Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review of two facial masks and Side chatter

Today I am going to kick things off with a review of two "natural" masks from Lush. Remember to always check that ingredients list because you may find some surprises. Talc powder is included in one of the masks and it's not the best thing for our skin....check out the review for more info.

Off topic chatter
So much money, time, and effort goes into making a film, so I would assume that all those involved would want to produce the best product. This has caused me to say - "what in the world were they thinking" when I first watched the trailer for Mama I want to sing. My sister saw the play when she was a kid and I always remember her talking about the young lady who played the lead roll, she described the singer as powerful! So why I ask you was Ciara given the lead role? Perhaps no other singers showed up for the audition. What makes matters worse is that the young girl playing the younger version of Ciara can Sing, so I guess her vocal ability will diminish over time????..... I won't even address the fact that the young Ciara looks nothing at all like big Ciara- #whoapprovedthis ? When I think of Love and Basketball young Kyla Pratt was a great younger version of Sanna Lathan, but I guess the brains behind Mama I want to sing could care less. I do like that Lynn Whitfield is in the film though.
If you want to check the trailer, click here.
Movie review
On Friday I was supposed to see Fame but my plans switched to Saturday. After going to Dave and Busters we headed to the theater, but the next Fame viewing was so late that as a group we decided to see Surrogate starring Bruce Willis. I had not even heard of this film (remember I haven't watched tv in a while) but everyone else seemed excited so I was happy too! That movie was a disaster, it was slow, predictable and boring. During the film I wished for a surrogate who could watch the film for me! The on screen appearance of Boris Kudjoe did little to light a flame under this dry film. I won't ruin it for anyone who plans on seeing the flick but let me end by saying if you have seen Irobot starring Will Smith then there is no need to check this out. The crux of both films is basically don't let technology take over your lives etc. However, Surrogate sends that message through a low budget production.
Side note- Boris' acting skills will at times make me want to ask him to exit stage left. I think it's something about about the way he speaks, but he's cute so I'm not complaining too much.
What's on your minds people? I want to hear from YOU!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Two hauls & some off topic chatter

Good Morning Everyone
I hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start.
Let's all have a positive outlook on the week despite whatever obstacles we may face. Ok that's my pep talk for the day..lol.
The video below is just showcasing my most recent hauls from Brown Butter Beauty and My Honey Child. From MHC I purchased some items I have not used before so if you have used them, please let me know what you think.

Sidenote- This has nothing to do with beauty products and such, but what are your thoughts on Keri Hilson? Like her love her or can you do without her?
Whitney Houston- in her Oprah interview Oprah asked her if she was scared that she had lost the VOICE. I am paraphrasing but Whitney's response was something like this- "No because during that time period I was still singing to myself so I knew it was not lost"
I had to give Whitney the side eye on that one because her voice is not the same in my opinion. So while her voice isn't totally gone, it sure isn't what it used to be. I once saw THE VOICE live and her voice filled the theater....the good ol days...sigh.
Are you watching Dancing with the Stars? I haven't watched tv in a few months now (seriously..except for housewives of ATL) so I am out of the loop but I heard Macy Gray is on the show....I NEED to see that one of these weeks. I saw a promo pic and Macy had on the absolute ugliest gown so I just need to tune in.........
Housewives of ATL......Nene really grinds my gears this season and I'm mad that she has stolen this wig Kim with a married man.....no surprises here.
I really like Kandi and if you watched the after show, so does Tyson Beckford.....lol. He used to date one of Kandi's friends and he said he would have dated Kandi but he met her friend first. Kandi quickly replied with a " yeah right", but it was that " are you for real or are you joking "yeah right"...lol". If he had said it once more with the serious face, like girl I'm not playing, I think she would have forgotten all about little AJ plus 8. They clearly have "friendship" chemistry but I am curious about how that could have turned out. Antonia Sabato Jr on the after show....NEXT you're too wack for words Antonio. Ok maybe I have a few words, he was acting like he was too cool for school, so I didn't appreciate him on the after show. I don't really know why he was invited anyway. Now don't get me wrong I know the interviewer asked some dumb questions but at least pretend that you are interested in being on this tv show. It's at the very least an opportunity for you to promote your very own wack reality show. Tyson Beckford was such a trooper.....and he looked delicious :-) I'm just saying..lol

