Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Honey & Random

When I received the image above in my inbox, I was intrigued, but when I read the name "Black Honey" I knew I had to own it. I headed to sephora to find this Clinique black honey gloss ($13.50)but instead I found the black honey "Almost lipstick". The almost lipstick is a cross between a tinted lipgloss and a lipstick. My lips feel moisturized with this $14.00 product and it provides color that lasts. I only wish that the color would be darker than it is, as you will see in the pics below.

I do like that I can layer this product on to get more color yet it doesn't make my lips feel like I just applied a pound of vaseline. The formula is really light weight and I would buy this product again. The only thing that would make me think twice is the color which isn't quite as dark as I hoped. I would certainly get this color as a lipstick.

(don't look too long at my ashy lips)

I tried ordering things from Darcy's Botanical last night and it just wouldn't work. The products look great so I can't wait to try them out personally. Have you made any purchases from this company? If so, what did you get?
On The Tube
I watched the Making the Band Season Finale and I like Dawn with the short hair.
Que was all sane and put together...yay Que.
D. Woods has a good look, though I wish her wardrobe would consist of more grown up selections but to each his own.
Ok I kind of thought this was funny- when the ladies of Danity Kane told the world about their upcoming projects why did Shannon claim a it's not even her website but she is linked up with some web company. I was sitting there like ummm everyone else was calling out album/single release dates a tv show etc. and she said a LOL. To me Shannon was always the forgettable one anyway.
Andrea decided not to attend the reunion show, apparently she's still broken up over being dismissed the The Didster himself. Honestly Andrea was forgettable to me too.
Did you watch? What did you think of it all?
In Theaters today
Obsessed and the Soloist.
I am still in phase 2 of smashing the fat. All is well. I love this diet plan. If you have any fat smash questions feel free to ask.
Have a great weekend all!


Therapeutic Musings said...

I expected the color to come out much darker. If you keep on going does it get that dark?

Can you have grilled cheese on the fat smash ;) it's grilled cheese month. LOL

laughing808 said...

I watched the finale last night as well, and I agree that Dawn's short hair was very cute, I hope she keeps that look.

I really didn't see the point of them being on the show for real, there were still so many unanswered questions, they clarified nothing. But I really didn't care one way or the other.

Glad Day 26 got it together and hopefully they will continue to succeed

Amina said...

Black honey looks great on you!
I love Darcy's Botanicals. I have all of her products. I highly recommend the vanilla styling creme, tucuma butter, palm kernel and one of the pomades.
Did you order on her etsy shop? It should be working. here's the address:

I can't wait to read your review..

and yes i also watched the Finale and dawn looks soo much better with the short hair. I still think that Q needs to get some sort of psych evaluation.

I could see the tension between Dawn and Dwoods...Aubrella was just

Laquita said...

I thought the color would be darker as well - but it looks like it's right up my alley since I only wear lip gloss - :o)

antithesis said...

really thought that would be DARK. like "bing" or something.

i dont know how i feel about the soloist. my friend read the book so i know he is really excited to see it and jamie is his favorite person ever. if he were in town he would drag me out to it.

B said...

I like that color from Clinique! And I like that shade.

I love Darcy's Botancial's. I have the Lavendar seum and vanilla styling creme. My locs love them like crazy!

Have a great weekend!

savvy said...

I have the same shade in the almost lipstick and have the same complaint as you. I've seen it reviewed/raved over in numerous magazines so I was a bit disappointed that it's not darker.

PS - Check your spam folder. I e-mailed you a while back. You won the book giveaway.

B. Fly said...

I've ordered several things from Darcy's Botanicals: Madagascar vanilla styling creme, organic palm fruit and cherry kernel butter, tucuma butter moisture whip, coconut and hibiscus conditioning oil, and tonga bean oil, and juicy peach kernel hairdressing creme. I haven't sampled everything yet, but I love the fragrances of the vanilla styling creme, peach hairdressing creme, and palm fruit and cherry kernel butter (I ordered the key lime scent). I asked her a question about the coconut lemongrass transitioning creme when I placed my first order, and she sent me a sample of it. I ordered a second time, and she sent a sample of a different product. I'm pleased with her customer service so far, and I really like the products that I've tried.


my mom loves black honey. i was so scared when she showed it to me and she said, "no it's really pretty!" it does look pretty. i'll have to try hers.

Lauren said...

Hi Diva! Lonnnggg time. It's good to see you're still keeping up with your daily posts lol, I know you mentioned the recession before & it hasn't stopped me from my basic needs (shoes, hand bags, clothes, & assessories) lol yes I have a real serious shopping prob. But I've calm down (its only been a week lol) b/c I'm trying to buy a new car so all my flimsy shopping must stop. (or at least until the summer really hits). I'm going on vaca in July so i gotta gear up lol I haven't brought or been on any hair products blogs in MONTHS & i'm good on it lol. I have a ton of hair products so that's the only thing I gave up in this recession lol. Neway, I saw the moive Obessed this past Friday & lemme tell u, that movie was very entertaining, me & my friends were cracking up at Beyonce's acting (and I'm a big Beyonce fan I love her music & her divaness lol) The only part where she was convincing was in the hospital scence when she thought he was cheating. The movie wasn't terrible it was okay, alot of loop holes, we could have wrote a better script w a ton of twists & B should have played the obessed one, that would have def been way more interesting. My gay guy friend said that ish should have went str8 to dvd lol. That white chick was nutz!! lol. B should just stick to what she knows & does best; being Mrs Carter, singing & being a dvia. I need to see the Soloist next, I heard it was a great movie, y did it come in after Obsessed?? Lol wow. Idk when I'll be back on here but hopefully it'll be soon, take care! :-)