Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random & Thank You

Today I was going to post on the a skincare line that threw me a curve ball, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I still want to chat with you about a few random things:
1)Which tv shows do you watch but refuse to acknowledge it in public? It's ok to share here, no one can see you lol.
2) Any products out there that you are thinking of purchasing?
I know you didn't watch Harlem Heights, so I won't ask..lol
I have another post below featuring an online mag. that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you to all of my blog "followers" and you tube subscribers!

**Edited to include my answers..lol**
I have tuned into the following shows G's to Gents, Baldwin Hills (yeah I said it..lol), the Hills, The City (don't watch this anymore though I can't stomach Whitney's diction), Candy Girls (I only watched an episode or two) and that hew MTV show Taking the Stage ( I know I know but it remids me of old school Fame lol) Ok I think I better stop there. If anyone was on Twitter last night you know about another one but let's keep that on the Hush Hush.
I should mention that I have only tuned in


Avartsy said...

lol...i'm actually not ashamed to say the shows i watch in public...to each his own i say...i'm a sucker for reality tv, from g's to gent's to college hill, all of 'em, yup, even the hills. the only one i refuse to watch is i love money, i just don't get that one, so its a no go...products i want to get...a bunch from darcy's botanicals and the juice n berries from oyin handmade...share urs too lady!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

So I'm trying to stay clear of reality shows, but I did slip back last night and watch HH. I dunno, if I don't see it again, I won't cry, but that's maybe because I didn't catch it from the start. That chick with the blond hair, Aslie's friend, look like she belongs in Alien v. Predator. Just a little observation.

Products...I have to get the glycerin and all the oils for my hair. I still haven't purchased them, plus the stuff to keep my nails from breaking. Also Tea tree oil to see if it helps with my dark spots.

B said...

I can't say I watch any reality t.v. show. Except Intervention and RuPaul's Drag Race....all of the other ones seem so staged.

And as for products....hmmm, I need a good sunscreen that smells good.

dominican enigma said...

I am addicted absolutely addicted to the real housewives of ny. holy crap it's an addiction.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Don't tell anybody, cuz I'll deny it, but I watch house of payne. Not only do I watch it, I crack up like a fool while I watch it. I'll call my sister and we'll watch it together and crack up. That is the only show I'm ashamed of, lol. You know of my other addictions because I'm always blabbing on twitter!

I want to try Ole Henrickson daily defense gel. I use the other products in his blemish attack line, this is the only one I don't have. I think I'm finally gonna stop whining about the cost and get it this month.

Anonymous said...

im watch rock of love/bus of love i dont even know the proper name, its a bunch of girls making out with one guy, like the bachelor but not as posh :) ( its all my sisters fault i tell you, she watches the most shameful shows, shamefull i tell you. :D) and sometimes, i even watch paris hiltons british best friend just because one can never have too many bffs.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Avartsy G's to gents is cool. Ummm I watch I love money..LOL
OHHH i love the smell of juices and berries.
MRs. YF OUCH girl A. vs. P. movie?lol
Well your hair is looking fab so I guess you don't need them.
B YES intervention is GOOOOD...sad but GOOOD
DE I didn't want to watch them but then it happened...I watched and have been watching ever since..lol
TM WHen I get a chance I look at HOP also and I have to say it has IMPROVED so no need to deny that one. Now if you said meet the browns i would have to pay you a visit..lol
Ole H. stuff kicked my butt and not in a good way.
Anonymous ROCK OF LOVE BUS? is that why you posted as anonymous? LOl you really are trying to keep your identity under wraps. :-).
Thanks for reading everyone.