Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My hair says- thanks DB

I try to bring a little variety to my posts by not talking about hair products only or a particular brand daily. However today is an exception because I need to talk with you about Darcy's botanicals again today. One of the friendliest bloggers around, Amina, put me on to Darcy's botanicals because she knows how much I adore hair products and all things natural/organic/vegan. I decided to try a few items but today I will talk about one that is quickly pushing ahead of the pack to become one of my hair favorites. When I saw the name Tucuma Butter Moisture Whip I was mainly hesitant because I had no idea what the whip was going to smell like. When I first sniffed the product, I didn't know exactly how to identify the scent. I later fell in love with this scent! Every time I get a whiff of my hair is smells so delicious and I wonder if others can smell it too.
The 4oz jar is filled with this custard-like hair moisturizer that smooths out any frizziness and softens the hair. I really enjoy using this product and I just ordered more last night!
Of course this is a natural, paraben free product.
Ingredients: Organic Aloe, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Wax, Distilled Water, Organic Jojoba, Tucuma Butter, Avocado Oil, Organic Kalahari Melon Seed Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, Organic Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil, and a paraben-free preservative.
For $12.00 this is a great item, but I still wish she would offer larger sizes. Have you tried Darcy's Botanicals? If so, what did you get?
Any other fabulous natural companies that I should check out?
I should also mention that I love the way the DB owner ships the products. She puts dried rose petals in the box so you get your items shipped in a well scented box.
If you look on the left side of the box you will see a little note which tells you about the products you purchased. Well Done DB, well done!

On the Tube
Myamme is the winner of "I love Money", making this the second consecutive female winner. Since this is only the second season of this game, all the winners have been women. "It" although you revealed to the world that it was all a game and you are not as dense as you may appear to be, you still LOST!!! How disappointing..lol
Did you watch?
Gotti's Way
Last night began season two of Gotti's Way or Gotti's something. Uggggh!
If you watched last night was it me or did you get the impression Irv. Gotti's parents were telling Deb (Irv's wife) not to ask for a divorce even though Irv is a big time cheater....ummm helllllo. In my opinion it's like they were saying well you hae these kids and a nice house so overlook the blatant disrespect being shown to you. Unacceptable, especially since Angie (the daughter) is in the house watching all of this and learning from her mother. Hopefully Angie can break the cycle by never allowing herself to be disrespected in this manner.
College Hill
Did you see the preview for the College Hill episode tonight. I think there will be an argument over a spare rib...ok BET I've had enough..lol
What will you be watching tonight?


antithesis said...

it got immediately obvious that myamee was gonna win when she got rid of prancer. and "it" was a sad excuse for a "clever person". really? u were playing everyone the whole time? doubt it. it was only around for comedic purposes.

Laquita said...

I really have to check out those products - I'm on my way now ;o)

laughing808 said...

I plan to watch College Hill tonight, Kyle's antics are hilarious.

I also watched I Love Money last night (happy that Myamee won). And Gotti's Way, but I turned during the kitchen discussion of marriage with his parents and yeah I agree with not only the daughter Angie in the house but also with the boys, they'll learn that's how men are and that's not a lesson that should be taught. I think Deb needs to file for divorce and as Russell said, Irv needs to take the kids to his place or someplace nuetral for his visits.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis Why does "IT" feel comfrotable being comic relief...sigh.
Laquita I totally forgot to list the ingredients but i will add that to the post now.
Laughing Klye is a mess. Honestly I would have been happy with any of the remaining three as the winner. I totally agree about your comment on the Gotti's. Those boy oh how sad I feel for them. And the fact that Gotti makes reference to them crying like it's a bad thing- clearly they are sad over the demise of their family unit. From the looks of things next week Angie is dating and Gotti make a comment about a guy hitting Angie. Ok maybe Angie won't fall into the identical situation that her mom is in, but clearly she is getting a cue from mom regarding the worth of a woman. So in the end the negative relationships that she may enter can come in any form, physical abuse, emotional etc. From what I gather Gotti's father was no angel so hopefully the boys wont learn that bad behavior also.

fab_E said...

yeah the whole "It" act...he needs to go sit down...especially since he wasn't even close to winning.

i'll have to catch the repeat of Gotti's Way, but if it's like last season, i'll be watching most likely...i just want Deb to leave his ass for good!

