Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Chat

Hello All
I don't have access to the pics of the product I wanted to talk about today so I will post on all of that stuff tomorrow.
I can tell you that two ripe pimples have formed on my forehead but instead of using my usual bust and destroy method, I am using a new product to see how long it will take for the pimples to disappear.
On the Tube
Seriously is anyone watching Harlem Heights? If so, how happy are you that Ashley told Christian that he can kick rocks? (not in those words exactly but you catch me drift).
I saw the best weight loss article on my way to the office this morning. Check out how this woman took on her weight issue and WON!
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Mrs Count said...

PJD aint nodboy watching Harlem Heights but you, lol. I'll make a mental note to record it next time I see it so I can join in on your convo.

Just_Wondering said...

Wow that woman on essence lost quite a few pounds! I can't believe my eyes! She looks awesome. Would you try something like this if you wanted to lose a lot of weight PJD? They didn't really tell you what she did though lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

i've been neglecting your blog for too long!

HauteHairGurl said...

PJD, I've been watching HH and I'm TOO glad Ashlie kicked him to the curb! Then he tried to hit her with the dumb look like he didn't know any better, GTFOH! Jason is the reason I watch besides the fashion, hands down! His swag is killa! I can't keep watching this mess though, all it does is make me want to go shop and broke is NOT the new sexy :-/

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM I thought I was the only one until Haute Hair burl left a
JWondering She actually followed Dr. Ian Smith's fat smash diet. I will be picking up his book this weekend.
Ren No worries, it gets budy i know especially with tons of blogs out there.
HauteHairGirl Yes Christian knew he was wrong but went to her job to see how bad the damage was. I liked that she let him know that it was all over friendship and all.

B said...

LOL @ TM...yeah, I think there are like 39 people who watch Harlem Heights, my dear PJD. And you're one of 'em. I'm messin with you, sis.

Okay, that article was interesting. She lost A LOT of weight.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B LOL at that comment.