Monday, March 16, 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow, Battle it out and Leave it alone

The beginning of this post is my rant/ plea for suggestions, so if you just want to see the product review please scroll down.
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
Yes I mean hair as opposed to here because one second I had hair on my head and the next second it was gone! Maybe I am being overly dramatic but I lost roughly 2-3 inches of hair from my right side. So there I was pre pooing my 4 month post hair and what on earth made me, the protein phobic person, include so much protein in my pre poo? I have no answer for that one but that's what I did and then I sat under a heat cap, then I exercised. I decided to wash out my hair and what do you know, my hair was balled up like a this is so not funny. It's like my shed hair wrapped perfectly around my good hair and locked it up in some type of power grip, couple that with the protein which now made my hair hard and you have a knotted up mess. I worked out as much as I could until I just had to do some cutting to resolve the issue. I am really not as sad as one would think after all it's just hair and I haven't had a trim in forever so maybe it was long overdue. However I have not trimmed it out to even up with my left side. I will push my perm up to this weekend just to get an idea of what I am dealing with and then I will act accordingly if more cutting is needed. My right side (the side the grows much faster) is now the shorter side but after assessing the damage, I don't seem to have any split ends or other damage so that is good.
Now here is my plea to all of you.
I have a big event coming up in May and another in June and I had (emphasis on HAD) the idea of what my hair should look like but now that may not come to fruition. I am trying my best to grow as much hair as I can by Ok I know this may sound crazy but hear me out. I normally get the usual 1/2 inch each month, which means by May I would have 1 inch but I want 2-2.5 so I am now doing the following:
1)Exercising (I was doing this for health related reasons and for a 2010 event) but exercise increases blood flow which helps in stimulating hair growth.
2)Drinking plenty of water (I started my water challenge a few weeks back but water always helps hair growth).
3)I am getting in more sleep time, no more 2-4 hours of rest I need my 5-6 at least!
4)I started taking MSM (forgot the dosage but I am taking it and I WON'T slack off)
5)I am also taking Biotin, and a simple complete vitamin pill for women.
6)I am using Surge 14 plus - I will do a post on that later.
So is there anything that you would suggest so that I can attempt to get my 2-3 inches or 2-2.5 inches by the end of May?
Thanks for reading and for any suggestions you may have...
Battle It Out -product review
I know I spoke about these products before but some people wanted to see the scrubs in action so here you go....

Urban Decay

Sometimes a product is just a product and I am fine with that reality. However some companies want to be so cutting edge that they come up with new gimmicks to sell products. Lip gloss has been done in a variety of ways over the years so what does a company do when they have no idea how to improve the formula of a product? They change the tube it's in. Urban Decay's latest lip gloss features men on the tube, and when you tilt the tube this is what Urban Decay says will happen- " with the tilt of the tube, your well-dressed man will be stripped to his undies! Front and rear photos are included for your viewing pleasure, and the flat tube slides right into your pocket." Really Urban Decay, is this the best you could do????
Ok feedback everyone what do you think of this product?


antithesis said...

omg! that is not ok! after the protein did you follow up with a moisturizing conditioner? that might have gotten the some of the knotting out. wow...sorry to hear this happened.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

we already spoke about the hair. I don't have any added suggestions besides keeping your scalp clean and using those oils that stimulate hair growth, but your regimine seems like it will be effective.

Naked men...that's so lame.

[Emeritus] said...

yah, your regi sounds like it can't be improved on. very solid. i am so sorry that happened to you though. like anithesis, i'm also wondering if you followed up the protein with a good deep condition with heat.

all i can think of is, through out the week, try only co-washing after one good clarifying wash just to get any protein residue out.

load up on the condish and see if you can work out some of the knots. right now i am using herbal essences long term relationship condish after reading about it and IT IS AMAZING. not only does my jilbere comb slide through y undergrowth like butter, it must also have some stretching qualities because my undergrowth feels less like carpet after using it. not to mention my hair stays soft post-drying.

try that and hopefully it works.

and if it all fails, nothing can break down knots like a perm. lol.

ps: the urban decay men ploy is the wackness.

Tami said...

Yikes...sorry and good luck!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Ladies!