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Retail therapy and a product review

Hello -I'm back with a video which features a miss Jessies product review.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Friday

Yes, there is absolutely no need to tell me how much I have neglected this blog this week because I already know. Today I don't have a product review for you (not enough time to do the video) instead I will begin a series that I wanted to start on this blog for quite some time now. I haven't officially named this series but I want to showcase people that I like to watch on youtube and blogs that I enjoy reading.
There are other blogs and people on youtube who just tickle me PINK!!!!!
Today I am in music mode so I will be sharing with you three singers that rock my musical boat.
Priscilla Renea - recently signed a record deal but I have been rocking to her music on youtube for a while now. She writes, sings and plays instruments! I have seen her first music video and it seems as if her label is trying to throw her into a POP music box, my only hope is that she stays true to what made her a youtube sensation.
Check out one of my favorite songs from Priscilla Renea "22".

Another youtuber that just makes me chuckle is AlcoholHarmony. He has more than one channel on youtube but I will focus on the channel that features his rendition of the childhood classic- "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". If you can sing that simple song and make me smile- you've got TALENT.

And last but not least is J'sun his voice will speak for itself-

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hair butter, Hair Grease and I need to vent!

Hello Everyone
I am so sorry for the delay but my job and other obligations have kept me away from my blog :-( Now let's get down to business- below I have a simple review of two Darcy's Botanicals products that I like to use, the Madagascar Vanilla Styling Cream and the Cherry kernal Palm butter product.
Essencially the cherry kernal product is more like a grease while the vanilla cream is like a hair butter. Both can serve a purpose in your hair care routine depending on how you like your hair to feel. Both products are priced at $12.00 Check the review below.

I need to exhale because I don't think I can take one more day of hearing about the behavior of Kanye and Serena. Serena had a moment and it's like people want to see her grovel for forgiveness and I say forgiveness for WHAT? I don't think her behavior is to be applauded but at the same time I have see tennis players (some of the men specifically McEnroe) behave even worse. I say let the girl have her moment and move on....
I only wish in the future she won't allow people to see how much they get to her, simply because some idiots will try to press her buttons intentionally.
I think Kanye West has School Daze moments. Remember the end of School Daze when Lawrence Fishburn screams across the campus - WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPP! I think sometimes Kanye sees things going on that he feels is an injustice whether on a large scale (George Bush doesn't care about black people, or on a smaller scale - Beyonce not winning an award) and he feel this almost uncontrollable urge to say WAKE UPPPPP, is anyone else seeing what I see, this isn't fair. Now I'm not saying Kanye did the right thing but I also don't agree with banning him or destroying his cds as some people have suggested....give me a BREAK. Taylor got her moment to give her speech again (and honestly the three people she thanked could have been fit in after Kanye's mic grabbing stunt...I'm just saying). I like Taylor's songs and if she were my daughter I would not have been pleased with the actions of Kanye but at the same time he didn't kill anyone, the man grabbed a mic and stated his opinion she will get over it.......
Side note- If anyone left a bad taste in my mouth that night it was Beyonce. Normally I like Beyonce but that night she just seemed like such a turncoat.... Everyone knows you didn't put Kanye up to that stunt so sit down and shut up no need to blast him by telling Taylor to have her "moment" a moment that Taylor didn't even thank Beyonce on camera for...I'm just saying.
And I'm done...lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

