Friday, November 13, 2009

The tip widget says......

We've all seen them before, towelettes that promise to remove makeup while refreshing your face. I don't know about you but I am usually left with parched skin and mascara residue on my face, until now. I tried the Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes which is infused with chamomile, vitamin E and a special triple tea antioxidant formula. The towel itself was very gentle, no abrasive areas at all so that was a pleasant surprise for my sensitive skin.
Despite the gentleness of this product, it can remove waterproof makeup. This hypoallergenic 30 count towelette pack does not leave your skin feeling dry. Many of these towelettes on the market claim that you can take the towelettes on the go and use them throughout the day to refresh your skin, but that won't work if after every use your skin looks dried out and dull. Surprisingly, these cloths left my skin moisturized as it remove makeup and excess oil.
The tip widget on the right side of your screen presented a special tip that can be used with the Ponds towelettes so I was enthusiastic to try it out.
Tip of the Day
The tip suggested leaving the towelettes in the refrigerator and using it after a long stressful day. After a long day I turned to my trusty chilled cloths and viola that cool sensation really did make a nice addition to the already effective cloths.

I also have to show you the cute limited edition seasonal vanity case that the Qtip company has released. Instead of the traditional q-tip packaging, this seemingly small case holds over 200 q-tips. Q-tip is my all time favorite brand of Q-tips, even when I have a knock off brand I still refer to them as q-tips- marketing at it's No other company really compares to the sturdy q-tip base surrounded by soft cotton on both ends.
The q-tip tip of the day suggested using q-tips to fix up minor makeup issues , which I think we all have from time to time. I have also used q-tips to remove excess nail polish from my hands and cuticles to reveal the perfect manicure.

You can find both of these products at your local drugstore.
Do you have any beauty tips?


Phyllis Bourne said...

I've had the same problem with wipes, but I still use 'em. Otherwise, I'm too lazy wash my face before bed. Right now, I'm using the lavender Neutrogena ones.

My tip? I put my eye cream in the fridge so it's extra refreshing when I use it.

antithesis said...

i never did buy that cute vanity case. i just use the qtips my mom buys from the dollar store. cheap, i know. anyway, i used to like the ponds facial cloths but they started to be no match for all the makeup i wear. PLUS i can only use a product for a certain amount of time b4 i need to switch up b/c those things were drying my skin out bad.

i dont have a tip but i did start using eye cream. i won it from the lancome blog and decided to try it to see if it does anything. i guess it's more of a preventative measure since i do wear alot of eye makeup and have to be a bit less than super gentle taking it off.

Tamstyles said...

my husband always talks about his mom used ponds...i might try this

B said...

I sooo haven't tried Ponds yet! I am so late!

Lee said...

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try these. Currently I am using Almay, and they are ok, but I would love to use one that is really good. I am lazy when it comes washing my face at night.
Bad, I know.

Product Junkie Diva said...

PB- those wipes just come in handy...Thanks for the tip.
Antithesis-congrats on your Lancome win.
Tamstyles heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- if you get it, please let me know how it works for you.
B you have so many things to get to so take your
Lee I think we have all been there a time or two :-)