Tuesday, April 28, 2009

High Impact

I'm sure you've purchased a lipstick or tinted gloss only to be disappointed when you finally applied the product. Did you discover that the color in the tube barely resembled the color on your lips? One lipgloss that is as true to life as I have seen in recent times is the color Sultry by Smashbox. The color reminds me of a dark rich cup of hot cholocate, but is also has some golden undertones. The color is listed as a sheer black cherry. Personally I think it is like the shiny lipgloss version of the Nars eyeshadow Galapagos....oooooo pretty.
We all have different shades to our lips, so the color of a lipgloss may look a little different for each person but for me, it was pretty good for such a sheer formula. I also like that this formula is not sticky at all, which is a lipgloss MUST for me. Sultry won an award from Allure as one of the top lipglosses for your pout.
This gloss contains vitamin E and sunflower oil to nourish your lips.
You will pay $18 bucks for this high impact lipgloss.

Makeup- The recession and Bride To Be- On the Tube

Galapagos, by Nars is the eye shadow I've been trying to get my hands on ever since I saw Just Me feature this dazzling shade. Sephora just can't seem to keep the shelves stocked with this item, but I found it. This shadow looks like a dark brown with golden flecks. It is a perfect shade to glam up your evening look. Now I am not an eyeshadow type of gal but I needed this product in my beauty arsenal. I paid $22 for this tiny compact (mirror included of course).
Yesterday, I received an invitation from MAC asking me to attend the Style Warrior event being held in NYC. Although I am almost 100% certain that I won't attend, the bronze colors have caught my eye. Have you seen the collection? Will you attend the event?
The Recession
A while ago I wrote a post discussing our hard economic times because it seemed like many people were still shopping like mad. Yesterday in an online article Essence confirmed my suspicions as readers were vocal in saying what they would NOT give up even during the recession. The list included manicures, keeping eyebrows in check, and one lady had her eyes on shoes that cost over $1,000. What do you refuse to give up during despite the fact that we are IN A RECESSION?
Personally, my shoe addiction won't die easily but I have slowed down tremendously.
Bride To Be
As the weather warms up, many of us expect to receive an onslaught of wedding invitations. I love a good wedding so I will try my hand at offering you lovely brides to be some suggestions. Hopefully you happily married gals reading this blog will chime in.
This is what I am now thinking when it comes to the all important wedding cake: Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a cake buy several cakes from Costco, BJs or a similar store and have then stacked like a real wedding cake. The sizes range from very large sheet cakes right down to your tiny rectangular cake. Ask a friend who is great at cake decorating to spruce up the cake for your big day. Instead of $800 + you can get away with a $150 depending on how many guest you have! What do you think ladies, tacky or tasteful?
Did you go all out on your wedding day cake?
On the Tube
If you watch VH1's I love money do you think It is really that simple or is he just playing it up for the cameras. I think he is gunning for his own show, which I doubt he would ever get but he certainly has a plan in place. Who do you think will win the competition?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Sample- In the Theather & Fat Smash& Oprah's Hair

Every once in a while, I receive a Sephora Beauty Insiders sample that's actually worth the container it's packaged in. Recently I snagged a delicious paraben-free body butter that's delivers real moisture. The guava passion scented butter is infused with various oils and shea butter to provide long-lasting moisture.The beeswax in the product is supposed to keep that moisture locked into your skin. In my opinion, it works pretty well. I will definitely purchase this $16 product in the future. It is available in 9 mouth-watering scents.
Which store brand products work for you?

