Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We were going strong until.....

A few weeks back my skin was not in a good place. I didn't have pimples or anything like that, it just didn't feel refreshed. You know you have it bad when your daydreams involve a skincare specialist and an intense facial. Thankfully, my sister purchased the Z. Bigatti mini skincare set which consists of the following items:
  • Re-Storation deep Repair Facial Serum $198
  • Champagne Gel Cleanser $69
  • Re-storation silk toner $60
  • Impact (fruit enzyme mask) $128.00
  • Illuminate facial cream $175

The gel cleanser does not foam, instead it creates a milk-like cream on your face. Despite the absence of foam, my skin feels clean after using the champagne gel cleanser. The toner to me, seemed like a typical toner, maybe just a little less harsh. The repair serum gives your skin a little tingle and almost acts as a foundation to prepare your skin for the other fruit infused treatments that you will apply.I then applied the three minute mask and ended by applying the ever so light moisturizer.
The same night that I tried this line my skin got exactly what it needed. It was like the system cleaned my pores out and gently removed all impurities from my skin. I was riding high thinking I had found my new skincare line. A few weeks into using the system I noticed that the dry areas on my face became excessively dry. A small section of the skin on my cheek began to peel and that was when I knew the system was too strong for my skin. I quickly stopped using the system and returned to my Rx for Brown skin. While using Z. Bigatti if my skin even thought about allowing a pimple to burst forth that thought was crushed. I literally had not one single bump while using it, but the downside it that it was sucking the life from my skin. Almost a week after I switched back to Rx, (which i still love by the way) a bump felt confident enough to show it's head. I decided to use the Z. Bigatti mask on that one bump and poof it sucked it up in no time flat.
Pricing- the Z Bigatti products are not cheap as you can see from the prices above; however, my sister purchased a sampler kit and did not pay this much. In fact I think she paid a little over 100 for the entire sampler. I will have to verify that with her. I will not get these products again simply because of the strength of them but it did give me fab skin until it BURNED

Sidenote- I think that Givenchy moisturizer was the culprit making my skin feel all heavy and weighed down.


MakeupByRenRen said...

wow, i would hold on to the mask next time a pimple comes around...but it does look like it's too strong for you

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

That's a very expensive culprit in my opinion.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Wow, those items are pricey. I just went to the derm yesterday and I have to pick up some expensive meds/creams/etc. Oh the cost of beauty!! LOL

Glad to hear that the mask worked on the pimple. They seem to work well for me too as spot treatments.


man ever since i used the murad complex, i really try to stop purchasing expensive skin care. murad made my skin worse. thats cool the mas worked but they're kind of pricey.

Miss Yaya said...

god bless ur sis with those prices :)

Therapeutic Musings said...

Heyyyyy you have a sister! Miss/Ms/Mrs PJD I don't know anything about you! Hmmm, I may be a bit off topic, lol.

B said...

Yikes!! Pretty pricey for it to not to what it should. Please tell me yall kept the receipt. but really--you did, didn't you?

Product Junkie Diva said...

Ren you are right about that.
Mrs. YF it is indeed but I wont be getting that kit-the mask is a possibility.
BGG yes beauty can cost and arm and a leg :-)
Jens I am not a murad fan either.
Miss Yaya she didnt pay that for each product, she got the sampler kit so it was a over 100 bucks but not as much as the prices listed.
TM what do you want to know diva?
B no she will have to eat that purchase.