Friday, May 22, 2009

Stay Put- Random & In the Theaters

It is a glorious day in NYC today and I hope you all are in equally beautiful surroundings.
Now let's get down to business.
(my camera battery was exhausted so I had to use my camera phone)

Whether you are relaxed or natural we all have hairs from time to time that just won't get with the program. Darcy's Botanicals has an all natural hand whipped pomade to keep your unruly strands in place. First of all this Coconut & Passionfruit pomade has a nice passion fruity scent. I know that scent description wasn't great but it smells less like coconuts and more like some exotic fruit concoction.
I had a work function to attend a few weeks ago and the fact that I didn't roll my hair the night before was kicking me in the rear because i had this rouge section of hair that just ran a muck . It would not just stay put, it was adventurous and wanted to do it's own thing. Just when I was about to wet my hair I remembered I had this pomade. It helped me to slick down my locks and continue with my day. What I need to mention is that once you rub this thick pomade between your fingers it can get oily so don't use too much. Later in the day at my work function I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and yup rouge hair was sticking straight up saluting everyone in attendance and I was there thinking I looked cute. And not a soul said umm excuse me your hair is out of place, oh well I guess they got a good chuckle on me- whatever. I used this product to keep down my hair line and other hairs with no problem so I'm not sure why it didn't work at my event. I'm willing to guess that I was probably messing in my hair and ruffled it...maybe. Who knows but I still like Darcy's botanicals products and this 4 oz pomade will carry me through the rest of 2009 and I'm ok with that.

Check the price and ingredients below:
Ingredients: organic castor oil, organic coconut oil, brazilian passionfruit oil, organic shea butter, brazilian ucuuba fruit butter, beeswax, and fragrance. It costs $12.00.

What happened to the male group Brutha that had a show on BET? Did you get the album? I didn't get the album but it seems like after the show ended and there was no more family drama to display to the world, their fire fizzled. I heard nothing about their album sales but I guess they went double "wood" not platium since they seem to be completely off the scene now. They actually had some nice songs though. The music industry is not for the faint of heart. ......
In the Theaters
Are you going to see the latest movie spoof from the Wayans family? Those commercials just crack me up each time it airs. From the scene where Shawn Wayans comes to "pick up the baby" to the scene where you just see legs warming up and you discover the leotard clad body is a guy- HILARIOUS. This is one of those down right silly movies and I think I'm feeling that Dance Flick opens in theaters today!
Have a very Happy Friday everyone!!!


antithesis said...

the picking up the baby scene was funny but i dont think imma pay money for the movie. ill wait till it comes on tv.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I have really fine hair so pomades and stuff are a disaster for me.

It seems like it will be funny, and I normally frown upon such coonery. Perhaps if we can catch a matinee we'll go see it.

The Frugalista Files said...

I love the ingredients. Up with being natural.