Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lips, Gowns and Abs

Above is a picture of the Oyin Honey stick lip balm. It is made from honey, vitamin E, shea butter and other natural ingredients. Yes, it keeps my lips feeling smooth and silky but it smells so much like raw honey. I guess you would expect a honey scent in a lip balm named Honey stick but it may be a bit too much honey for my liking. I do however think, in terms of texture and staying power, this is a nice lip balm. You can purchase your own tube for $4.00

Last night/ this morning I was watching the WE channel and there was a show, Girl Meets Gown, about women and their wedding dresses. One woman, now 35 years old, knew the dress she wanted to be married in when she was 16/17. She saw the picture in a magazine, cut it out of the book and carried it through life. She said she took it to college from her undergraduate years, to graduate school and even when she did her doctorate. They had to track down the $14,000 which ended up being in London (or some place like that I forgot). She was a plus size bride so they had to make alterations etc. but it was everything she had envisioned.
How much would you spend on a wedding gown? What would you do with the gown after the wedding?
Maybe this post is the start of my PJD goes bridal series which I still have in my drafts section..lol
Healthy Living

Seriously, have you ever seen the infomercial for HIP Hope Abs? If not it is a fitness cd featuring this dancer who promises to whip your body into shape by performing dance routines. I got my Hip Hop kit yesterday and I did one 28 minutes routine....NICE work out. I like the idea of learning new dance steps while working my body out, it really doesn't even feel like I'm working out. I will keep you up on my progress.
Do you have any exciting fitness routines that you like to do?


Miss Yaya said...

I don't know if I'd spend more than 1,000 on my dress. I honestly don't know if I'd spend over 500. I guess that might depend when I get married lol!

B said...

I get my ab work-out on the Wii doing yoga and some of the strength training exercises. They aren't exciting but they are effective!

TravelDiva said...

No more than a couple of thousand in this economy. $14K - heck--that's catering and stuff for the wedding!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I've moved on to the crunchless abs workout. It really works, like it better than pilates.

Wedding gown---As close to $100 as possible. Maybe that's only in my imagination, but I'm just wearing the thing once. No way would I ever pay over 500 buckaroos.

Just_Wondering said...

14,000 is way much money to spend on a dress. It's a one day event. I'm not sure how much I would spend. But if i could get something under $1000 that looks great, I'd definately go for it. I wonder what people do with my dress. I can't think that far. I'm still hoping God blesses me with a wonderful man. That's what I can pray for. :-)

Therapeutic Musings said...

My whole wedding didn't cost $14,000, lol. Every year on my anniversary I plan on wearing my dress since they wouldn't let me wear it on my honeymoon. I need to get every penny's worth!

I work out at the gym with coworkers and my husband, I have so much fun because I get to watch t.v. it makes me stay on much longer than I anticipated.

justme said...

keep us updated on the hiphop abs

Product Junkie Diva said...

MIss Yayay me too, I guess I will see what I do when that day comes. However I know that i won't break the bank for the dress.
B I am still interested in that wii, i need it lol
TravelDiva 14K is a bit much for a dress that will be worn one day.
Mrs. YF I am sure you will hit that price mark too! You can slip into anything so you are good to go.
JWondering some peole pass the dress down to their daughters, but I am just thinking the daughter may want her own gown not her moms old dress. Also styles chaNge etc so that wouldnt really be fair. Other people cut it to make the dress the covering for their wedding photo album.
TM lol @ earing the dress each year...lol
Just me I certainly will.

Ashley said...

omg i LOVE hip hop abs!!