In The Theater
So did you see it? Were you able to catch either the Soloist, or Obsessed? If you are anything like me, you made sure you packed those two movies into your schedule this past weekend.
Obsessed is basically what you expect it to be, no real surprises but it wasn't poorly done.
Now let's get down to what some of you want to know about- Beyonce's acting. I think with each roll there is a some improvement in her ability to deliver a realistic performance. Normally I would say you either have the acting chops or you don't but I think Mrs. Carter falls somewhere in the middle. She certainly is no Monica when it comes to acting (she is simply dreadful) but she isn't Mos Def either. Work still has to be done in that department because she, in my opinion, fails to really connect with the character I still feel like I'm watching Beyonce pretending to be some character. Well PJD isn't that what acting is all about? See when I see Jamie Foxx playing Ray Charles or Nathaniel Anthony Ayres Jr., I don't see his ugly Wanda character, or any trace of his previous portrayals- I just see the character. I am able to be lost in the moment and I can fully embrace the character. Beyonce on the other hand makes me wonder when she is going to break into a rendition of "Put a Ring on it".
I didn't expect too much from her and let's face it her father was listed as one of the executive producers (I'm not hating, I'm just saying..lol) so as they say, it is what it is.
Of course Idris and Ali delivered in their performances. Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, I will give it 7-7.5 stars.

The Soloist
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie wow what an actor we have in our time. He was a believable schizophrenic and played the part well. The intelligence of Mr. Ayers was not overshadowed by Jamie as he tried to shine real light on Nathaniel's mental illness.
It was beautifully performed by both Jamie Foxx and Robery Downey Jr.
Here is a quick video on what I do with fruit on the fat smash diet.

Oprah's Hair
I forgot to post on this today so check out Afrobella's post on Oprah's hair.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Honey & Random

When I received the image above in my inbox, I was intrigued, but when I read the name "Black Honey" I knew I had to own it. I headed to sephora to find this Clinique black honey gloss ($13.50)but instead I found the black honey "Almost lipstick". The almost lipstick is a cross between a tinted lipgloss and a lipstick. My lips feel moisturized with this $14.00 product and it provides color that lasts. I only wish that the color would be darker than it is, as you will see in the pics below.

I do like that I can layer this product on to get more color yet it doesn't make my lips feel like I just applied a pound of vaseline. The formula is really light weight and I would buy this product again. The only thing that would make me think twice is the color which isn't quite as dark as I hoped. I would certainly get this color as a lipstick.

(don't look too long at my ashy lips)

I tried ordering things from Darcy's Botanical last night and it just wouldn't work. The products look great so I can't wait to try them out personally. Have you made any purchases from this company? If so, what did you get?
On The Tube
I watched the Making the Band Season Finale and I like Dawn with the short hair.
Que was all sane and put together...yay Que.
D. Woods has a good look, though I wish her wardrobe would consist of more grown up selections but to each his own.
Ok I kind of thought this was funny- when the ladies of Danity Kane told the world about their upcoming projects why did Shannon claim a website...lol it's not even her website but she is linked up with some web company. I was sitting there like ummm everyone else was calling out album/single release dates a tv show etc. and she said a website...lol LOL. To me Shannon was always the forgettable one anyway.
Andrea decided not to attend the reunion show, apparently she's still broken up over being dismissed the The Didster himself. Honestly Andrea was forgettable to me too.
Did you watch? What did you think of it all?
In Theaters today
Obsessed and the Soloist.
I am still in phase 2 of smashing the fat. All is well. I love this diet plan. If you have any fat smash questions feel free to ask.
Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need more lotion- Makeup Question &In The Theaters

