Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rub a Dub in the tub - Ribgate& Housewives

Dove has a Go Fresh campaign going on and I am seeing the commercials and ads everywhere. I tried the Nectarine and Ginger scented body wash and I really liked it. I don't usually like the scent of ginger but I couldn't smell it at all in this product so that was a plus for me. It's body soap so what more can I say? lol It got the job done and didn't leave me with dry skin.
I purchased my large size bottle at CVS for roughly $5.00 (it was on sale).

This lovely shoe was designed by Shäri Gray, the latest shoe making sensation on the rise. Check out her interview and more of the shoes on Clutch Mag.

If I have any shoe designers reading this blog, can you send me an email at thanks.

On the Tube

College Hill- BET actually named the episode RibGate.....
I think Brandon showed his true colors by not sticking to his work and accepting any wrath that would have come from Kay eating Kyle's ribs. By no means am I suggesting that he needed to accept responsibility but since he mentioned it and Kay is supposed to be his big time buddy from school, one would assume it wouldn't be a struggle for him to keep his word.
We all know that Kyle loves drama but Kay should not have started a battle if she didn't want to face any consequences.
Stacy and her boo...ummm ok next topic lol.
Tiffany seems to get lost in the shuffle on that show, but next week as ribgate continues, we will see how she handles her feelings for two men (her significant other and Chris).
Jill finally had her event and it went off without a hitch. I have to say I too would not have wanted to discuss any problems with Bethenny right before my big speech. Bethenny was annoying!
Isn't it funny how Kelly, in her own words, likes to be the person in the background and she doesn't want any attention yet she seemed pretty upset when Jill neglected to give her an award at the event...
I really don't like it when people try to fake being humble...please knock it off.
In a nutshell, the reunion looks like it will be entertaining. The Countess will address a problem she has with Kelly,Ramona and others will go at it.


fab_E said...

i'm so mad i missed the ribgate! ugh!

but i am definitely enjoying dove's new line of products...very refreshing!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I've missed so much tv since playoffs started I don't know what to do.

That looks like it smells good, but I use body wash for all of 3 days before I get bored or irritated and go right back to dove sensitive skin bar soap.

B said...

I love me some Dove! I will definitely be checkin' out that line when I'm done with the other 2bottles of wash in the tub.

antithesis said...

just now watching housewives. bethenney killed it on the runway, tho!

justme said...

man i so have a lot to catch up on!