Friday, May 8, 2009

Long Lasting indeed

(Sorry I had to use my camera phone again)
I tried out the Maybelline SuperStay lip color and it stays on for hours. As usual with these lip colors, one side of the tube is the actual color and the other side is the gloss that goes over the lip color. This particular color is #380 Blackberry glaze- I really thought this color would show up darker but oh well. Although this product does work I will not be buying any more of the long lasting lip glosses/ lip sticks because of the lead found in those items. I have seen conflicting reports, some say that the amount of lead in lipsticks isn't nearly enough to harm people, while other reports make you want to run for the hills and leave all makeup behind. I'm sure lead can be found in more cosmetic items than we would care to know about but for now I will just start by giving the long lasting lip colors the boot. It could all end up being harmless but this is just my personal decision-this gloss does work though..LOL
The pic on the left was taken before I placed the gloss over the lip color. The pic on the right shows the shiny version of this gloss.
It will cost you about $7.99.
I think I'm heading to Lush today....anything I should look out for?
What are you getting into this weekend?


infojunkiegrl said...

demon in the dark soap!! (so good)

or check out their facial masks...

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm going by Lush on Sunday, let me know what you get (so I can copy you of course, lol).

I didn't know that about the lead stuff, I'll make sure I don't click the link and scare myself more.

justme said...

can you believe we dont even get maybelline here!