Friday, May 1, 2009


(sorry I had to use my camera phone again)

I named this post pot-o-color because that is exactly what you are looking at. These two Nars lacquers just give you color in a pot. This is not colored vaseline, it is straight COLOR. You can apply very little for a light hue or slap on a little more for vibrant lips. The color on the left is Diablo and on the right we have Caraibe. Caraibe is described as a golden nude shimmer)- it's like butterscotch to me. Diablo is described as apple red and I can't disagree. I can show you pics if you would like of the Caraibe but it really is a golden shimery color so the camera may not pick up the punch that this lip lacquer packs. The red one on the other hand...ok ok just scroll down- first you will see the very light application then the bold red lip.

Now for the darker application- It makes me feel like the Joker from Batman. Geesh I just can't rock red lips....this was quickly wiped off before heading out into the I will mix Diablo with browns to get the perfect hue.

My only negative comment is- Nars would it kill you to make this wonderful lacquer smell better than a tube of Elmers glue? Thanks PJD
Both lacquers cost $24.00 each.
Reader's Request
Now I will answer your question Mrs. Savvy, the wonder whiz financial blogger... Savvy wanted more of a comparison between Cliniques Black Honey and Sultry by Smashbox, so here it is in my latest edition of BATTLE IT OUT.
For new readers-Battle it out is the segment of this blog where two products with similar claims go head to head or tube to tube for my bucks!

I mentioned earlier this week that the color of a person's lip can have an impact on how well the color of some glosses appear on that person so I got a bright I decided to only paint HALF of my bottom lip with 1 coat of both sultry and then black honey. This would allow you to see the real difference between the color of my lips and the actual product. This is really no contest at all because Sultry gives you more color for your buck and the color that you see in the tube is MUCH closer to what you get as opposed to that little tease black
First up is sultry which has one coat on the left side ONLY of my bottom lip. You can also see how much darker it is than the natural color of my lips.
Now Black Honey show me what you've got.

Whomp Whomp, as you can see black honey fails to deliver in the color department. It is so light that you can barely see it on the left side of my bottom lip. However it is still moisturizing and silky soft as I mentioned in my review.
Sultry is the winner by way of KO!


Amina said...

the colors look great on you especially the red!! off to

B said...

OMG, when I see NARS...I swoon. Thse little pots are look great on you! I'm actually going to the counter today so hopefully I won't want, so I can save some money.

justme said...

thanks for doing this, it really was helpful. i think all the colors are complementary to you though. great lip purchases