Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Sample- In the Theather & Fat Smash& Oprah's Hair

Every once in a while, I receive a Sephora Beauty Insiders sample that's actually worth the container it's packaged in. Recently I snagged a delicious paraben-free body butter that's delivers real moisture. The guava passion scented butter is infused with various oils and shea butter to provide long-lasting moisture.The beeswax in the product is supposed to keep that moisture locked into your skin. In my opinion, it works pretty well. I will definitely purchase this $16 product in the future. It is available in 9 mouth-watering scents.
Which store brand products work for you?

In The Theater
So did you see it? Were you able to catch either the Soloist, or Obsessed? If you are anything like me, you made sure you packed those two movies into your schedule this past weekend.
Obsessed is basically what you expect it to be, no real surprises but it wasn't poorly done.
Now let's get down to what some of you want to know about- Beyonce's acting. I think with each roll there is a some improvement in her ability to deliver a realistic performance. Normally I would say you either have the acting chops or you don't but I think Mrs. Carter falls somewhere in the middle. She certainly is no Monica when it comes to acting (she is simply dreadful) but she isn't Mos Def either. Work still has to be done in that department because she, in my opinion, fails to really connect with the character I still feel like I'm watching Beyonce pretending to be some character. Well PJD isn't that what acting is all about? See when I see Jamie Foxx playing Ray Charles or Nathaniel Anthony Ayres Jr., I don't see his ugly Wanda character, or any trace of his previous portrayals- I just see the character. I am able to be lost in the moment and I can fully embrace the character. Beyonce on the other hand makes me wonder when she is going to break into a rendition of "Put a Ring on it".
I didn't expect too much from her and let's face it her father was listed as one of the executive producers (I'm not hating, I'm just so as they say, it is what it is.
Of course Idris and Ali delivered in their performances. Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, I will give it 7-7.5 stars.

The Soloist
Jamie, Jamie, Jamie wow what an actor we have in our time. He was a believable schizophrenic and played the part well. The intelligence of Mr. Ayers was not overshadowed by Jamie as he tried to shine real light on Nathaniel's mental illness.
It was beautifully performed by both Jamie Foxx and Robery Downey Jr.
Here is a quick video on what I do with fruit on the fat smash diet.

Oprah's Hair
I forgot to post on this today so check out Afrobella's post on Oprah's hair.


B said...

I have one of those Sephora it free and I love it! Was too busy to catch some movies this weekend but I definitely want to see The Soloist.

antithesis said...

my friend chose the body butter as well. glad you liked it. i chose the mascara instead. tried it out today. nothing special. kinda wish i got the body butter. that's ok, ill pick some up soon.

Calming Corners said...

I love body butters. I will try this one. Thanks for the movie reviews. Yes I agree Ms. Carter and her acting. Even the Nintendo commercial came off fake...

savvy said...

I mailed the book to you on Saturday.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B I think you will like the soloist
Antithesis I reviewed the mascara the other day (if you are talking about the Benefit mascara) I thought it was fine, but the thick brush just felt a little wierd.
CC see I thought the commercial was ok, maybe because she wasnt really talking lol.
Savvy thanks so much.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great post! I saw Obsessed and we agree - it was just what we expected, nothing more, nothing less. I still feel as if I'm watching Beyonce play a character. I went to support black filmmakers, etc.

As for the Soloist, I didn't see that one yet.

I love Sephora's lip gloss. They have a wide range of colors and if I'm not mistaken, they're only $10!

Miss Yaya said...

i was at sephora too and i was suprised that supersize sample was def supersized this time around

have yet to try it :)

fab_E said...

i've fallen in love with sephora's body butter and sephora's lip glosses and lipstick...such a varitey of colors

i love this blog though..glad to see other product junkies like me!

The Caramel Goddess said...

I saw Obsessed. B did slightly better but she still sucks. And of course not only was her father a producer but she was as well. But she needs a lot of training. Even the best actors do. I want to see The Soloist. Looks interesting.