Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Review & On the Tube

(Sorry for the bad pic. I will use my good camera again soon. This is what I have to use when I am in a rush)

Hello Beauties
Sorry for the late post.
This may be one of my shortest posts yet…lol
I tried this Nivea cherry flavored lip balm and when it’s all said and done –this fake cherry scent makes me nauseous..lol
OK Ok so how does it apply? Well it is a thick tube of lip balm and it glides on well- average. You have more of a waxy feeling though, not an oily feeling. I wouldn’t buy this again. It was roughly $3.00


I know you didn’t, but I will ask anyway. Did you watch the finale of Harlem Heights? Ok I didn’t think so…lol
For those who did watch I have a few questions:
Is Brooke seriously upset that Christian was chatting it up with an old friend after she KISSED him when he was with Ashley?
Did you catch that (OH SO OBVIOUS BET YOU NEED TO STOP) Ambi commercial in the middle of the show. Bridget picks up the bottle of Ambi lotion (label facing the camera) then applies it to her arms under perfect lighting so we see how her skin glistens. Then she reapplies….WHAT? Please BET no more commercials during the program-that was just tacky.
Maybe I can't complain too much, at least BET didnt have them do that KFC commercial again..sigh.
Season 2 Coming Soon
Ray J picked his lady love until season 2 begins. (can’t believe I just acknowledged that show).
College Hill tonight- I saw the preview and I just have to say if you can dish it out Kyle, please be prepared to accept what’s coming to you. You can NOT talk smack to people and then cry (I mean the HARD cry) in a corner…WHAT?
And last week did anyone see that part where Kyle discussed his eating disorders?
Ok I did say this was going to be a short post didn’t I?
Thanks to:
All of my youtube subscribers-more videos coming soon I promise.
And of course those following this blog…greatly appreciated.


antithesis said...

i got two free tubes of the regular nivea lip balm with some lotion i bought. me no likey...at all.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I tried the regular too. Womp womp they suck. I was mad because I kept seeing them in magazines saying they were good (you'd think I would learn). Back to the blistex pot.

Laquita said...

I caught the show last night - that was the season finale - wow either the season must have been short or I missed a ton of shows :o)

Anyway, I did catch the Ambi 'commercial'. The bottle was so nicely placed and the lighting was just right. I almost fell for it - I was like 'Oooo she's using Ambi, her skin is so nice and ... ' then I snapped out of it and said to myself - isn't Ambi one of the show's sponsors lol :o)

D Alexandra said...

had high hopes for that lip tube... 3 bucks sounded nice too.

Andrea said...

Lol to Harlem Heights i never watched the show well only one espisode in the beginning and i did not like it. Maybe its because i work in harlem and its not all how they make it sound but anyways i read all the espisodes and laugh at that girl brooke she thinks she fly but not really and she had no reason to be upset when she took the guy from somebody else orginally.

College Hill i watched it for the first time and could not stop laughing at that guy Kyle he is so gay its unbelievable and the stuff he says smh. So im going to be watching that show just because hes funny. I know i'm bad.

For the love of Ray J i was stating on Facebook to some people i know that i felt he was just looking for a kim karsdashin look a like or something simliar. So i know that romance with him and cocktail will not last for long.

Product Junkie Diva said...

antithesis ok I see I wasn't imagining things LOL thanks
Tm I think a few ofbia got caught out there LOL.
Laquita they tried to be slick with that commercial but we caught them :-) and yes the season was short.
D. A. Sometimes a good price really isbtoo good to be true.
Hey andrea

J said...

I like the Nivea balm in the blue tube. I never really liked Cherry flavored anything. Now I love Harlem Height. I was crying when I saw Brianna (it is confusing when you have three people with B names)jacking Brooke's Ambi Lotion. That wasn't the first ad placement. It was a couple of episodes back with the same bottle and Brianna tired to get it from Brooke and she was like "you better get your own". What is all the animosity about the Kellies. Brooke and Brianna seem to zoom in to both of them. They are friends of Bridget and Ashlie. I was tripping about how she didn't want to do the PSA and then towering over little Kelly saying that she say this or that. When did that ish happened. I can have major conversations about the show but there is not a good outlet. Mad that the season was so short as well.

yummy411 said...

i was saying on twitter that i never remember to watch harlem heights cuz i'm watching the foolishness that is for the love of ray j! =p omg i so missed college hill. cannot wait to see that episode!

i couldn't believe kyle the way he 'welcomed' the new girl... 'hate her 'til you love her.. that's how it is.' SADLY. a lot of us in the black culture are like that (not me) .. it exists and it's a shame!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Andrea he got a really poor version of KK lol
J YES i totally remember the other amib commercial, they were in Brooke's kitchen...haha what a joke. But i still like the show though..lol An you are right with 3 B's it can get confusing I think in one post I wrote Bridget when i really meant Briana. Any why are they all picking on Kelly. However do you notice that they really dont bring much drama to the other Kelly, at least not to her face. She is the one that is sitting atop her familiy's empire and she appears to be so above the drama.
I like her. Christian is a moron..lol
You can do HH chat right here any time you want. :-) erlcome J.
Yummy Kyle said about tyhe new roommate is 1) i dont like her, 2) i dont like her 3) I dont like her.
lol he's a mess.