tonight i think i'll try to catch pretty wicked, i haven't really been keeping up since the first two episodes

B. Fly said...

What does your tucuma butter moisture whip smell like? That's the only product I've purchased where I don't like the smell. The description said it has a caramel fragrance. Mine smells nothing like caramel.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B Fly YES YES YES...wow thanks you helped me to nail that scent. Carmel! Now I have to say I wasn't able to immediately identify this scent as carmel which means something may be a bit off in the scent department but now that you have mentioned it, that is the closet food item that smells like tucuma. yes, I think my version smells like carmel. Now since she is beating these by hand maybe the one that you recieved had less of the carmel scent...but how do you like it on your hair when you apply it?
Thanks for helping me to "name that scent"(sounds like a game show right? lol)

Amina said...

yay! Another winner! I looove Darcy's Botanicals products and can't wait to hear your other reviews!!

In regards to I love money, I stopped watching it..glad she won...

As for Gotti, it must be good in the sheets must be good for her to stay with him for 7 freaking years!! She is setting such a bad example for the kids!!

oh yes, she needs to move on as obviously there is no future in their relationship!! Irv even tells her about the other women.
I hate the way Irv's parents were all about you need to work this out
bla bla bla

even Papi at some point wasn't really convinced when he said you'll have
a full life of..happiness....

Does Deb work?
It seems to me that Irv feels like he can treat her like s..t because "he's paying the bills"

She needs to have some sort of pink slip

but then I can't be harsh on her because
a) I don't know her
b) she seems like a great person
c) she believes in sticking out for the kids and wants a family
d) her mother was like that...

I just hope that by the end of the season, she'll be at a place where she is happier

B said...

Yesss, I love DB's packaging. Awesome!

And I am so out of the loop with everything on the Tube. And in a few days..snip goes the cable. *cries*

Product Junkie Diva said...

fab_e Yes Hopefully Deb get it all together.
Amina yes 7 years, wow such a long time she has spent in that situation. so sad.
B Darcy's has it going on :-)
thanks for reading ladies.

stephanie said...

wow i want some of that!

Anonymous said...

This DB hair sounds good... so have you ever tried any of Carol's Daughter hair products (I'm sure you have & I'm prob late with it) lol but I was gonna buy some a long time ago but I just changed my mind i forgot why now. Neway I started watching the info ch & they were talking about the hair butter & how great it is how much its sold & now I wanna buy it again lol. Its hard to find thou & I really didn't want to buy it online or go to BK to get it lol. I think they may sell it at Sephora or something.

Lauren said...


This DB hair sounds good... so have you ever tried any of Carol's Daughter hair products (I'm sure you have & I'm prob late with it) lol but I was gonna buy some a long time ago but I just changed my mind i forgot why now. Neway I started watching the info ch & they were talking about the hair butter & how great it is how much its sold & now I wanna buy it again lol. Its hard to find thou & I really didn't want to buy it online or go to BK to get it lol. I think they may sell it at Sephora or something.

Product Junkie Diva said...

hey lauren, is this lauren lauren who used to drop by often??? yes CD is sold in sephora. I have tried many cd products. Initially the hair milk was the love of my life but then it started to get crazy on me...over time I had to leave it alone. Karens Body Beautiful works best for me. I like the shampoo and some conditioners but nothing so special to keep me going back..
I guess you have been working hard Lauren..don't forget about me ehre at PJD headquarters. :)

Lauren said...

LOL yes this is Lauren Lauren... who loves miss wendy williams hahaha that chick is nutz. Sorry I haven't been coming on often, they blocked certain websites at my job including yours so I can't check your blog like I used to nemore & by the time I get home from work and/or gym I'm exhausted :( I don't even check my e-mail often anymore. Do you twitter dare I ask? LOL i don't but since you blog alot twittering might be good for you idk. Soooo back to hair lol, i'm finally getting a relaxer this weekend sat (im like 12 wks post, I have alot of newgrowth) I've been doing my protein treatments & moved on to other shampoos & condish & I'm happy with them... for now lol. O I won't be buying ne CD products, changed my mind again lol. I'll always come by ur blog & shout you a holla diva, I am from NY so I gotta represent my "hair junkie sista." Hahaha lata.