Let me keep this short and sweet - I am reviewing a hand treatment by Fresh and yes it feels fine. It feels as good as any quality hand lotion should feel. It softens my hands and leaves behind a soft scent of sugar and lemons. It contains rose flower water as the base ingredients along with various oils like jojoba, apricot seed and wheat germ just to name a few.
But I feel totally ripped off because of the small amount placed in the tube. What you see pictured above is a 1 oz tube which sells for $15.oo. Now I know 1oz isn't a lot but why provide such a large tube. Where my index finger is on the bottle, that's where the lotions reaches. The tube happened to catch some the light and I was able to see through the tube which revealed the small amount provided. For $15.00 I would not but this size product again. I know some days I'm spending big bucks on products and other days I'm getting upset over $15.00 lol but it's just the principal of it all.
Message to fresh either provide a smaller tube so that your customers know how little they are getting or lower the price for that amount. After all this product does have parabens at the end of the ingredients list. ( I noticed that after my purchase- sometimes when I am in PJD mode I don't have the most discerning eye..lol).
I will end on a happy note, it's a good LITTLE product so if you buy it you probably won't be disappointed. They also sell it in a larger size which I will not purchase because who knows how little my tube would contain.
My Makeup Question
For those of you who use gel eyeliners please answer this- how soft/hard is the gel eyeliner. I made my purchase and I just need to know if I got a bad batch before I post my review or if this stuff is supposed to be this hard. Have you seen different consistencies between different companies that produce gel eyeliners? I want to be fair before I post my review. Also I will probably buy a gel eyeliner to do a comparative review.
On the Tube
Have you ever watched even an episode of Tough Love? Who is this man who tries to find dates for these ladies? No, really who is he? I think he is some guy who hooked up a few of his friends and now he is trying to make this a career. He hasn't said anything profound, I seriously could have given the advice he has already given.
If you ever watched BET J Short Film show, then you may remember Abiola last season as the host. I can't believe she's on that Tough Love show.

In the Theaters
I don't know what it will be like where you live but NYC this Friday- Tuesday will be warm and BEAUTIFUL. And where will I be on Friday? In the movie theater to catch The Soloist. I know many people are going to see Obsessed (which I will probably see too) but the Soloist is first on my list. Check the trailer here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've Seen the Light!

I know I am totally late with reviewing this product but I just thought it was going to be another loser mascara. I remember watching Drew Barrymore on the commercials when Covergirl Lash Blast first hit the scene with it's big wand and bright packaging but I was not going to waste my money. I later saw Oprah proclaim her love for this mascara and again I was not swayed. Well what got PJD to buy it? A sale of course..lol When I saw this baby on sale at CVS (which later was not such a great deal because it was cheaper at Target and came with a free eyeshadow) I made my purchase. The regular price seems to float around $7-$8.00.
Well I will let the pictures tell the tale- look at my eye before (pic on the left) then look at the after (pic on the right). Do you see the big difference? Look at how much closer my lashes are to my eyebrow in the after shot. WOW what was I waiting for???? I love it. Now I see that they have a new version of this product in a maroon tube but I think it has glitter so I will pass.
Are you blasting your lashes to extreme lengths with this product?????
FYI- I never curl my lashes, I didn't use a primer and I only used one coat.
It's also a battel between my good camera and bad camera..lol

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Review & On the Tube

(Sorry for the bad pic. I will use my good camera again soon. This is what I have to use when I am in a rush)

Hello Beauties
Sorry for the late post.
This may be one of my shortest posts yet…lol
I tried this Nivea cherry flavored lip balm and when it’s all said and done –this fake cherry scent makes me nauseous..lol
OK Ok so how does it apply? Well it is a thick tube of lip balm and it glides on well- average. You have more of a waxy feeling though, not an oily feeling. I wouldn’t buy this again. It was roughly $3.00


I know you didn’t, but I will ask anyway. Did you watch the finale of Harlem Heights? Ok I didn’t think so…lol
For those who did watch I have a few questions:
Is Brooke seriously upset that Christian was chatting it up with an old friend after she KISSED him when he was with Ashley?
Did you catch that (OH SO OBVIOUS BET YOU NEED TO STOP) Ambi commercial in the middle of the show. Bridget picks up the bottle of Ambi lotion (label facing the camera) then applies it to her arms under perfect lighting so we see how her skin glistens. Then she reapplies….WHAT? Please BET no more commercials during the program-that was just tacky.
Maybe I can't complain too much, at least BET didnt have them do that KFC commercial again..sigh.
Season 2 Coming Soon
Ray J picked his lady love until season 2 begins. (can’t believe I just acknowledged that show).
College Hill tonight- I saw the preview and I just have to say if you can dish it out Kyle, please be prepared to accept what’s coming to you. You can NOT talk smack to people and then cry (I mean the HARD cry) in a corner…WHAT?
And last week did anyone see that part where Kyle discussed his eating disorders?
Ok I did say this was going to be a short post didn’t I?
Thanks to:
All of my youtube subscribers-more videos coming soon I promise.
And of course those following this blog…greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Second Time Around & Risking it All