DVD- and Hydrated Skin

Hello Everyone -I hope you all had a splendid weekend.
Friday evening I went out to see Tyler Perry's Latest flick- I can do Bad By Myself", did you see it? When I have finished a movie at the theaters and I leave saying DVD, that means the movie I watched is worthy of being a member of my small DVD collection. After watching
I Can Do Bad All By Myself" I was so pleased with the movie overall that I knew I would go back to the theaters on Sunday to see it again with my sis, and that is exactly what I did.
Mr. Perry addressed a number of issues in this film, I don't want to get into all of them for those of you who have yet to see this film but he did a wonderful job. As I expected Taraji P. Henson, Adam Rodriguez and Brian White played their roles perfectly. The little kiddies played their parts so well too! Didn't Byron just break your heart?
Sidenote #1- Did you catch Brian White's feet???? He clearly must have done too much stomping of the yard- but seriously he gets a pass since he used to be an Alvin Ailey Dancer. (click the Brian white link to check out the pics on his site including one of his dancer pics). It was great to see Brian play a different type of character.
Sidenote #2 _Taraji really made me want to get that heair cut featured in the pic above, I'm loving it!
While watching the film did you catch the Color Purple moment?? LOL
It was a touching film that I could categorize as a "must see", so check it out if you haven't already done so.
I want to personally thanks Mr. Perry for keeping Mary Blinky Blink Blige's (she blinks her eyes so hard and frequently) lines to a MINIMUM although I must say that her acting in this film didn't want to make me slap her with the business card of an acting coach.
If you have not seen the film. you probably don't want to read the comments section, because I want to you tell me your favorite scene if you saw it this weekend.
Product Review When I ran out of my Green Apple Antioxidant moisturizer by Juice beauty I decided to try out a new moisturizer. I ended up buying the "Ultra Rich Face Cream" by L'Occitane. This face cream is pretty thick, but it didn't clog my pores. It has a shea butter base and it includes soybean oil, rosemary and wheat seed extracts. However, it also includes 3 parabens which didn't make me a happy camper at all.
The application
This product claims that it will keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours. I didn't sit around keeping track of the hours, but I do know that I didn't have to reapply any moisturizer throughout the day. However, I never have to reapply moisturizer throughout the day even with other brands so that's not really saying too much. My skin doesnt look dry, it has a healthy glow when I wear this facial cream.
You will pay $38.00 per jar.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Will you be there?

I know, I know you don't even need to say it, I am so LAME. Two days in a row with no real product review- forgive me.
Next week I will be away a few days for work so I will do my best to write reviews this weekend and schedule them for next week :-)
Now let's get down to business, you know what today is right? It's the opening of Tyler Perry's latest movie " I Can Do Bad All by Myself." As you may recall I was not the happiest camper after seeing his last film "Madea Goes to Jail", nevertheless, I will be in a theater tonight soaking in every minute of his latest flick. Will you be there?????
Time for some Honesty
Though I hope everyone does really well in the movie I can already say that I am not looking forward to watching Mary J. Blige in the film. I saw her once in a film named "Prison Song" (no need to kick me I've already kicked myself a million times for watching that) and her acting was HORRIBLE very much on the PDiddy level . Side note- I will never forgive Puffy for destroying Rasin in the Sun....that level of acting was just unacceptable.
Anyway I hope Mary steps it up in this film- other than that everyone else will be great I'm sure.
Do you have high expectation for this film?
In the Works
If you haven't heard, Mr. Perry has already started taping Why Did I get Married 2. I'm scared for him because the first one was wonderful in my opinion and I don't want him to hit a sour note, but knowing Tyler it will be awesome!!! He has the entire original cast and he promises that it will be better than the first!!!!!!
Housewives of Atlanta
Nene has really gotten on my last nerves this season. Am I alone in feeling this way? She seems louder, more annoying and her jealously is in high gear.
Do you think Sheree really had an event to attend or was her late arrival a message to Lisa.
Lisa is just so annoying to me, I mean really ughhhhhh I just can't even go there today. lol
Why didn't she want to take Dwight's advice? If outfits with unpressed seams came down the runway, that is a problem Lisa.........HELLLLLO. I thought her line was anything but HOT.
Kim made a smart move by trying to include Derick in on her wig line.
Was it me or did Kim somewhat confess to being almost broke now that she's not with Big Poppa? If she was working as a waitress and nurse when he met her and then he told her to stop working because he wanted to support her, since he's no longer in the picture--- What is her source of income? She said she wants to keep her kids up to the same standard of living but she needs a job...is she really just coming to terms with that fact???? lol Will she be the next housewife (not really a housewife but that's another story) looking for a new home?
OHHHHHHH spoiler alert- Kandi has called off the engagement to her honey with 6 kid.......for now at least but only time will tell.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Spring into the Fall

