Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Smashing

Sorry I won’t be able to do a product review today- just not enough time.
However I wanted to quickly tell you that the fat smash diet is going well. I really like Dr. Ian's book and program. I don't feel deprived or hungry so that is a great start. Yesterday was my first day out of the detox phase. This meant that I was able to eat meat again but guess what- I didn't!!!!!
If you do eat meat in phase 2 you cannot eat the same meat twice in one day and you should only eat 3-4 oz.
I am enjoying this ride. Let's see where I am in a few months.
Have a great day everyone.


justicefighter said...

Girl, what did you eat during the detox phase. I just fell off of the wagon....I eat fish on the regular, but just eating veggies, didn't hit it. Could you please share a little bit about what you did?

Thanks a bunch and good luck girl!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey JusticeFighter
The first phase- detox you have to eat fruits and veggies except for white potatoes and avocado. You can also have 1 cup of oatmeal for the day and cashews, almonds (in small amounts though) 2 cups of brown rice, soy milk etc. He has a list in his book of the approved foods. So for phase one I juiced apples, grapes, plums etc and made delicious drinks on the go. Towards the end of detox I had a little brown rice which is allowed. I had oatmeal each morning for breakfast with my soy milk.
I would suggest going to the library to see if you can check out his book. Honestly this is the first time doing a program where I didn't feel this unbearable craving for pizza or some other food. Maybe it's because I’m really determined this time or maybe it's because I'm just not hungry. This program keeps me eating!
If you fell off the wagon no big deal, just get back on :-)
Wishing you the best.

Miss Yaya said...

I need to read more about this - it sounds interesting

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Good luck PJD!! Keep up the good work. Following a strict and healthy diet is tough, but you can do it!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Miss yaya yes please, maybe if you check it out of the library you can read it. I think you may like it