Thursday, November 5, 2009

Being prepared

Sorry, this post is not about preparing your hair for the winter months, nor is it a post about financial preparedness. This post is about planning for things that will happen at a much later date.
For example, I think I may have selected my wedding photographer. No need to scroll back through old posts, thinking you missed PJD's big "I'm engaged" announcement because that hasn't happened. In fact I'm single lol but you have blogger Just wondering to thank for indulging in my foolishness and for being the person who actually sent me the link. LOL
Now I am not one who talks about marriage or weddings all day long even though I think it's a great topic but once I saw the work of this photographer I was blown away. I looked at one wedding in particular but then I took a look at the work on her website and I fell in love. I love her shots outside as well as the way she captures the beauty of the bride and groom, (truth be told she has even done this for couples that are not making the top ten cutest couples list).
Anyway check out her work here. Her prices start at $2,800 for wedding flicks. Let PJD know all you married ladies, is that a good price or not? Here is the link to the original wedding that I viewed, take a look at some of the pics from the photographer's blog. Click here
Oh I also think I nailed down my wedding reception hall even though I am told they charge over $100 per plate and I have quite a few people to invite........Click on the word gallery to see pics of the building.
So how far in advance do you begin your planning process?
I'm leaving tomorrow for business and I will be gone straight through the weekend. I will pump out a post tonight and post it tomorrow.
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Just_Wondering said...
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Just_Wondering said...

Omgoodness Girlie! I can't believe you posted about this hahahaha But anyway for anyone interested have a look at this photographer's work! Its wonderful! I'm sold! I have an eye for great shots and she's amazing!

Tell me what you all think!

antithesis said...

i see myself being either a) like my sister and pulling together an awesome wedding in about 6 months or b) like my future sis-in-law and having him take equal part in the work + not really goin full-force on the planning process. i just cant. plus u know i dont expect to have to do this at all so i guess that's part of it. good post. oh and im no expert but that price seems high.

Mrs Count said...

Well since I don't know you off the internet, those might be good prices for you, lol.

For my wedding I was balling on a budget. My pictures were around $1500 and everybody thought that was too much money so I just paid for it myself (our album is to die for- ask anybody that's seen it, lol). $100 a plate? I had 250 guests so that wouldn't have worked for me but I'll be peeping in the window at your reception :)

I started planning mentally before I got engaged because once I actually had to plan a wedding, I didn't want too. When you do get engaged, I have some really good blogs for you to look at!

CC said...

Need you ask my dear...LOL. I told you that my wedding is planned all the way down to the favors...minor things like the dress and my color palatte keep switching back and forth but other wise OMG!!! My wedding plays out in my nugget over and over again. Can't wait till the day...whenever that may be.

CC said...

oh and btw, there are good wedding packages that start out at 1,000 so I would say 2,800 starting is a bit steep. but maybe the work is worth it.