Thursday, April 9, 2009

Budget Friendly Deep Conditioner

I was not going to post on a hair product today, but I have to get over my shock by telling you all about my results.
We are in a recession so I wanted a budget friendly deep conditioner, one that I could slather on at will without feeling guilty. Ok let me be honest I didn't really feel guilty with pouring on the expensive items for my pre poo but I want to make a change- a financial change.
Just for kicks, I decided to try Palmers Hair Success Penetrating deep Conditioner. It is supposed to soften and strengthen dry brittle hair. As you can see on the jar it is also the anti-breakage formula, so I was really interested in seeing what this would do to my hair.
I really like this product and I can certainly see myself getting this $5.79 product again and again and again. Here is the negative- I didn't realize that this has parabens in it, which you know I don't like. I picked up a bunch of products I had never used before and after reading the labels I was certain I had put back all of the paraben laiden products, but obviously I didn't. Well at least it worked well because my hair looks bouncy, healthy and it is indeed soft. How could I forget to mention that this product smells good too!
Have you tried this product or any of the other Palmers products? (excluding the cocoa butter products, I know we have all tried that :-) ) I am particularly interested in the Palmers at home spa -have you seen that in your local Duane Reade? I may pick it up today.


justme said...

i havent seen this product but i am going to look. most of my vacation money has been spent on products LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

Just Me I can just
have fun.