Friday, March 6, 2009


What thoughts roll through your mind when you think of Brooklyn? While Brooklyn may have a reputation of being a tough borough, it also has a sophisticated edge. It's rich with history, culture, and an artistic style that sets it apart from any other borough. You can literally find the best cake shops, boutiques, galleries and impromptu dance competitions all within a 5 block radius in Brooklyn. It's also the original stomping ground of some of the most talented minds of our time, like Spike Lee and Chris Rock.
So with all that Brooklyn has going for it, it's about time Brooklyn have it's signature scent.
Bond 9 presents Brooklyn, a scent cool enough for your urban care free creative minds yet chic enough for your entrepreneurs and on the go.
Brooklyn is a unisex scent that combines grapefruit and juniper leaves, South American guaiacwood and leather among other inviting scents. When I applied this fragrance I can honestly say that it remained on my wrist all day long.
Hitting select boutiques and Saks Fifth Avenue in March, you can get your own whiff of Brooklyn.
Retail price $220 for 100ml and $145.00 for 50ml.

What do you think of the bottles design?


Amina said...

woooow! why is the perfume so expensive??
When i think of Brooklyn, for me it is the natural hair capital of the
When i think of Brooklyn i think of Karen's body beautiful, Madina online, Atlantic Avenue and the diversity!!

laughing808 said...

I like the bottle desgin, but um for that price I'll have to leave it at the store.

Chai said...

I'd agree as well. The price tells little of what the essence of Brooklyn is...a form of accessibility that other cities don't have...the design is cute though!

B said...

The bottle is fierce! Simply beautiful. But Imma need for them to bring it down the price a bit. Okay....a lot.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Amina it is not a cheap es diversity so true!!!
Laughing & B the bottle design is certainly unique I can't say that I have ever seen that type of packaging.
Chi you are right Brooklyn = accessibility
If you ladies happen to have an artistic flare look at yesterdays post to see how you can win a free bottle once a month for a year!!!