Tuesday, April 28, 2009

High Impact

I'm sure you've purchased a lipstick or tinted gloss only to be disappointed when you finally applied the product. Did you discover that the color in the tube barely resembled the color on your lips? One lipgloss that is as true to life as I have seen in recent times is the color Sultry by Smashbox. The color reminds me of a dark rich cup of hot cholocate, but is also has some golden undertones. The color is listed as a sheer black cherry. Personally I think it is like the shiny lipgloss version of the Nars eyeshadow Galapagos....oooooo pretty.
We all have different shades to our lips, so the color of a lipgloss may look a little different for each person but for me, it was pretty good for such a sheer formula. I also like that this formula is not sticky at all, which is a lipgloss MUST for me. Sultry won an award from Allure as one of the top lipglosses for your pout.
This gloss contains vitamin E and sunflower oil to nourish your lips.
You will pay $18 bucks for this high impact lipgloss.


fab_E said...

this sounds like it may be winner, i can't seem to find a good darker lip gloss that compliments my complexion, so i'll have to try it out.

great find!

antithesis said...

i love when the product in the tube looks like it looks on. im not complaining because i do enjoy brief trips to mac to do swatches but sometimes i just want to know by looking at it.

savvy said...

How does this color compare to what we thought the Clinique Black Honey was going to be? I'm still looking for an all purpose, 'go to' shade.

Note that I like Black Honey better when I use it with a lip liner (chocolate? from MAC).


that's a pretty color. but i hate when i find lipglosses that' don't show up as anything.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Fab E yes, I do like this gloss. I think you may like this one. And since it's avaialbe at Sephora I would recommend putting some on your hands to see how the color will work for you.
Antithesis me too!
HI Savvy
The post from last friday Pot-O-Color I answered this for you in picture form. My short repsonse if the smashbox gloss is much better.
Jen exactly, it's so annoying.