I tried Juice Beauty products many moons ago and the results were no good at all. So why am I trying it again? Well my sister, the other pjd in my life, purchased some products for me on a whim, so I decided to give it another try. At the first sight of any issues even the most minor irritation I will discontinue my use of that product. I am now using, without any side effects at all, the Juice Beauty Green Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer , a product that I did not try in the past. It is a creamy yet mild moisturizer that keeps my face hydrated. At this point I really do like it and I will continue to use this product. I also LOVE what it does NOT include:

parabens,sulfates, synthetic, fragrances, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals and phthalates( a compound use as a vinyl softener ) !
On the up side it does include organic apple, lemon, and grape juices .
For $45.00 you will get 2oz.
Have you tried juice beauty products?
Risking it All
How far would you be willing to go to fight for justice? When you don't know if your fight will cost you everything or result in the justice you rightly desire. When those closest to you beg you to concede, will you continue the fight? In life there are those who buckle under the pressure while others answer the call and fight, until there is no more fight left in them. American Violet is the true inspiring story of Regina Kelly, a woman who was falsely accused of selling drugs in Texas. When a poor community is racially targeted and mass arrests are made, Regina is caught in the middle with seemingly no way out. Please check out her story by watching American Violet in theaters NOW!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thick Wand and a reminder

Recently I tried the Bad Gal mascara by Benefit because I am a beauty insider with Sephora. I think this wand is the thickest one that I have used with a mascara. Also the material on the wand is more like the bristles of a brush as opposed to the plastic wands that I had become so accustomed to. It felt like this wand wasnt able to grab my individual lashes. It was as if the wand was just brushing and coating the lashes but not separating them and extending them.despite the way it felt going on, this $19 mascara did extend my lashes and they looked pretty good. The pic on the left is the before pic while the right side features my "after" look.
I should also note that I experienced no flaking, clumping or any of that other messy stuff that goes on with bad mascaras. The biggest negative for me if that I had to double dip. Usually when I apply mascaras I pull the wand out and apply once then I'm done. With this mascara I had to dip the wand back in the tube to gather more of the mascara for my final application. I dipped a total of two times- perhaps that's normal for more people, if so then forget about that comment. What type of wand do you prefer?
Sorry about the quality of pics this week, I had to use my cell phone this week..lol


Please don't forget that American Violet is in theaters today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Face & On The Big Screen

Hey Sweet Cheeks
If you want a polished well exfoliated face, boy do I have the product for you. The Sugar Face polish by Fresh aims to impress anyone who wants to walk away with silky smooth skin. This Product is actually marketed as a mask because you are asked to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, which I didn’t do. I use it solely as a scrub and I love it. I know I have posted on Fresh products before but I am happy that they have kept the good products going. Much like the Fresh body polish, the Fresh sugar face polish is also made of brown sugar and infused with various oils, including strawberry seed oil (yummy). The product smells like brown sugar and lemons. At first it feels like the scrub/mask is leaving a film on your face but once you pat your skin dry viola film free smooth skin.
Oh and of course it's paraben FREE!!!!!
This product will cost you $55.00 for 4.2 oz.

In other Fresh News

I also purchased another tub of the Body polish which I posted on eons ago. I will still say if your legs are not smooth after using this scrub I don’t know what will help.
I am going to try to make this scrub myself, perhaps over the summer. If all goes well I will never buy this $65.00 scrub again. Hey I’m trying to be a Frugalista too!

