Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello everyone
I am attending another conference for work so I will not be able to post today.
If you picked up the Chrisette Michele cd, how is it?


Therapeutic Musings said...

As someone who has listened to the CD all day everyday since she got it last week and has found ways to incorporate the lyrics into random conversation with her husband. I would say it's great, awesome even. Perhaps she puts crack in her music to make you not be able to turn it off, perhaps she's the reason I have no voice right now, perhaps I'm just a stan for Chrisette and I need to get over my obsession.

So what I meant to say was without all the crazy: I enjoy her CD, I would recommend that you get it, I am listening to it at this very second..."don't tell me nooooo, don't tell me nooooo, cuz my heart is fragile..."

antithesis said...

i have the cd. it's nice. ive never heard her first cd but people say it's not as good as the first. gonna give the first a listen and judge that for myself.

Jazz said...

I just got the cd on saturday , and I must say - at first it had to grow on me . Its definitely a good album- go get it NOW . It appeals to the grown up side of me ( im 21)

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM Antithesis and Jazz- thanks so much.