Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fantasy Lengths

(This picture was taken after I had rummaged through the packaging)
Many of us use mascara to make our lashes appear thicker and longer, but what if our desired length is never attained through those magical tubes with perfectly angled wands? What if perfect lashes continue to elude us as we go through countless tubes of mascara? Should some of us face the reality that may mascara isn't enough for the look we want to attain? Perhaps we simply want to have fun and switch from our usual look to lashes we could only fantasize about?
Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it! Let's take a journey through the world of fake lashes. Come with me on my first ever false lash experience.
Below is a picture of the New Fantasy Lengths false lashes by Revlon in the color blue. It's almost like it has varying shades of blue and surprisingly it blended in quite well with my lashes as you will see.

First I applied my mascara to prevent my lashes from sticking straight out while the falsies curved in a different direction. Next I opened my kit and faced my false lash fears.The kit is complete with a pair of labeled lashes (right eye and left eye labels as shown in the picture) and the oh so necessary adhesive. The lashes felt sticky on it's own but the adhesive allowed me to wear my lashes from dusk till dawn. Sure I went through all the common fears, will they blow off? Will I be left with one lash in place while the other one flutters down the busy NYC streets? I was nervous, but I didn't need to be because this adhesive was not allowing the lashes to budge.
Here are my naked lashes.

Then I applied a little bit of the glue to the line of the fake lashes and applied it to my lash line. A little bit of the glue was showing on my right eye (the eye on the left of your screen)but I simply covered it with black eye liner as you can see from the eye on the right side of your screen.

Final look-

As you can see I added a little eye liner to my eyes and I was ready to start my day with this winged/feathered Fantasy Lengths look. When I saw my sister later in the evening, she actually liked the look. My makeup hating sister loved the so that spoke volumes to me.
Each week for the next 3-4 weeks I will showcase a different look from the New Revlon Fantasy Lengths line. Although I am still getting my feet wet in the false lash department this is an easy way to spruce up your look.
You can purchase this product from your local drugstore for roughly $6.50.
Do you wear false lashes? If so, which brand do you prefer? Is there any specific technique that should be followed when applying falsies? Do you reuse your lashes? If so, how many times do you wear a pair of lashes?


antithesis said...

i like those on u!!!

PJD said...

Thanks Antithesis

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

ooooo lala mamacita. That final look is to die for. Lashes is a good look on you.

Shawnta said...

I've never worn false lashes. I'm not sure I have the patience for them...the application or the wear. Maybe one day I'll give them a try.

Just_Wondering said...

Girllllllllll is there a twinkle in your eye for aded emphasis that these eye lashes are for you lol..

T said...

Hey hun,

I haven't been to your spot in a minute. I love this post. I sometimes have to wear baggy t-shirts to events where there are hot men. I was thinking if I can't dress sexy, at least I could step my game up but wearing false lashes. Now I know where to get my step-by-step instructions.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Mrs YF- thanks chica
Shawnta I think I am goign to make a video on how easy it is to apply the lashes. Actually I attempte dto do a video and I messed I will try again asap.
Just youre funny, it was just the lighting.
Hey T yes I think a video on lashes will be helpful so i will try to get that together.
Thanks for reading everyone.