Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talk to Me Baby & Don't KISS this Opportunity Goodbye

Now you will begin to see some of my spoils from The Makeup Show!
If you have been following this blog, you know that I have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of red. I need a shade of red that won't have kids thinking I'm going to perform at their party. My perfect red will not cause people have Homey the Clown or Ronald McDonald flashbacks from their childhood. Stila has come to the rescue with their talking, yes talking prefect red palette. OK here's how it works-you get a palette with a base and three shades of red. You then mix the darker and lighter reds until you find your perfect shade. I know I will stick mainly with the darker red and possibly use lighter shades for highlighting my pout.
At The Makeup Show prices are drastically reduced so this palette which usually costs around $40 cost me $15-$17 (no receipt so i don't exactly recall which price but I know it was either of these numbers). The kit also comes with a tiny manual and a lip brush.

When you press a button at the top of the palette you hear a woman's voice giving out makeup tips.
All in all I don't think I found my perfect red through this palette, but whatever it's still cute and I like that it talks,doesn't say all that much though, but cool nonetheless.
Side note- next I want to try Indian Wood from Nars because it is a darker red and that may be a great look for me...shall see soon.
Which company produces your perfect red?

(Pic courtesy of Kissable
Some of you have said in the past, and even recently that you want to try Kissable Couture but not at the usual $22 price tag. Well check out what KC has in store for you, if you use the code sb during checkout you get 45% off your total price. How awesome is that? My shopping cart that totalled over $100 last night was chopped down to around $55.00. This code is only applicable, I believe for the first 50 people, or maybe I just made that up but either way I know this promotion won't last long. So check it out nowwwww.
I tried it last night and the code still works...get your product(s) today.
You can buy as few or as many glosses as you want. Hey, you may even want to try the smooches set which will give you a few mini glosses in one kit.
The color Solstice in pictured above which I purchased last night. Pretty, right???


Amina said...

I looove Stila!
I've been getting discounted items at too...
were you able to meet other beauty bloggers at the make up show?

Therapeutic Musings said...

I have come to voice my dislike for you. Wanna know what I just did? Ordered some dang kissable couture. Wanna know who I blame? You. I barely finished reading the post and I had my credit card out. I ordered the smooches set. Why did I have such little willpower today? It was less than $30 with the code so hubby shouldn't even notice it on the bill *crossingfingers*

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina Thanks for that site info. I think I clicked that link in the past then forgot about it.-thanks!
I did not meet any other bloggers at the show. I was looking out for B and yummy but didn't see them. I think they were in a special area when i was searching them out.
TM GIrl you make me LOL so hard. Your lips will feel soo silky with KC I hope you love it. Which colors did you get?

B said...

I like My KC glosses. I just wish they would last a liiiiitle longer on the lips. And yep, I love Stila too.

Miss Yaya said...

I couldn't bring myself to buy the Kissable Couture lipgloss even though they looked wonderful - I had just finished standing in line at MUFE and my wallet was in tears lol.

I love that Stila put the base in along with the three colors. Looks awesome

Therapeutic Musings said...

I got the smooches set that comes with like 5 small things. I'm terrible at deciding what colors look good on me and I love mini cosmetics. That way when I go to cookouts this summer I can slip it in my wristlet (cuz you can't be taking your purse in everybody's house these days).

Product Junkie Diva said...

Miss Yaya I can see how the makeup show could bring a wallet to
TM LOL @ can't bring your purse if everyones home. I have a wrislet that i have never used...sigh, maybe this summer.