On the Big Screen
I can't leave without reminding you that tomorrow American Violet hits theaters-it's a true story. Will you check this movie out?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Hair stuff and On the tube

This is a picture of some of my new Karen's Body Beautiful items. I already blogged about the deep conditioner which I LOVE, but this time I tried out new scents- Vanilla Latte and Coconut Lime. I really like both scents so I am pleased with this order. As my free gift I received a juicy hair bar, which I also tried before and really liked.
(sorry about the quality but the pics are from my cell)
A new KBB item for me is the Hair Butter, not to be confused with the hair Cream. Now to me, the consistency is pretty close to a thick pomade-like hair dressing. The difference to me is that the cream seems to melt more into an oil while the hair butter is more waxy.
Here is the ingredients list for the hair butter:
Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Butter, Aloe Butter, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils, Grapefruit Seed Oil & Vitamin E and it's 99.4% natural.
Now check out the ingredients for the hair cream:
Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Carrot Seed Oil, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils & Vitamin E and it is also 99.4% natural.
So you see that the hair cream has more oils in it while the hair butter is a butter based product so it's slightly thicker and it mainly consists of butters. Even through the cream only has one butter in it, it is the first ingredient so there is more of that in the product that anything else so it is almost as thick as the hair butter.
I like this $16.00 product especially for the winter months.
It gives great shine and you can only use a little because too much will leave your hair a greasy mess.
Housewives of NY
Catty catty catty..lol
Ramona is a person who stores up her resentment and then waits for the next availabe moment to unleash her wrath. Her wrath usually comes in the form of a passing comment that has a lasting sting. For those of you who missed it or if you just don't care allow me to recap for you...lol
Ramona is trying to create a brand for herself, just like Martha stewart has a set of towels and dishes etc. Ramona is trying to create products for the masses. The problem which Bethany pointed out is that if you are trying to create a company that people turn to for skin care items or jewelry that's great but using two different NAMES with different logos may not be the best business move. BEthany pointed this out and without missing a beat Ramona (in front of others) decides to tell Bethany that Jill (another housewife) is friends with Bethany because Bethany is struggling (she doesn't appear to have as much money as the other housewives) and she is the "underdog". Ummmm ok Ramona please learn to take constructive criticism like a business woman and leave the catty behavior behind.
And the former model on that show who is friends with Russel Simmons likes to jog. There is nothing wrong with exercise but she likes to jog in NYC traffic and she was literally in the street in the city jogging in front of a yellow cab. She then said she likes to exercise in the "traffic trenches". HUH? Can you said " I love attention everyone please look at me" any louder Kelly? (At least I think her name is Kelly).
College Hill
Brandon bounces his basketball in the house while his roommates are sleeping. They decided to return the favor and make noise while he tried to sleep and he was LIVID. Don't people have some nerve? Next he vomited after drinking too much and left it all on the floor and went to bed, then had an attitude when asked to clean it up. HUH?
Did you catch either show?
What are you watching on the tube these days?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jelly, -Loose Lips and To each his own

For weeks I have been eyeing the Loreal Jelly High Intensity Pigment lip balms. Something about the word jelly and the bright color made me think of the old school Jelly shoes (too many memories), so I just had to pick one up. Can you say DISAPPOINTMENT. The formula is not as silky as the MAC lip balms, it is a bit thick so you only need to apply a small amount. The color of the product does add a nice tint to your lips- so what's the problem PJD? Well it’s just a lip balm so I don’t know why I was expecting fireworks, it’s ok though. lol I think I'm just being dramatic today however I wouldn’t pay $9.00 for this again though, I can tell you that much.

Harlem Heights
Landon= snitch
It seems that Landon has little air time because he is in law school and busy pursuing his political career. However, each time he gets a little camera time it seems like he's snitched on yet another cast member.
There is just something about a man who like to gossip that gets under my skin. Don't get me wrong I know men will talk just like women do but when a guy likes to stir up the pot that's a problem.
Brooke- Dear dear Brooke, how quickly we forget. Just recently you engaged in some bad behavior when you participated in a kiss with another woman's love interest and now you are upset when he speaks to other women. Ummmm what goes around comes around.

Is Pierre really trying to talk to the woman whose voice I cant stand? I mean really I know it takes love some time to develop but that is just ridiculous it seems like Pierre just wants someone to listen to his drama and Briana is more than willing. So I guess by making her his girlfriend he can easily hold her captive to his never ending (and I suspect boring) tales.
If you were friends with a guy for a while and he happily dated everyone BUT you then eventually realized your existence beyond that of a friend how would you feel?

