Friday, May 15, 2009

Body & Hair & on the Tube & The Winner IS

Oh how I have missed you all.
I know the picture above looks like some type of delicious slice of cake but it's soap; This creamy soap is Sultana Soap of Soap from Lush. The soap has dried cranberries, apricots and currents mixed in with oils to just delight your senses. This handmade creation starts at $5.95 per oz.
Of course like all Lush soaps, it is paraben free, vegan and all natural.

When Komaza ran a sale recently, I used that as an opportunity to shop until my fingers were tired. Before I knew it within a few clicks I had the Califia Care Conditioner in my basket. This $17.00 conditioner has algae extracts which is supposed to give you "ultimate slip". Who knew that this product would smell like sweet cake batter???
After using this conditioner my hair was soft and I did have slip but I don't know if I would go so far as to say it received ULTIMATE SLIP....I mean the slip was there but it wasn't outstanding but it was better than average.
I would get this again, I just wish one could order larger bottles...sigh.
Did you watch the Housewives Reunion?
I only caught part 2 so the shenanigans of part 1 remain to be seen by my eyes. What did you think of it all?
I like that Kelly was confronted on her behavior! I always thought she was pretending to be nice anyway.
The Countess was asked to remove herself from the high horse and later there was mention of her failing marriage. YIKES. The Countess didn't appreciate Crazy Eyes aka Ramona digging up personal issues. However Ramona only mentioned this issue after The Countess called her Crazy Eyes.
Alex was reserved and during one scene acted as the mediator between Bethenny and Kelly. From what I saw Jill made out pretty well on the show.
So did you watch?

College Hill

What did you think of the ending of Ribgate. Kate was certainly wrong to eat the ribs and if she wasn't confronted, I doubt she would have paid Kyle.
He was ready to throw down over some ribs, calling Allison an accessory to the
What were you watching this week?
Americas Next Top Model
How could I forget to mention that the BEAUTIFUL Teyona Anderson is AMERICA"S NEXT TOP MODEL.
Congrats to the woman who photographs beautifully!!!!

I am so sorry that I forgot to mention that


Therapeutic Musings said...

I watched Top Model this week and the playoffs. I'm finally back into basketball :)

Phyllis Bourne said...

I know I come here for beauty, but dangit, I thought that was cake! And of course, now I'm dying for some cake!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tm thanks you reminded me about top model.
Pb sorry I made you want cake LOL
Thanks for reading ladies

Jmilz86 said...

College hill: Kay was wrong for eating the ribs but I wouldve done the same for how kyle treated her! All the men in the house should be ashamed bc kyle may be gay but how dare them sit around as he spoke to her like that, all in her face n callin her all types of names! So dumb! I wouldve gv him his money to shut him up but def not put it in the microwave, and after he kept talkin sh!t I woulda took it back! Sooo dramatic

Chelley said...

I watched the season finale of "The Game". It's my favorite show and I think they may be taking it off the air like they did my show "girlfriends"...sigh, I guess I should start reading books or something...I tivoed the show, becuase they have it coming on Friday's at 8:30 on UPN, the worst slot of all times and I was out of town...I watched it twice yesterday, it was so good...anywho..I love your blog and keep up the good are appreciated.



Product Junkie Diva said...

Jmilz you are right Kyle is over the top. And I have been missing you over here young lady!!!! lol
Chelly awwww "tear drops** thanks so much for your very kind words. Blogging is too much fun to me, it really is so thanks for reading You are greatly appreciated :-).
I watched the Game and I thought that last show was great. I know some people wanted more action etc. but I was loving every minute. Ok did you notice this- as I was watching the show something seemed different, like missing and then I realized hey they cut off the laugh track. Not that it makes me laugh but I noticed that the laugh track was gone...not a single laugh was played during one of tasha Mac's one liners...hummmm maybe they wanted to make that a more dramatic episode..who knows. I hope they don't cut my show.