Monday, May 11, 2009

Changing the Process

Washing my face has always meant throwing water on my face first, then applying some product to my damp skin, working up a lather then rinsing away all unwanted particles. That's normal right?
Regardless of the many facial products that I would purchase, the actual process of face washing remained the same-until now.
During my first trip to Lush, I purchased the Ultra Bland cleanser, a product that claims to it can make your skin glow.
The Lush associate placed the smallest dollop of this cleanser on my hand and used a damp cotton ball to remove the product. However, when I went home and used this product before going to bed I had to scream from the mountain tops that I HATED this cleanser. Instead of revealing silky skin as the Lush associate did in the store hours prior, I had a grease filled face. Please look at my greasy forehead in the picture on the left. Yes, that is after washing off the product, or at least attempting to wash off the product. Water was literally rolling down my face and not able to penetrate the Vaseline like barrier this product created. The problem was that I was using my traditional face washing method to wash my face, but for this product I needed to change the process.
I looked at the website which recommends removing this product with a warm damp cloth and I remembered that the Lush associate didn't throw my hand under the running water to remove the product. The next day I put this ultra greasy product on my skin and rubbed it all around then used a warm damp cloth to remove the cleanser and WHOA HELLO Hydration! My skin was super soft, glowing and it felt moisturized. I literally didn't need any moisturizer so I totally skipped that and my skin wasn't upset about it. All I had to do was wash my face using this new process and it all worked out.

I will admit that I feel a little weird about changing my face washing routine, so I first use water to dampen my skin then I dry it off and apply the Ultra Gentle Cleanser. Over the weekend I said I wouldn't buy this product again but now I totally would, this is good stuff.
The only problem is that the product size is so small for $14.45, but at least you only need a little so this product should last for a while.
I must also mention that this product is also a great makeup remover!
This pic was taken after I used the soap.
From Lush I also purchased the creamy new Porridge soap and I love it. The oats gently exfoliate my skin as the creamy soap melts on my skin. Look at all the OATS!!!!!! This soap cost me about $8.44 but you can ask them to cut you a smaller slice if you wish.
You will have oats in your tub after you are done using this soap so be prepared.

All of the lush products I mentioned today are paraben free, all natural, 100% vegan, and not tested on animals.

Up Next

My next Lush purchase will include the facial soap Sweet Japanese Girl, which is supposed to clear clogged pores and keep blackheads as bay.


fab_E said...

im SUCH a big fan of Lush...i might have to try that cleanser, and the buffy is always a favorite of mine. thanks for the info!

antithesis said...

im glad u gave it a second chance. i recently got ultra bland along with some other sample-sized products during the "night in for 2" promotion. it is a great makeup remover. i dont know if i would be using it daily to wash my face. lush is nice but expensive so i'll stick to getting deals and recieving as a gift.

justme said...

what type of skin do you have please?

B said...

I have YET to try anything from Lush. I'm terrible.

laughing808 said...

I purchased the Porridge soap a few months back and loved it as well. But honestly, I couldn't justify the expense.

The bath bombs are nice as well. I'll definitely keep LUSH in mind for those rare moments I need to splurge.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Now I want to try that ultra bland too. I'll have to create a little rewards system for myself.

stephanie said...

I love lush! I used to get their face masks all the time when I lived in NYC. Good Stuff.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

WOW!! I need to try this stuff asap!! I think I will give them a try. Glad that it ended up working for you.


i've tried ultra bland. its a bit greasy but does remove makeup! have you tried baby face cleanser? it does the trick too and works the same way as ultra bland. if you like exfoliation you should try i should coco. it really exfoliates but in a softer way.

Product Junkie Diva said...

fab E- i saw your post on lush so I know you like Buffy is awesome- i need to get more of that.
Antithesis yes that baby removes makeup so well.
Just me so sorry for the delay..I have combination skin.
B- shame on
laughing yes i ahd to go back and get two more porridge soaps.
stephanie you can order online too.
TM reward system is somethign like this..oh PJD the sun is out...reward thy self...oh PDJ there is so much traffic..reward thyself...hahahah
BGG- yes do try this even if it's just a grea makeup remover.
Jensmakeup bag- i thought it was greasy too but then after using that warm cloth it feel great. If a person though has oily skin it may be a problem. I have I should coco and i like it! I didn't try the baby face cleanser because one lady told me it's pretty much like ultra you think that's true?

[Emeritus] said...

the cleanser reminds me of the oil cleansing method. glad you figured that out. i do mine with a mixture of castor and grapeseed oil, rub it in like crazy (cuz oil dissolves oil) then i use a semi hot washcloth to take it all off. amazing skin underneath!

Product Junkie Diva said...

emeritus thanks for sharing htat oil method!!!! I will give that a try one day.