All About Us
The movie that I raved about yesterday, All About Us, yeah that's the one. Well I got my sister to watch it and she hated just about every minute of it. I mean she actually called the movie punishment. To each his own I suppose.
Is there a movie that rocked your boat while others cringed at the thought of watching it?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hydrate your skin-All About Us-Nails-TheGame

I tried the Rare Minerals moisturizer by Bare Escuentuals and I thought it was not bad at all. It did leave my skin with a moisturized feeling, it wasn't dry moments after applying it, so that's always a good thing. It is supposed to contain "virgin soil" which is composed of active minerals that keep the skin looking healthy and bright. It even claims to reduce the appearance of pores. I can't say this is the beat moisturizer ever because it's not, but it is pretty good. I don't know if it's working its magic at the deepest level of the my skin but on the surface it's working for me at this time.
The full size product is priced at $32.00 for a 1.7 oz tube.

On Saturday I strolled down the dvd aisle at Target and my eye caught sight of my future husband actor Boris Kodjoe on the cover of a DVD. I had never heard of the movie "All About Us" but I decided to take a chance, a $12.99 chance, and I just hoped it wasn't a stinker. This 90 minute film is based on the true story of a young couple struggling to realize their dreams while keeping their heads above water. The film was so simple, sweet, and truthful. It is a film that drives home the importance of fighting for your dreams while keeping your priorities in check. I thought it was beautifully shot. If you can head to your local video store I would recommend you rent/buy this film. Maybe I am just at a point in my life where I value movies that highlight the more important things in life so that may be why the film impressed me. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed and I am happy to add this flick to my limited dvd collection.
Have you seen this film?
This couple created the award winning film "All about You".
Fat Smash Mini update
The diet is still going well. I am in Phase 2 which lasts for 3 weeks. In this phase I will do everything that I did in phase one except I am supposed to increase my workout time by 5 minutes (35 minutes now) and I can eat meat. The meat must be lean and I can not consume more than 4 oz at a time. And you are only supposed to eat each type of meat once a day, so I can not have chicken for lunch and dinner. I must eat chicken either at lunch or at dinner and then during the other meal I can have a different lean meat.
This color is Expresso, another member of the Sally Hansen Insta Dri collection.

The Game
You may have heard rumors about the show The Game being cancelled. You may have even seen the popular youtube video with the actors from the show asking for support from the public. From what I understand, The Game has always received good ratings so why would a show like that possibly be cancelled when so much garbage is still on tv??????

Friday, April 10, 2009

MAC Beware

I purchased two lip glosses from Illusions Cosmetics and I love them! On the left we have Brown Sugar which looks like a brown/copper/gold color. For some reason the color reminds me of the color Supreme from the MAC Neo Sci Fi collection. However, Brown Sugar has more of a brownish hue while Supreme features a more copper look. Anyway I will honestly take an Illusions Cosmetics lipgloss over MAC any day of the week mainly because it is super silky when applied- NO stickiness. The colors are so pretty and you get a burst of color with just one application.
The second color is Sparkle and it has glittery flecks in it but not like those abrasive sparkles that you may find in some lipglosses.So far I have tried three lipglosses from this company any they are all winners. I like that there is consistency in the formulas only the color changes but the great application lives on in each tube.
Priced at $10.00 per tube.
Below you will find a comparison between Brown Sugar and Supreme. As you can see the colors are not identical but in a similar family when applied.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Budget Friendly Deep Conditioner

