Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do you do it? & On the Tube???

One makeup item that I have never owned is foundation (blush too but that's another story) because I never wear it. So I've never had to deal with figuring out which shades would work for me. When Sephora offered a foundation sample, I decided to grab it just to test it out. I ended up with Tarte's Health Couture Natural Anti-aging Foundation with "Wrinkle Rewind" Technology. This product is available in 12 shades but 4 were handed out in this sample. Starting from the top the first shade #02 is Ivory,#6 Warm Beige, #14 Natural, #20 Walnut. Some of you makeup pros will know immediately which color I should have selected but ummm I didn't lol. Obviously the first two from the top were thrown out so I worked with the bottom two to see which color would blend in best with my skin.
I have Natural on the left and Walnut on the right. Initially they both looked off to me so I had no idea how this would turn out. After my first stage of blending I got this:

Natural on the left made me look ASHY and Walnut on the right just didn't seem to match. Either way I felt like I would have to use this stuff over all of my exposed areas if I ever wanted to rick these colors. However I decided to continue the blending process so check out the final result.

Walnut if indeed the winner and I love the way it looks so smooth. If I had blended even more it would have probably looked better. Now here is the great news this foundation is SUPER LIGHT!! It really felt like I had nothing on my skin.

Product Info- Like many Tarte products this foundation is free of parabens, petro-chemicals,phthalates, sulfates, fragrance, dye and talc. Ok Tarte I'm scared of you with your natural goodness ..lol Find out more about this product here.

This foundation is also supposed to increase the elasticity of skin by 43% after 4 weeks, and reduce lines and wrinkes by 67% after 6 weeks. You should see an improvement in the moisture level in your skin by 52.8% in only 15 minutes after application. I can't really cosign on this talk of more moisture because my hands pretty much felt the same after 15 minutes.
This foundation costs $37.
So how do you determine your perfect shade? Do you just go through a bunch of trail and error?

**Edit- I forgot to mention that this product includes spf!!!**

On the Tube
I believe the Housewives reunion starts tonight or maybe I'm just making that up.


antithesis said...

housewives reunion is thursday. if a shade is too dark, you can mix it with a moisturizer to lighten it up. i use a tinted moisturizer to lighten one of my foundations that is a little too dark for me right now.

as far as choosing a shade, i only wear MAC so i let the MA work it out for me. they usually do a great job. but for other brands, cant you just bring it back if you get home and it doesnt work?

B said...

I'm not a foundation wearer either....mainly b/c I'm too lazy to find a perfect match. But I think Make Up For Ever's HD is pretty dern close. But no blush?! PJD, you just cursed at me. LOL!

Lady Virgo said...

I think if you would have mixed them, you might have a perfect shade there....

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis- i really don't know if you can bring makeup back to a store...uhmmm
B LOL yeah no blush...don't own any at all.
Lady V thank sso much. I actually found the perfect tarte shade ....will post on that soon.