Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Makeup- The recession and Bride To Be- On the Tube

Galapagos, by Nars is the eye shadow I've been trying to get my hands on ever since I saw Just Me feature this dazzling shade. Sephora just can't seem to keep the shelves stocked with this item, but I found it. This shadow looks like a dark brown with golden flecks. It is a perfect shade to glam up your evening look. Now I am not an eyeshadow type of gal but I needed this product in my beauty arsenal. I paid $22 for this tiny compact (mirror included of course).
Yesterday, I received an invitation from MAC asking me to attend the Style Warrior event being held in NYC. Although I am almost 100% certain that I won't attend, the bronze colors have caught my eye. Have you seen the collection? Will you attend the event?
The Recession
A while ago I wrote a post discussing our hard economic times because it seemed like many people were still shopping like mad. Yesterday in an online article Essence confirmed my suspicions as readers were vocal in saying what they would NOT give up even during the recession. The list included manicures, keeping eyebrows in check, and one lady had her eyes on shoes that cost over $1,000. What do you refuse to give up during despite the fact that we are IN A RECESSION?
Personally, my shoe addiction won't die easily but I have slowed down tremendously.
Bride To Be
As the weather warms up, many of us expect to receive an onslaught of wedding invitations. I love a good wedding so I will try my hand at offering you lovely brides to be some suggestions. Hopefully you happily married gals reading this blog will chime in.
This is what I am now thinking when it comes to the all important wedding cake: Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a cake buy several cakes from Costco, BJs or a similar store and have then stacked like a real wedding cake. The sizes range from very large sheet cakes right down to your tiny rectangular cake. Ask a friend who is great at cake decorating to spruce up the cake for your big day. Instead of $800 + you can get away with a $150 depending on how many guest you have! What do you think ladies, tacky or tasteful?
Did you go all out on your wedding day cake?
On the Tube
If you watch VH1's I love money do you think It is really that simple or is he just playing it up for the cameras. I think he is gunning for his own show, which I doubt he would ever get but he certainly has a plan in place. Who do you think will win the competition?


B said...

I love love love love love NARS. And I love that eyeshadow. I have a similar one from Too Faced. MAC's Warrior collection looks hot but I don't think I want/need anything. As far as the recession...it has hit me. State workers have taken a budget decrease so I most certainly think twice before spending every dollar. If I have money to spare, I think about saving it.

laughing808 said...

re: on the tube

"It" is indeed a character, but not worthy of a show. And I think Prancer will win the show, Myamee is to pritzy and Saphayrie is too "special" and those three want Tailor Made and It out, so neither of the men will win.

Therapeutic Musings said...

"It" is very, very special! It has to be an act.

I haven't really given up anything despite the recession because I've always been very frugal and saved a lot. I guess if it came down to it, I would refuse to give up my cable. I hate Hubbys movies and he hates mine. It would be a warzone up in our house.

My wedding cake was free :) And it was beautiful!

[Emeritus] said...

I want the Galapagos! Ugh why must I like it. Whyyyy?/

Recession: I cannot give up my hair products. Not unless I want to walk around looking a hot mess.

Bride to Be: How about pulling some inexpensive looks for we wedding goers. I have two wedding coming up this July and I have no idea what to wear.

VH1 I love Money: I love that show (yes I just admitted that out loud) but I have no idea who you meant when you said "is he just playing it up for the cameras." Do you mean Tailormade? I haven't watched the show in a while.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B it sounds like you're being really smart with your money!
Laughing you are right prancer is a pretty tough cookie but when it cones down to it I think Miyamme may be able to put up a fight. It should be ashamed of himself.
TM a free wedding cake that's a great gift.
Emeritus great idea, I will pull some looks that guests can wear to weddings. Ok on I love money there is a black guy and they call him IT, I don't know what his real name is but he acts like a dummy. I think it's all an act, he even mentions that they "think" he's dumb. Tailormade has actually been a good guy on the show. He hasn't been lying and he supports his pals. He's done pretty well fir himself.
Thanks for reading everyone.

justme said...

arent i jealous, you got an invite. i have been getting invites but i cannot go....

thanks for talking about that smashbox lipgloss

enjoy the galapagos, when i hear that color mentioned, my ears perk up which i why i want that lipgloss now

Recession-havent changed a thing. i am saving towards a goal but it has nothing to do with the recession. i have been a saver for a long time anyway so for that i am thankful. i probably spend more now on experiences and out of boredom

Tami said...

Recession has hit me hard but my hair is 75% gray so I will never ever give up my monthly salon visits to get my hair dyed nor will I give up my lip waxing! Everything else I always find a way around it or do it myself.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Just Me you keep saving, i know you will reach your financial goals.
Tami you seem to be quite the resourceful lady so salon visits here and there sound great!