I was not going to post on a hair product today, but I have to get over my shock by telling you all about my results.
We are in a recession so I wanted a budget friendly deep conditioner, one that I could slather on at will without feeling guilty. Ok let me be honest I didn't really feel guilty with pouring on the expensive items for my pre poo but I want to make a change- a financial change.
Just for kicks, I decided to try Palmers Hair Success Penetrating deep Conditioner. It is supposed to soften and strengthen dry brittle hair. As you can see on the jar it is also the anti-breakage formula, so I was really interested in seeing what this would do to my hair.
I really like this product and I can certainly see myself getting this $5.79 product again and again and again. Here is the negative- I didn't realize that this has parabens in it, which you know I don't like. I picked up a bunch of products I had never used before and after reading the labels I was certain I had put back all of the paraben laiden products, but obviously I didn't. Well at least it worked well because my hair looks bouncy, healthy and it is indeed soft. How could I forget to mention that this product smells good too!
Have you tried this product or any of the other Palmers products? (excluding the cocoa butter products, I know we have all tried that :-) ) I am particularly interested in the Palmers at home spa -have you seen that in your local Duane Reade? I may pick it up today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Smashing

Sorry I won’t be able to do a product review today- just not enough time.
However I wanted to quickly tell you that the fat smash diet is going well. I really like Dr. Ian's book and program. I don't feel deprived or hungry so that is a great start. Yesterday was my first day out of the detox phase. This meant that I was able to eat meat again but guess what- I didn't!!!!!
If you do eat meat in phase 2 you cannot eat the same meat twice in one day and you should only eat 3-4 oz.
I am enjoying this ride. Let's see where I am in a few months.
Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stiletto Lashes

I'm a gal who loves a great stiletto so when Maybelline introduced their Stiletto mascara I knew I had to try it. Yes, this product will go down on my must have drugstore brand mascara. After applying one coat of the stiletto mascara my lashes were longer AND separated. I experienced zero clumping which is huge in my book. It applies effortlessly and I love my look. I purchased the color very black and my lashes look darker but still natural. Maybe that sounds weird but what I mean is it took very little mascara to make a dramatic look for my lashes. Sometime I see ladies and you can see their mascara a mile away because they had to pile on so much just to make their lashes pop. However this particular mascara will make your lashes pop without causing you to use half the tube.
And it also made by bottom row of lashes look pretty nice too. I didn't apply it to my bottom lashes in the pictures you see here.
The eye on the left is pre mascara and the one on the right features the Maybelline mascara.
I would certainly buy this $8.99 mascara again.
How do you ladies like this mascara?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hair- Nails- Healthy Heart- On the Tube

I washed my hair with My Honey Child's Sweet Citrus Scalp Cleanser and it is magnificent. Like all the other MHC scalp cleansers and exfoliators my hair is soft clean and it smells oh so good. It's always a good sign when I can't stop touching my hair. Yes, I would buy this cleanser again.
Since it is a MHC product, it has great ingredients and it is paraben free.
It costs $10.00, you can find the ingredients below.
Ingredients:Raw Honey, Chamomile Extract, Coconut Soap Base, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, And Purified Water.
This is another color from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri collection. The color is #18 Cinna-Snap. This polish dries in 60 seconds.
Monday is my last day of the detox section of Dr. Ian Smith's fat smash diet. I think I will still keep meat at bay for a few days longer, let's see how it goes.
Heart Health
In the current issue of Heart and Soul Magazine an article discussed a recent study that showed those who get less than 5 hours of sleep each night had plaque buildup in their hearts while those who slept longer did not. Although the age group tested was an older population it is still a good idea to start out early getting enough winks each night. I know I certainly went to bed earlier last night.
On the Tube
Are you watching the #1 ladies Detective Agency starring Jill Scott? I like the series and I will be tuning in each Sunday on HBO at 8:00.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Palmer's employees stay in the laboratory & On the tube

