, 2009


Yes, it's cyber Monday the next big shopping day after Black Friday. Are you still standing? Did you buy yourself out of house and home? Did Black Friday put you in the RED?

After a while, those discounted prices start to add I made purchases from various sites online, I did not leave my home on Black Friday. I can't lie I plan on peeking at some online stores Cyber Monday but hopefully all I will do is peek.

Some Cyber Monday Sales

Tarte -40% off use the code CyberMon9 they have a nice lip gloss set which I will review soon.

GNC- 35% off and free shipping with GNC gold card.

Carols Daughter- $10 off $100 and $5 off $50. (whomp whomp lol) but Free shipping on all orders - YAY

JJIll- 25% off use the code cyber9

Aveda -pick 5 free samples and get free shipping on all purchases over $25.00. Use the code PICK5 - Free shipping on any purchases over $25, they also have many cyber Monday sales.

Check the Black Friday post because some of the sales are still going on.

If you know of any sales please add the info to the comment section.- thanks!

Product Review

I tried uploading a video today but Youtube isn't cooperating...sorry.

Soul Train Awards

I have to say that I watched the Soul Train awards last night and I was not as disappointed as I thought I would be. As you may recall, in years past the once SOULFUL ode to soul music took a turn for the worse. I guess the celebrities were equally annoyed with the award show because they just sopped attending the show. So now someone else (BET) is trying to breathe life back into the Soul Train awards show.
I enjoyed Terrance and Taraji as hosts even though all of their skits were CORNY. Chrisette Michelle didn't disappoint and neither did Fanny mae (Fantasia) as she sang her heart out to Chaka Khan.
Keri Hilson's voice #FAIL
Johnny Gill can always rock the house.
Lisa Wu from Housewives of Atlanta clearly went for the Elvira look so she was a complete #fashion FAIL draped in leather.
I was happy that the show was not filled with performances of men with sagging pants and platinum filled mouths saying "yo shorty" a million times.

The show wasn't great but it was less of a torture session than it had been when it was last televised.
What did you think of the show?

OH and what in the world was Deborah Lee wearing? Im going to need her stylist to be fired pronto.


Lee said...

I meant to catch the Darcy's Botanicals sale on Thursday and forgot. Bummer. Anyhoo, I saw part of Soul Train, and it was not too bad. Chrisette was good, but I have to disagree about 'Tasia. I thought she hollered, more than sang. But to me that's typical. I really like 'Tasia, and think her last CD was woefully underpromoted, but her live performances for me, are too much hollering. And yes, Debra Lee's outfit?? What the .. was going on there? I agree immediate termination for the stylist.

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