Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jelly, -Loose Lips and To each his own

For weeks I have been eyeing the Loreal Jelly High Intensity Pigment lip balms. Something about the word jelly and the bright color made me think of the old school Jelly shoes (too many memories), so I just had to pick one up. Can you say DISAPPOINTMENT. The formula is not as silky as the MAC lip balms, it is a bit thick so you only need to apply a small amount. The color of the product does add a nice tint to your lips- so what's the problem PJD? Well it’s just a lip balm so I don’t know why I was expecting fireworks, it’s ok though. lol I think I'm just being dramatic today however I wouldn’t pay $9.00 for this again though, I can tell you that much.

Harlem Heights
Landon= snitch
It seems that Landon has little air time because he is in law school and busy pursuing his political career. However, each time he gets a little camera time it seems like he's snitched on yet another cast member.
There is just something about a man who like to gossip that gets under my skin. Don't get me wrong I know men will talk just like women do but when a guy likes to stir up the pot that's a problem.
Brooke- Dear dear Brooke, how quickly we forget. Just recently you engaged in some bad behavior when you participated in a kiss with another woman's love interest and now you are upset when he speaks to other women. Ummmm what goes around comes around.

Is Pierre really trying to talk to the woman whose voice I cant stand? I mean really I know it takes love some time to develop but that is just ridiculous it seems like Pierre just wants someone to listen to his drama and Briana is more than willing. So I guess by making her his girlfriend he can easily hold her captive to his never ending (and I suspect boring) tales.
If you were friends with a guy for a while and he happily dated everyone BUT you then eventually realized your existence beyond that of a friend how would you feel?

All About Us
The movie that I raved about yesterday, All About Us, yeah that's the one. Well I got my sister to watch it and she hated just about every minute of it. I mean she actually called the movie punishment. To each his own I suppose.
Is there a movie that rocked your boat while others cringed at the thought of watching it?


antithesis said...

most people didnt like the breakup w/ vince vaughn and jennifer aniston but it's pretty much the only movie i'll watch with her. that and along came polly. i have the breakup on dvd. i think it's funny. but, like you said, to each his own.

Lady Virgo said...

Fireproof is that movie for me.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I like movies that everybody hates like Glitter, From Justin to Kelly, Kingdom Come, LOL. Shoot, I own them on DVD and watch them and sing along and enjoy it! My list is never ending.

That lip gloss just looked like a no go for me. The high intensity made me think I'd look like a clown, glad I passed on it.

J said...

I got that color. I didn't spend $9 for it. I got mine when it was a BOGO, not the BOGO 50%off. It more of a gloss than a lip balm but I actually love it. Love Harlem Heights! The most redeeming quality that BET came up with. Can't stand Bridget, Brooke and Briana aka OLD LADY.
Pierre is an okay brotha.
Christian is too wishy washy.
I agree that Landon is a snitch, with a shining ass lip. Look really close to his mouth. My sister and I wonder did he get popped in the mouth. Jason is really cute and his daughter is precious. Love Ashlie,the Kellies, and Ally.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I saw the break up I thought it was ok and I dont think I have seen another movie with jennifer.
Lady Virgo wow I've never even heard of that film.
TM LOL your pics always make me laugh. Kingdom come was a bit of a challenge but once I made it through certain scenes it wasnt a bad movie.

J bogo is always the way to go.
YESSSS I noticed Landon's shining lips always greasy...why? lol
Briana is like a grandma on the show. We like all the same people from the show :-). Overall I like them all just because they all have jobs and this is a good effort from BET.
thanks for reading everyone.