If Palmer's comes out with one more variation of cocoa butter I am going to SCREAM. Well maybe not, because I think they have another winner on their hands. The Cocoa butter Skin Therapy oil is different from the palmers Cocoa butter oil..lol They have a similar scent and the consistency is almost identical but a difference does exist. The Skin Therapy oil is supposed to have some new breakthrough skin technology which makes it effective in improving the appearance of scars, uneven skin tone, aging skin, stretch marks, dry/damaged skin and scars. I used this oil on a scar and I think it really has made the scar less visible. I have been using it consistently for about3 weeks and the skin in that area looks smoother and it looks like the uneven skin tone is being addressed as well. I think this product helped to transform my skin much better than if I had not been using it. It is recommended that you apply this product 3 times a day. I have to tell you that the ingredients look pretty normal, cocoa oil, vitamin e etc., but for some reason this product does the trick. I would certainly buy this product again, it was close to $9.00. (lost the receipt). I really need to examine the ingredients list of this product and compare it to the ingredients on the Palmers Body oil because they seem so similar but the Skin Therapy version packs a punch. Have you had success with this product?
**Please note this is different than the Palmers Gel oil that I did a post on a few weeks ago.**
On the Tube
Making the Band- Que, Que, Que what is wrong my dear? Poor thing, I feel like I am watching the demise of Que. Did you watch last night? I know he is an artist and this "fame" is new to all of them but maybe the pressure is just too much.
What's your take on things?
Housewives- I said I would not be watching the Housewives of NYC since my enjoyment came from watching the Housewives of Atlanta. Nevertheless, I was sucked into the show for totally different reasons. These ladies are bonkers and funny to watch but what's up with the former model who had a battle of the words with Bethany?
The word this week is that the Count it leaving LuAnn oh dear I hope not because if he does she will not go around reminding people that she is a Countess and her life would be shattered...lol
The things people value- just makes you go hummmmmm (Arsenio Hall used to say that-fyi).
What have you been watching?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Hair product

( I will insert my pic later)
I already did the Bee Mine challenge so I am off to a new hair growth product. Surge Plus 14 is very hard to find because the company is no longer in business. Sometimes on the web I will read tales of the company making a comeback but it has all been hype up to this point. Anyway the product is supposed to make your hair grow in 14 days. I started using it a few days ago and I am certain that I feel hair sprouting out. I wonder if I would have already felt these little sprouts even if I had not used this product. This product contains biotin, sulfur and protein.

I will keep you up on the progress to let you know if this actually works or not.
I love all of your blogs but I have just not been able to make my rounds as I would like. I really hope to catch up this weekend.
Catch you all later and thanks for reading.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We were going strong until.....

A few weeks back my skin was not in a good place. I didn't have pimples or anything like that, it just didn't feel refreshed. You know you have it bad when your daydreams involve a skincare specialist and an intense facial. Thankfully, my sister purchased the Z. Bigatti mini skincare set which consists of the following items:
  • Re-Storation deep Repair Facial Serum $198
  • Champagne Gel Cleanser $69
  • Re-storation silk toner $60
  • Impact (fruit enzyme mask) $128.00
  • Illuminate facial cream $175

The gel cleanser does not foam, instead it creates a milk-like cream on your face. Despite the absence of foam, my skin feels clean after using the champagne gel cleanser. The toner to me, seemed like a typical toner, maybe just a little less harsh. The repair serum gives your skin a little tingle and almost acts as a foundation to prepare your skin for the other fruit infused treatments that you will apply.I then applied the three minute mask and ended by applying the ever so light moisturizer.
The same night that I tried this line my skin got exactly what it needed. It was like the system cleaned my pores out and gently removed all impurities from my skin. I was riding high thinking I had found my new skincare line. A few weeks into using the system I noticed that the dry areas on my face became excessively dry. A small section of the skin on my cheek began to peel and that was when I knew the system was too strong for my skin. I quickly stopped using the system and returned to my Rx for Brown skin. While using Z. Bigatti if my skin even thought about allowing a pimple to burst forth that thought was crushed. I literally had not one single bump while using it, but the downside it that it was sucking the life from my skin. Almost a week after I switched back to Rx, (which i still love by the way) a bump felt confident enough to show it's head. I decided to use the Z. Bigatti mask on that one bump and poof it sucked it up in no time flat.
Pricing- the Z Bigatti products are not cheap as you can see from the prices above; however, my sister purchased a sampler kit and did not pay this much. In fact I think she paid a little over 100 for the entire sampler. I will have to verify that with her. I will not get these products again simply because of the strength of them but it did give me fab skin until it BURNED ME..lol

Sidenote- I think that Givenchy moisturizer was the culprit making my skin feel all heavy and weighed down.