Monday, May 18, 2009

The Makeup Show -NYC

Endless - aisles - of MAKEUP, are you drooling at the mere thought of it all? I know I was just a "deer in headlights" enamored mess as I cascaded down each aisle allowing my eyes to dance across the vibrantly colored pigments and palettes. Workshops were being held in densely packed corners where each seat was filled with makeup artist thirsting for knowledge. The NYC makeup show is like nothing I have ever experienced, I was in a room bursting at the seams with people passionate about transformations, and makeup! The makeup looks ranged from the gory (tv makeup artist) to the carefully painted faces that donn runways and ballrooms. Companies I had never heard of perched beside companies whose popularity make it difficult for their products to remain on store shelves. A sea of hands moving almost in concert reaching, testing, rubbing, money being exchanged and products bagged - sensory overload!!!!
I will give you a thorough breakdown of some of the products I purchased in another post but today I will focus on one beautiful line and relish the moments I experienced at THE MAKEUP SHOW!
Oh So Kissable
Kissable Couture- soft sultry lips with just the right amount of color makes a happy Diva.
You have heard me talk about this line before but let me re-emphasize that this company DELIVERS when it comes to the non sticky silkiness of the formula and the elegant packaging perfect for gift giving! They have great new colors that really make the line POP! I think I need them all....What are you waiting for, you better order some before they are all gone!
I had encounters with some pleasant vendors but none quite measuring up to the woman who showcased the Kissable Couture Collection. Ms. T, the young flawlessly skinned woman, who challenged me to move beyond my comfort zone of nude colors and embrace more daring selections-thanks. I ended up purchasing Forest (at the top) and Tyler.

When you think of the makeup geniuses who wield kabuki brushes and mascara wands, I hope you think of celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur Mr. AJ Crimson. He is co-owner of Kissable Couture along with Mrs. Keisha Whitaker.
When I meet people for the first time I immediately get a vibe, I think we all do, right? So after meeting AJ some words immediately rolled through my head, he is- gracious, witty, humble, and sincere. Even though he was feeling a little ill at the show, he was such a trooper and his exuberance is contagious.
He gave me his number 1 makeup tip-----DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......

Thanks AJ & Ms. T

Full Circle Moment
When I first began blogging toward the end of 2007, I reached out to Mischo Beauty to ask a question. After kindly responding to my email we shared a few more blog related chats via our respective comment boxes and over a year later it happened. After entering the contest to win tickets to The Makeup Show on Mischo's blog, I WON! So both the start and one of the highlights of my blogging career involves memories of Mischo indelibly sprinkled in my thoughts. Thanks Mischo.......My full circle moment.
Scroll through some other pics from the makeup show.
This was one of the workshops going on in the afternoon.

Naked Cosmetics- I will definitely be talking to you all about this line at some point this week.

If you went to the show what was your experience like?
To the person who entered my blog for a blog makeover- I WON- thanks- so you all will be seeing a beautiful blog face soon!


Therapeutic Musings said...

I have been wanting to try Kissable Couture for so long but I really am not trying to have to pick a shade online. I think I'll still order some eventually though...

I love his #1 makeup tip. It really makes the world of difference (enven though I'm to lazy to follow it most days). Now I've been renewed. Mascara and gloss every day.

I'm glad you had fun!

Just_Wondering said...

Wow the way you described the show I wish I could have crashed the show. I appreciated you highlighted Mr. Crimson because lets be real, Makeup artists don't get a lot of credit. People to assume that these celebs look that good naturally! lol So although I'm not a makeup Neesta, I agree with the fact that mascara and lipgloss really make your face light up.

I'm so happy that you had a chance to go and explore the world of Makeup!!!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM I know you already placed yourt KC order so when you receive it please let me know what you think. Yes, his makeup tip is on POINT!
Just W.Make sure you are there next year :-) Yes, the artist is often ignored while the celeb gets photographed or whatever but they certainly get a boat load of help from artists like AJ.

Anonymous said...

I know you had a good time. I went to the one in L.A. It was cool but had more fun at IBS NY. Think I'm gonna go to IMATTS (think that's it) next year.