Soon the beautiful summer weather will be a distant memory so I decided to embrace the upcoming fall season by incorporating some fun fall colors into my beauty arsenal. Various shades of green will make it's mark on the fashion scene this fall, but some makeup collections are ahead of the game. Tarte cosmetics, a company well known for its vitamin infused paraben free ingredients, has introduced some dazzling shades of green.
EmphasEyes is a high definition creamy eye pencil designed with sensitive eyes in mind. The creamy formula can be attributed to the aloe leaf extracts and mineral pigments which many claim can soften skin. The eye pencil has been dermatologist tested so that it won't irritate your eyes like some of the traditional wooden eye pencils.
This high def. eye pencil will cost you $18.00
This eye pencil is free of petro-chemicals, preservatives, phthalate, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, propylene glycol, fragrance, and GMO. It's also a cruelty free product!

Next up is a $17.00 eye color which comes in the signature Tarte lilac colored leather compact, which I just adore! The featured color is Peyton Place which is a shimmery khaki green. The color has some lovely gold undertones and it can play beautifully off of any skin tone. You can check my swatch below for darker toned skin and then look at the first picture in this post to see how it plays off of lighter tones.
Both the eye pencil and eye shadow contain vitamin E!

These products can be purchased from Tarte cosmetics or Sephora.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Clean it, the natural way!

I started using the Oatmeal Honey Facial Soap from 100% Pure approximately 3-4 weeks ago and if you look at the picture below, you see that the size of the cleansing bar has not gone down too much. When I first received the product, it felt a bit soft so I expected it to last about a week or two at the most but it has exceeded my expectations. For an $8.00 price tag I am pleased with this cleansing soap.
How does it work?
This cleansing bar really cleans my sensitive combination skin without drying it out. The real bits of oatmeal gently exfoliate my skin. The fact that this is a 100% natural, 100% vegan and gluten free product is an added bonus. I will continue to buy this soap in the future. However, this is not to say that I will abandon my other facial cleansers that received good reviews in the past! A gal needs a little variety in her life, right?
Please check out the great ingredients list below.
Ingredients:Saponified Oils of Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil and Grapeseed Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Vitamin E, Oatmeal and Honey
What are you washing your face with these days?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Darling

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a Duane Reade store in Manhattan and I saw an entire section devoted to product by 100% Pure! I decided to pick up the Neapolitan scrub set. Remember the Neapolitan ice cream with the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate? Well the same concept is applied here, you have your vanilla bean scrub, chocolate mocha, and strawberry lemonade. All three scrubs are 100% natural and 100% vegan so that totally rocks my boat.

I must say that the chocolate mocha smells like COFFEE so I only use that one at night, not when I'm heading out and mingling with others. The scent of the vanilla bean is not too strong but that strawberry lemonade is right on point. Yummmy, it's a delicious natural treat for your body and it will only cost you $38.00 to take them all home.
The strawberry one has that layer of oil on top and if that gets on your body, you won't need lotion. However the vanilla bean and chocolate mocha don't seem to that that same oily film, but it's still and effective scrub.
The entire package comes wrapped in a pretty little ribbon too, so it's great if your giving it to someone as a gift.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A review and my top 4 hair treatments

Hello Everyone
Today I present you with my all time top 4 deep conditioning hair treatments. If you want to treat this as a tag please do, but let me know your top 4 deep conditioning hair treatments (especially if it's a homemade concoction).
My top 4 come from the following companies (this is in no particular order):
1)HPo Spa treatments
2)My Honey child
3)Miss Jessies'
4)Darcy's Botanicals

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry for the delay

Hello Everyone and a big howdy doodie to my new blog followers!
I am running very short on time these days :-( so my new post will appear tomorrow.
Thanks for your continued support.
Have a great day!